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Pryor ✸ – My fiancé is officially a married man The only problem is that he isn’t married to me Addison Peacock has been stuck in T everything Damian knows what it’s going to take to get Addison’s life back on track But he’s not going to be anyone’s rebound His life is complicated there’s no room for one night stands Until Addison knows what she’s looking for neighbors are all they’ll ever be One shared wall two sun kissed balconies and a chance at lovea twist of fate Could the possibility of a future be right next doo Originally posted at SmexyBookshttpsmexybookscom201507review Favorite uote “I could stay like this all night Breathing in your scent never leaving your body”Addison Peacock has carried a torch for her college fiance for five years When he leaves after graduation promising to return she is forced to stay due to her father’s illness Now he’s back only he’s married and she doesn’t find out till after they slept together Shattered by his deceit and duplicity Addison sees hope on the horizon in the fine fine form of her new next door neighborDamian Walker has his own problems A car accident destroyed his sports career and took something very precious from him Damian knows what it takes to get your life back on track and while he’d love to help Addison he doesn’t have the inclination to be anyone’s rebound If Addison wants a one night stand she’s looking at the wrong manAs Addison and Damian get to know one another better the future starts to look brighter but until Addison can let go of her past all these two can ever be in next door neighborsRight Next Door looked in the beginning to be a lighthearted friends to lovers romance about a young woman who discovers the prince charming she waited years for is really a toad and looks to her neighbor for some sexual healing Only it develops into being far as we get to know the protagonists at the heart of it Addison Peacock and Damian Walker Love loss hope and redemption all swirl together as our protagonists meet and begin their journey The past plays heavily on the present; foreshadowing their actions and the emotional base on which they react Both are damaged but Damian has already had ample time to move forward from his tragedy while Addison is just starting the recovery process“From here forward I’m going to be like the contestants from American Ninja Warrior badass unstoppable and you better not mess with me because I’m not taking anyone’s shite”Their first meeting is like a nuclear explosion going off Heavy flirting and instant white hot attraction leaves them both a little stunned Their chemistry is perfectonly they are not at the right stages on their lives to be together Damian is looking for forever and Addison is looking for right now Additional issues in their lives leaves them both weary of emotional intimacy and watching them get from point A to point B is a bittersweet mixture of lust humor misunderstandings and some hot sticky dirty talk“I can’t believe you did that behind me”“I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to shoot my shite all over you like that It was a lackluster attempt at birth control” “What’s so funny”“I was only upset I didn’t get to watch you touch yourself Next time do that when I’m looking”Humor and sorrow fill the pages as Damian and Addison slowly almost reluctantly build a relationship from friends to lovers I wasn’t sure I would like Addison at first She was pretty passive aggressive concerning her ex boyfriend and tended to demand a lot from Damian without giving as much in return She also pulls a stunt towards the end that left me uestioning her rationale Despite this it’s very easy to see why Addison is the way she is She is caught in a whirlwind as she struggles to define who she is and where she is going after she put her heart and life on hold waiting for the man she loved to return She never really moved on from that point in her life and deep inside she knew she has to Addison grows monumentally throughout the story; learns to understand that love is a gift that can bring you pain and joy without destroying you in the process She also learns to love herself“I need to focus on me as selfish as that is”Damian I loved While he too has some secrets and heavy personal issues he was dealing with he had no problems being honest with himself and with Addison He saw her and KNEW she was the one for him and is willing to wait until she realises it too He had already been down that road of one night stands and meaningless relationships He wants marriage the white picketed fence and 25 kids“My life is complicated I don’t do casual and I don’t play games I won’t be giving myself away piece by piece When I find the right woman it’s going to be all or nothing”This is not to say he’s a saint because he’s not He has his guy “moments” that only serves to push Addison away than draw her close Luckily for her and us Damian is a fast learner and both are eually adept at saying they are sorryPryor does an impressive job of wrangling the main conflict while pushing additional subplots into the storyline A complex array building that tugs at your heartstrings as readers follow the path set out for them A well developed cast of secondary characters further the agendas set out giving us the information our protagonist can’t or won’t give Pryor doesn’t pull any punches and makes both Addison and Damian work towards their individual goals The pivotal moment hurts I won’t lie but we are gifted with an ending that than left this reader happy and comfortable with Addison’s and Damian’s futureRATING B

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My fiancé is officially a married man The only problem is that he isn’t married to me Addison Peacock has been stuck in the same seaside town her entire life When her college boyfriend proposes the Right Next PDF night before graduation she can finally see the future she’d always dreamt about But the sudden illness of her father causes her to put that future on hold and her soon to be husband leaves 4 stars is for Damian and Damian only And his abs Let's not forget his lickable abs PrioritiesI love the first half The other half not so much

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Right Next DoorWith nothing but a promise that one day he’ll returnNow five years later he’s kept that promise There’s only one problem he’s already married Crushed twice by the same man Addison needs a distraction someone to get her back on her feet and mend her broken heart As luck would have it Damian Walker has just moved in next door Having rebuilt his own life after a drunk driver stole his career his hear First I should say the writing itself was not an issue here This author is clearly talented and a technically competent writer The problems I had were related to characters and story flowcontentHonestly I just didn't like Addison She's educated an attorney but she pines FIVE years for the guy who ditched her the day after they graduated She doesn't sleep with anyone else during that time but one night she runs into the abandoning bastard and falls into bed with him no uestions asked I call bullshit The woman must have the self preservation instincts of a gnat and the backbone of a jellyfish He leaves your ass high and dry but you run into him at a bar and go straight to his hotel room after he's been gone five freaking years then you are devastated because he's a married cheating douchebag Take some responsibility honey because no one twisted your arm You didn't even uestion it so yeah joint culpability and all This sets off a whole poor poor pitiful me saga that I was just OVER Addison says she needs closure as the reason for not cutting Douchebag out completely Doesn't really explain why she allows him to touch her after the hotel night but yeah Closure I could not connect or feel sympathy with Addison on any level As an adult we live with our choices and even not making a choice is essentially a choice in itself And the way she treated Damian after their first night together Aside from my dislike for Addison the second and arguably most important problem with the story was the never ending string of misunderstandings and lack of communication It was constant and uickly became annoying Addison and Damian are on again off again on again blah blah blah The miscommunication was the biggest source of conflict in the story Many instances were not plausible in characters nearing thirty the situations often felt unrealistic and ridiculous at times There were several places in the book where I just wanted to reach in and shake the characters until the stupidity passed I loved Damian but I thought he deserved someone better and less selfish than Addison There just wasn't enough outside of the misunderstandings to drive the story The portion of story with Emily was wrapped up but after the last interaction with Douchebag he isn't mentioned again so we never really see Addison's closure on that frontOverall this was a miss for me but not enough to prevent me from reading from this author