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The End of the HuntSet in Ireland at the of the MOBI #183 time of the Troubles during the watershed year of Thomas Flanagan's epic The End of the Hunt chronicles the years following World War I in which the British attempted to put down once and for all the centuries old dream of an independent IrelandOn the pages of this gripping novel we are transported from the smo. This is a fine book that was a challenging read partly because I had to check a history of Ireland and some web sites on the names of World war I era arms and vehicles for some background that the author assumes we know That said I am grateful to Thomas Flanagan for the vivid portrayal of the attitudes that propelled the Irish War of Independence and the Civil WarSome folks have commented that Michael Collins is the central character in The End of the Hunt but I have to disagree Collins and to lesser degrees Brougha and De Valera provide the historical backbone of the work but the narration centers on several fictional characters who provide us with a range of points of view on the events of the period Particularly interesting is the perspective of Janet Nugent a member of the Irish Catholic gentry and a war widow who often lets us see the disconnect between the passions of those directly involved in the conflicts and the desire on the part of most to simply get on with their livesI've read historical accounts of the period and remained confused I can't claim to understand the complexities of the conflict now but this work of fiction certainly helped me along the way

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The End of the Hunt Free read ☆ 104 Ê ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☆ The End of the Hunt Author Thomas Flanagan – Set in Ireland at the time of the Troubles during the watershed year of 1919 Thomas Flanagan's epic The End of the Hunt chronicles the years following World War I in which the British attempted tKy pubs of Dublin where men argue elouently but action has The End PDFEPUBthe final word to the Irish countryside where lonely roads become paths to the grave as fast as a rifle shot from stately manors where an ancient way of life is threatened to the gleaming London conference table where men like Lloyd George and Winston Churchill play games of p. I'd been waiting to read this book for years and when I started it's massive size argued against taking it overseas so the reading process spanned a couple years The story of Ireland from the formation of IRA to the end of the civil war as seen through the eyes of field officers sleeping in hedges waiting historians in restaurants and the aides around Michael Collins plotting assassinations and peace negotiations in hidden pubs A beautiful scary book but given Flanagan's writing style see my review of Year of the French if you're really interested only for the dedicated reader

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Ower tainting the triumph of their Irish opponents through the painful dilemmas and grievous losses of men and women for whom old certainties have End of the ePUB #9734 been splintered and new sides must be chosen The End of the Hunt is fiction of a very high order It brings us face to face with history as it was made and life as it was given and lo. This is the third book in Flanagan's masterful trilogy on the Irish rebellion against British rule Flanagan was a gifted writer in my opinion but his prose is seldom easy and he is not a uick read This was my favorite of the three books although I read the first two so long ago that it's difficult to be sure This was perhaps one of the saddest books that I've read in a long time The personal tragedies of the characters are interwoven with the historical tragedy of Ireland's uest for independence and Britain's repression I started the novel after returning from my first trip to Ireland and the book made me nostalgic for the country of my grandparents although Flanagan does not spend a lot of time on the landscape It's about the men and women who lives through the years from 1916 thru the end of the civil war I wasn't sure at times which of the principals were fictional aside from the historical figures like Collins and deValera I would think it possible to read this book on its own but I would encourage potential readers to try the Year of the French