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READ & DOWNLOAD ☆ Crazy for the Competition Hope Springs #2 Â ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Crazy for the Competition Hope Springs #2 Author Cindi Madsen – The road to trouble is paved with sweet temptation Always the rebel in her ultra conservative family uinn Sakata dreams of uittiIght even to the red lipped hottie with a sailor's mouth But when their rivalry shifts into an unexpected zing of chemistry Heath realizes he's in deep trouble Because it's inevitable that emotions for the Competition PDFEPUB #180 will get involved and he needs to keep his eyes on the prize before they both get hurt. A lovely book about doing over your life and making a fresh start uinn feels stifled from conforming to her traditional parents ideas of the proper daughter Being unable to be herself dating people that her parents approve of but who in the long run would not respect her boundaries Her ticket to freedom is Mountain Ridge a place she hopes to win a bid on with the dreams of turning it into an elegant B BHeath is the perfect bad boy; motorcycle rider band member with a scruffy beard tats and jewelry to boot He has returned to Hope Springs with a dream of his own Turn Mountain Ridge into a Hunting Lodge so that he and his brother can have something of their own to build When the town committee is unable to decide who to grant the bid to their solution is to put the two of them together on a project for an upcoming festival and see where the chips fallThough they are both from different worlds they unexpectedly find common ground and a magnetic attraction to each other which eventually makes them realize that building a place of their own means nothing if there is nobody special to share it withARC provided in exchange for an honest review

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The Competition PDF #8608 The road to trouble is paved with sweet temptation Always the rebel in her ultra conservative family uinn Sakata dreams of uitting her dad's real estate business and restoring the old Mountain Ridge Bed and Breakfast in her for the Competition Hope Springs PDFEPUB or hometown of Hope Spring. 4 Sweet Stars It's Live What a fun easy read this was In the midst of the normal super sexy edgy sometimes angsty erotic and suspenseful books i read a book like this is just what I need to cleanse my pallet so to speak Just a sweet book with lots of laugh out loud moments and just the right amount of sexy Now going in I was a tad bit nervous with the type of heroin we have here what we have is a woman that believes in saving herself for marriage which is just about completely unheard of in books today But I decided to just roll with it and keep an open mind and I'm glad I did uinn Sakata is a Japanese woman that was raised in America and she was raised in a very conservative family where family and appearances have always come first Although uinn's values mirror her families for the most part uinn is also uite different from her parents She's loud curses and speaks her mind uinn is back in her hometown hoping to win a bid on the local Bed and Breakfast that she wants to restore Heath Brantley is the local boy everyone loveshe's got some bad boy ualities but for the most part he's a good one Doesn't lead anyone on He helps his dad at his shop but he sees his chance to finally make something of himself by winning the bid on the local BB and turn it into a vacation hunting lodge Yeah Heath is all kinds of sin on a stick of hotnessand when uinn lays eyes on him for the first time in years her mouth speaks before her brain can can stop her Holy Shitballs Unfortunatelyshe just so happened to be standing in the middle of a church at her sisters wedding rehearsaland everyone heard her slip including Heath uinn and Heath went to the same school but Heath doesn't remember her she was 3 grades behind him But uinn definitely remembers Heath The chemistry was strong from the very beginning between them but once they found out that they were each others only competition for the BB property well all bets were off Until they were forced to work together on a project for the town that may or may not help the committee make a decision on who wins the bid What followed was a story about uinn learning to stand up for herself with her family and be who she wanted to be and not who her family wanted her to be and Heath helped her But what happens when the thing you thought you wanted the most is standing in between you and the person who may be the only thing you need Although the steam level was fairly mild it was fitting to the story I never felt cheated I actually enjoyed uinn's character being so strong in her beliefs about saving herself for marriage now that doesn't mean that Heath didn't get to cross a base or two and there were a few hot moments Heath saw something in uinn that made him realize that she'd be worth the wait I definitely enjoyed this one This was only my second book by Cindi and I will for sure be checking out of her books The other one I read had a good bit steam than this one so know she can write some good sexy times ARC courtesy of publisher via Netgalley


Crazy for the Competition Hope Springs #2S Except that uinn's not the only person bidding on it Worse still her competitor is her high school crush Heath Brantley Crazy for PDFEPUB or who is all kinds of ripped tattooed hotnessSo much for her nice conservative boys ruleHeath has his own reasons for bidding on Mountain Ridge and he won't give in without a f. 45 starsLoved Crazy for the CompetitionThe storyline was entertaining and held my interest from start to finish I just couldn't put it downThe characters were both believable and very relatableLoved uinn and Heath they had amazing chemistry and the way they would argue and then tease each other had me laughing and swooning uinn was such a hoot she had no filter loved her And then we have Heath all I will say is tattoo's and piercings are one of my weakness's and Heath checked both those boxes fans self Once again Cindi Madsen has written a heartfelt and romantic story that left me with a smile on my face and a heart full of love I highly recommend Crazy for the Competition and the Hope Springs series Thank you Entangled Bliss via NetGalley for the advance copy in exchange for my honest thoughts