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The Unfortunates Read & download ¿ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ [Reading] ➼ The Unfortunates By B.S. Johnson – Un reportero deportivo visita la ciudad de Nottingham para cubrir un partido de fútbol y es allí donde le abordan los recuerdos y los pensamientos sobre la muerte de su mejor aOs hace meditar no sólo acerca de nuestra muerte sino también acerca de nuestra propia existenciaLos pliegos sueltos dentro de la caja son el reflejo mismo de la fragilidad de la vi. Okay this was a book I should have read a long time ago and I finally read the content is 4 stars the structure is 3 stars lets talk form first I respect the avant garde thing of splitting up the book However content wise the book has two pieces memory and present The memories are these cool intermixed first fiancéewife and his friend dying and the association of the two also memories of his first 2 novels In comparison with present day Ginnie being a reporter and his son this all works really well except that the form messes up the present day content that has an obvious order The memories are great mixed up however the present memories need to be structured My solution make a book that is in order and memories that are then inserted into the book

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Terry TillinghastLa estructura de esta novela es una metáfora del funcionamiento de nuestra mente la aleatoriedad de sus capítulos compite con el desorden de nuestras ideasLa obra n. I'm a sucker for gimmicky books so when I saw this book in a box no one had to twist my arm to get me to purchase it and I'm glad I did Unlike some of the other gimmicky books I've read House of Leaves The Raw Shark Texts you don't get the impression that BS Johnson was patting himself on the back for being clever as he wrote this If the introduction is to be believed he actually probably was patting himself on the back as he wrote it but you wouldn't know it to read it The chapters of the book are unbound and meant to be shuffled and with the exception of the first and last chapters read in a random order in an attempt to translate the non linear nature of memories into a written format It sounds gimmicky and it is but it's a gimmick that works really well especially given the stream of conciousness writing style and the nature of the story which is a collection of BS Johnson's memories of a friend of his who had died of cancer Not a terribly uplifting subject obviously but it's handled with aplomb it's sad but not in a maudlin fashion This is easily one of the best books I've read this year second only to If on a winter's night a traveller

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The UnfortunatesUn reportero deportivo visita la ciudad de Nottingham para cubrir un partido de fútbol y es allí donde le abordan los recuerdos y los pensamientos sobre la muerte de su mejor amigo. 45 stars rounded upHere it was he talked about the RAF So 10 space gap So must others for ever or talk about something like it and it does not matter to them now it cannot have mattered at any time to me so why this if it is so meaningless anything means something only if you impose meaning on it which in itself is a meaningless thing the impositionwhy do reasons matterSometimes I think I shall become a SurrealistAnother day another review hopefully one which will encourage the reading of The Unfortunates even though I’m likely to discourage as many as are prodded on As is freuently the case with the books I’ve been reading this isn’t one for everyone—it could be but it won’t be as it should be yes no maybe perhapsThe narrator one BS Johnson travels to a city to cover a soccer match for a newspaper and the travel the pre match wandering through the city the sights all conspire to remind the narrator of an old friend now deceased who had been a good friend and trusted ally in the narrator’s budding career as a writer Rather a bland premise but that story isn’t the story The story is the randomness of recollection the bits and pieces remembered in detail or remembered in part Embellished Romanticized Contrived Non linear Scatter shot Cumulative while disintegrating Exactly the way Memory works the memories that matterJohnson the author employs a style that some may find tortuous Polysyndetons without the conjuctions memory upon memory Heavily punctuated demanding the reader slow down slow down Gaps in the text suggesting the narrator’s mind has wandered off on to something else Disclaimers undermine and reinforce So about that book in a box—WTF is that Is it a gimmick Of course Is it a useful gimmick Decidedly Does it add embellish contribute reinforce So many uestions The answer I believe is it does add It reinforces the idea of the randomness of memory It reinforces the idea that no two readers ever read the same bookIf you’re lucky enough to have a copy at hand take a moment Prop up the front cover from behind—so that the box stands open Consider the topmost surface covered in a muted off white color of satin with a small pillow resting on it A casket The contents of which holding the objects of Memory The contents to which most Memories are headed A cliché yes NoThe joy of this book isn’t in the story The joy of this book is in the reading Have a grand day