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Download ´ Why I Went Back Ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¿ [PDF] ❤ Why I Went Back Author James Clammer – Nominated for the Carnegie MedalLonglisted for the Branford Boase AwardAidan needs his bike to deliver all the mail his postman dad’s been hoarEn stolenIn the early morning Aidan chases after the thieves hellbent on getting it back When he reaches the abandoned factory where they’ve stashed his bike he has moments to grab it and escape But he finds than. 35 No SpoilersThe sentences were constructed rather lazily when the book started off I thought it consisted of way too much conjunctions There were no use of italics to signify the protagonist's thoughts either About zero humour and jokes were used and the whole magic part wasn't even on my blurbApart from that the story itself was definitely well constructed Some characters were kind of left out though It was really interesting to read and even hard to put down at some points Great uses of imagery and personification

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Just stolen goods There’s a mysterious prisoner chained to the floor This is the story of why Aidan goes backRecalling Alan Garner and Susan Cooper Why I Went Back is a dark tale of magic myth and undelivered mail. Despite feeling a bit too YA for me throughout It's a YA book; I have only myself to blame Why I Went Back held my attention throughout and I found it really charming Protagonist Aidan is key to the story I don't think it's so unusual for a central character to be struggling outcast and desperately worried about their home life but Aidan is totally believable as both a bully and the sustainer of a decaying family homeI love any book that nails the run down corners of Britain and this one is particularly comfortable in that setting the effect of the supernatural peeking into a realistic grotty town works beautifully at least for meGiven that the book's average length focus on present day characters and uick pace is key to its effectiveness my only gripe will be a bit unfair but still Haxforth and whatever this weird stuff is that's going on never feels sufficiently fleshed out There is some explanation of where he came from and hints at where he's been but in a book about a magic entity changing people's lives where everything feels totally grounded in reality it does feel like the author has waved a hand at centuries old magic and left it at that I guess Haxforth is just tired af because he doesn't have anything really substantial to say for himselfI come out of reading WIWB pretty satisfied about the emotional core of the story but feeling like I know about Royal Mail disciplinary procedures and the modes of transport preferred by 14 year old boys than I do about millennia old entities and ancient magic

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Why I Went BackNominated for the Carnegie MedalLonglisted for the Branford Boase AwardAidan needs his bike to deliver all the mail Why I PDFEPUBhis postman dad’s been hoarding since his mum was sectioned But his bike’s just be. This was a fun interesting and wonderful read It was full of such great characters good plot lines and even had a theme of mental illness and magic in there tooI really liked Aidan the main character right from the start His life at home his curiosity his strength and his development through the book made him into a character who every reader could fall in love with His hope of helping his mentally ill mother also made him the kind of person that everyone wants to root for Daniel is another fantastic character He is so genuine kind and caring and really helped make Aidan into a better person They were a great pair together and their friendship was so lovely to read about and feel a part ofI do think Haxworth should've been a bit of a bigger character I feel like he wasn't really present that much in the book and he was sort of just following the boys around in the scenes That could just be one of his character traits but we only ever really learn about him in his final scene which was a shameBut I did enjoy the whole mentally ill part of the plot and how it showed how it affects the lives of the family members as well as the one who is directly affected Seeing the dad's reactions to his wife's illness was very powerful and it was nice to see that it was Aidan who helped him get better The ending was lovely and really hopeful for the futureI received this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review