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Gwen Daly an innocent paralegal was going about her workday Her Alpha PDF or when trouble came strolling in under the guise of humanity When that trouble transforms into two huge monstrous beasts who waste no time murdering her boss Gwen runs straight into the arms of Alp I am at a loss for words with this one I'm still smiling and shaking my head from the whirlwind that is this little book So much is packed into this novella that it's a bit schizo in a really good way Don't believe me inhaling deeply to try to get this all out in one shotThere's werewolves ghosts murder intrigue environmental awareness a needs to be btch smacked into next week jealous ex girlfriendcatching my breath here like I'm on the twelfth day of that Christmas songruffians guns Alpha yumminess a buttload of humor spankings age play AND diapersI think I just heard a record scratch to a halt on that last bit heeheeYes this is a Daddy n little one age play story too A new sub genre for me and not really my cuppa I don't think So why did I rate it a 5 then I knew what I was getting into so why fault a well written book just because I don't find a piece of it to be my personal kink The age play is well thought out and was actually very sweet and nice It didn't get me suishy in my panties but I did appreciate the emotional aspects that were explained in a thought provoking mannerThe story was very creative I mean it kinda would have to be to include all of that and still be cohesive and fun to read right I'll be checking out other books by this author just might bypass the age play ones for now ; Honest review given in exchange for ARC that was generously provided by author so I could meet my GR group reading challenge this week thank you

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Her Alpha WolfHa wolf Simon Walker With the help of the Alpha and his ghost sister the trouble chasing Gwen has to be stopped before Gwen joins her boss in death This erotic romance novella is approximately words and is intended for mature audiences only While it does contain a paranorm Oh yeah I love when I find a new to me author and luck would have it me finding Regina Shiderly She made me laugh and I had so much fun reading Her Alpha Wolf I wasn’t sure about it when I looked at and found myself pleasantly surprised and glad that I picked it The storyline a mixture of two of my fav genres and one genre that is my first time reading I loved the characters it was easy to picture in my mind their personalities Its really nothing wrong with needing a keeper and little miss Gwen is about to see the light She is so easy going that she loses sight on what’s important herself Not getting enough sleep not eating right and not being able to say noafter a while will wear on you Simon is all about his word is law period as the Alpha he protects what’s is even if they haven’t accepted it yet smiles When Gwen just about falls in his lap he’s uick to scoop her up as if she was a little doll to be taken care of Simon sees in Gwen what she’s feeling but has brought it out to light With patience discipline and guidance he is sure he will be able to bring out and take care of her needs It was nice to watch Gwen fall into herself even still pushing the line but accepting once she is guided to the path Simon showed his Dom instincts from the very start his patience but firmness not only shows his strength but shows that he cares I want Yep loved it just the right length fun sexy and sassy With hints of shifting and the beastly attributes Id have loved to seen a bit the bit of danger just added a layer to an already wonderful story Oh Oh and I love his sister Grins Enjoy A copy of this book was provided to me by the Author through the BDSM group TPE Bar read2review on Goodreads in exchange for an honest review

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mobi ¾ Her Alpha Wolf ò Kindle Edition ï [PDF] ✅ Her Alpha Wolf By Regina Shiderly – Gwen Daly an innocent paralegal was going about her workday when trouble came strolling in under the guise of humanity When that trouble transforms into two huge monstrous beasts who waste no time mur Gwen DaAl element the paranormal aspect is actually very light Content also includes age play to include diapering domestic discipline bdsm virgin first time sex and an alpha male who intends to get his way If such content is offensive to you please do not buy or borrow this book I received a copy of this erotic shifter story in exchange for a honest reviewThe main female character Gwen is a young 20ish year old who is meek and desires a Daddy figure in her life Simon is a local Alpha and takes on the daddy role with passion There are multiple spanking sessions followed by loving embraces Gwen accepts her new submissive role with the help of her emerging wolf and strengthens the bond between herself and her alphaIf you like age play and spankings this is a story to read