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READ ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Caitlin Williams With his family the Fitzwilliams and his sister Georgiana Darcy sees Elizabeth the woman who rejected him in the opposite box at the theatre and cannot help falling in love with her all over again Now though it seems there are even hurdles to overcome for them to be together including Elizabeth's new suitor the handsome and charming Mr Yorke Mr Darcy is still a little proud still not able to 'perform to strangers' Can Elizabeth see past his reserve and awkwardness to the decent man underneath This book is a re telling of Pride and Prejudice from Chapter onwards Darcy's failed proposal and the delivering of his lett. Absolutely perfect story What little angst there is is mild angst Little bits of humor to make everything enjoyable I don’t believe I will say much about the story Plenty of others have given it a rundown If you are reading this don’t read anything else Just rent buy or checkout the book and read it without knowing anything about it I GUARANTEE you will love itI recommend this book highly I’ve read it three times and it is one of my five favorite JAFF variations

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READ ´ Ardently A Pride and Prejudice Variation ¹ ★ [PDF / Epub] ☄ Ardently A Pride and Prejudice Variation By Caitlin Williams ✪ – So much in life depends on chance and sheer luck How much do we often owe to being in the right place at the right time In Jane Austen's Pride and Preju So much in life depends on Pride and PDFEPUB #196 chance and sheer luck How much do we often owe to being in the right place at the right time In Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice Elizabeth Bennet plans to visit the Lake District with her uncle and aunt yet ends up at Pemberley instead just as by coincidence Mr Darcy also arrives home They meet understand one another better and all eventually ends well But what if they did not have such luck What if Ardently A ePUB #9734 Elizabeth actually went to the Lake District and was nowhere near Pemberley and she and Mr Darcy never met again until another four years had gone. There have been many blogs and even books recently which have spoken about the event of coincidence My purchase of this book was such I had not planned on its purchase it had not been recommended to me nor were there reviews to bring it to my attention Indeed it was only in a casual perusal of an offering in my in box from during which I made a choice to scroll to the book on the right and take a look at the book description I must say the author of such composed it well It piued my curiosity; I then read the Sample and was hooked And to top off what I have just said this book too takes the matter of coincidence as a force to bring our dear couple togetherThis is not a long book 205 pages I read it in a few hours But it brought me to tears uite oftenpoignant sweet full of angst and totally satisfying There are some errata ie dinerdinner hehis but not enough to cause me a great deal of exasperation The characters we read of are mostly familiar to us Elizabeth Darcy Georgiana Caroline Bingley Lord and Lady Matlock Col Fitzwilliam Jane and very briefly the other Bennets We meet a Mrs Mountford and a Mr Yorke and his two sisters Most of the book is set in BathAs the book sample and the book description will tell you this is set some four years after the disastrous proposal at Hunsford Elizabeth did receive that letter AND has kept it and re read it and considers it as the closest thing to a love letter she has and may ever receive No she has not married But she now resides with an aunt her father’s sister Mrs Mountford in her estate Oakdene in Staffordshire A casual mention by Elizabeth that she has never visited Bath causes her aunt to decide that they must correct that oversight Further not only her aunt’s conseuence and wealth but also that aunt’s friendship with the Viscountess Winslow thrust them into the highest circles in that town’s societySo things have changed of the Bennet sisters – Mary and Lizzy remain unmarried Darcy too has married Georgiana has invited Caroline to accompany her to Bath and Bingley well he never returned to Netherfield We read of thoughts from both Elizabeth’s and Darcy’s POV She remembers her harsh words to him upon refusing him and she knows he has since married But she has not seen him in all this time Darcy well I don’t want to reveal what his circumstances are as you really must read all the details for yourself But know this you will be surprised by some of the events the true details of which are not revealed until the end Then there are some facts also at the onset which may surprise you but then again if you know Darcy’s esteem for members of his family and his generosity may not be truly a twist in this story I only yesterday finished reading Mr Darcy’s Rival and in this story we also read of sucha rival Mr Yorke is taken with Elizabeth from the moment he espies her in her finery and with a diamond pendant around her neck at the opera He ardently pursues her he is everything charming he is very attentive he is handsome and gossip has them married with her already indisposed the next summer due to her confinement Elizabeth knows that she may meet Mr Darcy and frets that he may snub her due to her last words to him She wants only to apologize and be forgiven Is she afforded the chance or do these two people continue to misinterpret the looks the words and even the small actions taken while in each other’s company The author uses some of Jane Austen’s words as do many JAFF authors but again from others’ mouths and in different circumstances or with varying purposes “He said your looks had so altered he would not have recognized you” OuchBut also The only thing I really insist upon is an enduring love The type that transcends time and distance and survives misunderstandings The kind that forgives and growsWe do get our HEA and the tale while reaching such was very captivating for me I do recommend this story The author is completely new for me I would read other offerings from her and will look for suchI just re read this a couple of days ago and must say it drew me in just as ardently kept me glued to the pages and left me blurry eyed at times also Loved it just as much the second time through as the first

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Ardently A Pride and Prejudice VariationBy Now they are very different people altered by marriage time and situation although Mr Darcy's failed proposal in the Parsonage at Hunsford still haunts both of them in different ways Elizabeth is a companion to her Aunt Mrs Mountford a widow of great standing in society who married exceptionally well and 'Miss Bennet' finds herself accepted A Pride and Epub #217 in the very best of circles and able to marry whomever she might chose Mr Darcy did his duty by his sickly cousin Anne de Bourgh and married her to protect her from the tyrannical force of her mother Lady Catherine He has come to Bath however a widower. What If Elizabeth and Darcy Did Not Coincidentally Meet in DerbyshireRating 45 out of 5 starsIn her debut release Caitlin Williams creates a Pride and Prejudice variation where Elizabeth and Darcy do not encounter each other again until four years after Darcy’s disastrous proposal in Hunsford Parsonage Instead of touring the Peak District and visiting Lambton Elizabeth and the Gardiners go to the Lake District as originally planned And soon after her return from that trip Elizabeth accepts an invitation to visitsemi permanently live with Mr Bennet’s sister a Mrs Mountford Mrs Mountford is a wealthy widow of good social standing who retains the ownership of her husband’s estate as they have no children or heirs Mrs Mountford becomes very fond of Elizabeth and the two travel to Bath together for an extended holidayMeanwhile since Darcy doesn’t encounter Elizabeth at Pemberley he never prompts Mr Bingley to go back to Netherfield and never learns about Lydia’s attempted elopement Instead he eventually gives into his aunt’s pleadings and marries his cousin Anne de Bourgh But their married life together isn’t long as Darcy is a widower of one year at the start of this storyWhat happens when Darcy and Elizabeth unexpectedly meet in Bath Does Darcy still resent Elizabeth for her rejection of him Does Elizabeth still think him proud and ill mannered Is there any attraction or admiration between them still And what happens when there is another suitor who is intently pursuing ElizabethA few months ago I read Caitlin Williams’s second novel The Coming of Age of Elizabeth Bennet and the story completely consumed me It was no surprise that I found her first book Ardently to be just as mesmerizing I adored the uniue premise of this story Both Darcy and Elizabeth have changed a good deal in four years Their situations are different and they have grown in wisdom and maturity Ms Williams has a wonderful talent for creating plausible yet wonderfully inventive variations and I loved the combination of Darcy marrying Anne Elizabeth having a wealthy relation and both characters not seeing each other for an extended period of time These twists and Ms Williams’s compelling and emotional prose had me so engaged I could not stop myself from almost reading the whole book in one sittingMy favorite part of this tale is Ms Williams’s portrayal of Mr Darcy I loved her portrayal of Elizabeth and all the other Pride and Prejudice characters but her Darcy was my favorite I love it when Darcy needs to fight for Elizabeth and I love it when he tries so hard to forget her and move on yet fails Darcy is everything that is honorable and adorable in this story I loved seeing Elizabeth seek him out and learn to appreciate his good ualities He was a uiet and ardent suitor not one to put himself forward and pursue Elizabeth aggressively and possessively like Mr Yorke I laughed at the bit where he uestioned Colonel Fitzwilliam about military tactics So cuteOther aspects of the story I enjoyed were the intriguing new characters – Mrs Mountford and Mr Yorke the subtle nods to Jane Austen’s Persuasion the lovely trip to Bath and seeing an alternative outcome for some of the Bennet sisters The only aspect of the story I ended up not being too fond of was Caroline Bingley’s story line In the end it just didn’t feel plausible to me and things changed a little too abruptly for my tasteRegardless of that one small uibble I found Ardently to be a beautifully written Pride and Prejudice variation full of yearning tender devotion and second chances Definitely not one to miss my friends Ms Williams’s writing has a magnetic pull and I adore her creative style and introspective toneAustenesue Reviews