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The Only Living Boy #1The Only Living Boy Living Boy MOBI #9734 tells the story of year old Erik Farrell who runs away from home only to find himself without his memory stranded on a patchwork planet w. 355 When David Gallaher offered review copies of the first few The Only Living Boy graphic novels over at Booklikes I hopped on the chance I've been reading a lot of graphic novels lately most of them adult and I wanted to try one that's for all ages so here we areThe story is about a young boy on the verge of becoming a teenager named Erik Farrell He runs away from home and now for some reason has lost his memory and finds himself on a strange planet He meets allies and foes along the way while trying to find his way back home That's all I can say about the plot because there isn't much there The story ended rather abruptly so I assume we'll learn as the series continues The artwork in some cases is stunning which helped to make up for the somewhat simplistic tale I'm going to continue with the series because A Mr Gallagher provided a few issues and B despite the tale being uncomplicated I do like young Erik and I want to find out what happensRecommended to all fans of comics but especially to young adults

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READ í The Only Living Boy #1 ¾ ❴KINDLE❵ ❆ The Only Living Boy #1 Author David Gallaher – The Only Living Boy tells the story of 12 year old Erik Farrell who runs away from home only to find himself without his memory stranded on a patchwork planet with danger lurking around every corner E The Only Ith danger The Only MOBI #233 lurking around every corner Every day is a struggle to survive Erik uickly allies himself with Morgan a mermaid warrior and Thea a teenage princess f. This is a great example of what fantasy comics should be All of these are rather amazing The story is well told through both graphics and written word It doesn't feel lacking like some comics that I have read in the past

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Rom a mysterious insect race He'll need their Only Living Boy PDFEPUB #234 help to escape the Dreaded Lord Baalikar and the evil Doctor Once and maybe one day find his way back ho. I read this story when it first came out I loved it then and I still adore it The story begins with a simple premise a boy on the verge of adolescence runs away from home and soon find himself thrown into another world where monsters and magical threats abound He must navigate these threats and learn about this new world that he's been flung intoFirst up we have a good idea of the motivations of the main character whilst also managing to create a certain amount of mystery as well Erik Farrell is a complicated kid that has his share of flaws but not out of the scope of humanly possible He feels like a real kid dealing with his own share of problems at the time that he is thrown into that other world He has to adapt to his new circumstances and figure out what is going onThe other characters are kind of neat as well His allies aren't necessarily as helpful but their motivations seem appropriately complex as well We also get an idea of what sort of villain that we are dealing with their personality and available resourcesThe artwork does a great job of conveying the story The linework is neat with the right amount of colouring to help make the world and the characters come alive It is a good balance The character monstrosity and world designs are excellentThe first instalment is well paced The first instalment is very must reactionary as one would expect Erik is thrown into the middle of a terrible situation that he must uickly make sense of He also has to deal with the inhabitants of the world none of which are big on hugs and teddy bears Everything works together to give us a sense that the characters are also in a living breathing world that has a wide array of threatsYes I very much enjoyed reading this first instalment of the series It hit all of the right notes There were no info dumps either allowing the reader to learn about the world alongside Erik The series is also good for repeat reads as well Three thumbs up Would read again with teddy bear nearbyReview originally posted on