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Critical ElevenTama terbentuk lalu ada delapan menit sebelum berpisah delapan menit ketika senyum tindak tanduk dan ekspresi wajah orang tersebut jelas bercerita apakah itu akan jadi awal sesuatu ataukah justru menjadi perpisahanAle dan Anya pertama kali bertemu dalam penerbangan Jakarta Sydney Tiga menit pertama Anya terpikat tujuh jam berikutnya mereka duduk bersebelahan dan saling mengenal lewat percakapan serta tawa dan delapan menit sebelum berpisah Ale. I really enjoyed the four hours i spent last night reading this book I only stopped one time when my baby was awake and i need to breastfeed her And when my baby woke up the second time I didn't even stop reading because i was breastfeeding my baby on the bed in sleeping position WHILE still reading the book The situation pretty much describe how i was drowned into the story and didn't want to stop reading it until I finish itI really love the way Ika Natassa write her books and She did it again this time She makes us readers drowned into each and every character I smiled laughed worried had teary eyes cried and happy along Anya and Ale's Journey in her and his point of view And following their journey some of us will hate Anya and some of us will hate Ale But as for me a wife and a mother their character are very reasonably written And I enjoyed it The only downside of this book for me is among of all Male character in Ika's books for me Ale is the only one who doesn't have flaw For other readers the main topic of this book i won't spoil it will be Ale's flaw But for me it is very humane and therefore in my eyes he has no flaw And because Ale was pictured so perfectly i have no doubt that many of #teambeno or #teamharris will fall for him Speaking of Harris i LOVE how Ika put him in the book Who doesn't love Harris anyway Hahaha She put just the perfect amount of scenes of H K and it already is like an oasis in sahara for #teamharris Overall I really enjoyed this Critical Eleven I even re read again the last chapter this morning And I can't wait for Ika's next book

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Dalam dunia penerbangan dikenal istilah critical eleven sebelas menit paling kritis di dalam pesawat tiga menit setelah take off dan delapan menit sebelum landing karena secara statistik delapan puluh persen kecelakaan pesawat umumnya terjadi dalam rentang waktu sebelas menit itu It's when the aircraft is most vulnerable to any dangerIn a way it's kinda the same with meeting people Tiga menit pertama kritis sifatnya karena saat itulah kesan per. Finally finished my first Ika Natassa which also happen to be my comeback to Indonesia literary after such long years Last time 5 CmI don't know what is it that is so wrong about me reading an Ika Natassa's book but lot of my friends stared at me in such confusion reaction varied from 'you read Ika Natassa |' to 'I got a headache seeing you reading her work' Probably because I projected myself as someone who is likely into literary heavyweight such as Calvino or Dostoevskysurprise I can't even finish The Brothers Karamazov Who knows But then again I am a man who put Armageddon and 8 12 side by side on my movies collectionEven surprising is the fact that should her works are all like this and with lot of reviews that said this book is uite similar with her previous work then I assume they are she's good True her writing is less 'literary' and 'blog' but the important thing is that her writing are enjoyable and it flows easily Just by reading her words I can know that she has a lot of 'street smart' read references that makes her become a capable though by that less literary and blog hinder her for becoming a nobel worthy one storytellerIf there's one thing that I mostly dislikewho about the book is the deus ex machina that was being used It's like she's giving us an intriguing math problem that piued our interests on how she's gonna solve it only to screams fuck it here's a calculator in the end But the rest was good I finished it in less than a week and might pick her other book after this

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Critical Eleven Free download ß E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ñ ❰KINDLE❯ ❃ Critical Eleven Author Ika Natassa – Dalam dunia penerbangan dikenal istilah critical eleven sebelas menit paling kritis di dalam pesawat—tiga menit setelah take off dan delapan menit sebelum landing—kYakin dia menginginkan AnyaKini lima tahun setelah perkenalan itu Ale dan Anya dihadapkan pada satu tragedi besar yang membuat mereka mempertanyakan pilihan pilihan yang mereka ambil termasuk keputusan pada sebelas menit paling penting dalam pertemuan pertama merekaDiceritakan bergantian dari sudut pandang Ale dan Anya setiap babnya merupakan kepingan puzzle yang membuat kita jatuh cinta atau benci kepada karakter karakternya atau justru keduan. Read it in a day Might be a record for me but it's only because I was curious whether their relationship would end up on the dark side or not The ending turned out to be okay though I have to admit that I felt like punching someone on the face reading how the FC behaves throughout their problem I'm still not okay with the way she treats the issue between them It's like watching five years old getting scolded for the first time in her life I did try to understand her circumstance; imagining what it feels like to be on her shoes but even a clearly immature girl like me knows that in love there's nothing worse than shutting yourself down to your partner when the bumps coming on the way The MC is super patient; he really deserves a medallion for putting up with a wom girl like that Talking about the writing I appreciate the effort the author put to write the story in alternating POV The voice of Ale and Anya could be differentiated clearly What I did not like is first how the author seems to love changing timeline during narration One second we read about Anya describing her surroundings on the plane next paragraph we could find a dialogue between her and Ale only to find out that Anya is actually alone on the plane with Ale is memories away from her There's no clear slates that differ each scene whether it's a memory or present events The transition was done roughly and it's so confusing all the time it was like that in ALMOST every narration Second I have a big issue with the language the author used in this book I read this book in Bahasa and as much as I love reading books in English it always annoys me when an author keeps slipping English sentences in between the scenes I understand that sometimes an author needs to highlight some parts to deepen the message being relayed there by using foreign language But when it's overdone to the point when even describing the crowd in a restaurant is written in foreign language it became annoying than poetic If it's not for my sister who kept nagging at me to finish the book because she loved it that she even cried I doubted I'd continue reading the book with this second issue I have with the writingDespite it all I liked the dynamic of the romance between Ale and Anya here How two strangers who met by coincidence would later create such strong romance though it was a bit spoiled by Anya's unbelievable personality Also Ale's tight relationship with his siblings is really something to envy And oh the little trivia about Critical Eleven term makes a great point to start a story It's just so unfortunate that it's not being elaborated further except on the beginning scene of Ale and Anya's first encounter I was hoping that since it's the title and it's also being highlighted on the blurb that it'd somehow become an analogy to the whole story But it's notIn the end I have to settle down with three stars for this one It's all for Ale though