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review His Christmas Countess Lords of Disgrace #2 Õ eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ ❴Read❵ ➳ His Christmas Countess Lords of Disgrace #2 Author Louise Allen – A Christmas baby Grant Rivers Earl of Allundale is desperate to get home in time for Christmas But whenAst Christmas Countess Lords Kindle #210 a lifetime So once he's saved her life Grant is determined to save Kate's reputation tooif she will consent to marrying a stranger on Christmas Day. When Caz first recommended His Christmas Countess I was a little hesitant because of the premise Well Wow I loved this book The writing was flawless and I tell you this reader so appreciates reading an historical written properly I loved how reasonable everyone is in this book It's all about two strangers working out a relationship that started very abruptly Well done Ms Allen

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Having His Christmas PDF a baby out of wedlock it's his duty to stay and help her leads to wedding vows Grant knows all too well the risks of childbirth and he's seen enough tragedy to l. A book that causes warm cozy emotionsI think the author Louise Allen has hit a home run with this novel IMO readers can expect a good romance from Harleuin books and this approximately 300 page love story does not failIt's a good story of a compromised lady rescued by Grant Rivers one of the characters from THE LORDS OF DISGRACE series The story starts with a good attention grabber and continues with a thrilling marriage of convenience trope Although it contained a Christmas theme the timeline consisted over a one year peroid I thought the expanded timeline helped with the characters' development compared to Christmas novellas that lack in development and details I enjoyed that Catherine is not a wimpy heroine and Grant is not a Scrooge I felt the author's talent shined when she displayed the introspections and behaviors of the major male characters The other minor characters felt one dimensional Also the proses were nicely written and the dialogue exhibited their emotionsThis couple was very attracted to another and experienced a healthy marriage within the bedroom lots of scenes As with any marriage between strangers there are issues that must be dealt with and resolved In addition stories with children are fun to readA streamy Christmas story with mild villains and a HEA

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His Christmas Countess Lords of Disgrace #2A Christmas baby Grant Rivers Earl of Countess Lords ePUB #8608 Allundale is desperate to get home in time for Christmas But when he stumbles upon a woman all alone in a tumbledown shack. B r with Luli25 stars As I was reading the story I kept changing my opinion of it from pleasant to mildly pleasant to bored with all this perfection to perfectly boring Grant Rivers a future Earl of Allundale had hoped to be back home to celebrate Christmas with his son and his dying grandfather But alas somewhere on the Scottish boarder his horse became lame and Grant was forced to seek shelter at a lonely tumbledown cottage There is another inhabitant there a woman giving birth Grant decided to stay and help her For Kate a sudden appearance of a confident male with a deep calming voice who called himself a doctor is the answer to all her prayers And she is absolutely right It seems that right from the start the story is one miraculously turned thing or event after another and if not miraculous than very very convenient I don’t know how else to describe them• Miraculously Kate feels a budding attraction to Grant while in pains of childbirth• Even though Grant misrepresented himself as a doctor he conveniently attended a medical school for two years in the past while waiting for his Earldom• Despite never attending a human birth he is miraculously ahead of his contemporaries in applying freuent hand washing and sanitizing techniue practice benefits of which where not recognized discovered until 1847And then Grant’s uick decision to marry Kate before she even gave birth Putting aside a suspend belief of a future Earl marrying a stranger who is giving birth to another man’s child this is not Grant's first marriage He was married before to a woman who he barely knew and the marriage was very unhappy His willingness to marry a stranger in these circumstances is nothing short of a miracle But there is • We are conveniently on the Scottish side of the Scottish English boarder where the marriage rules are not as strict A couple simply had to pledge yourself to your chosen partner and in the presence of another• And lo and behold miraculously two farmers just happened to pass by providing the right number of witnesses at the right time and the right place• Conveniently Grant already has a son so he doesn’t have to think too much about having another man’s child as a potential heir And if there was any danger of it the child conveniently turned out to be a girl• Conveniently the wedding took place very very shortly before the child was born – no baby out of wedlock to deal withMoving along I though the author did a good job in showing how both Kate and Grant made attempt for their marriage to work despite secrets they kept from each other Their relationship was one of mutual respect and their romance was progressing nicely There was a moment where I thought the author decided to go with a big misunderstanding trope Luckily I was wrong – the protagonists behaved like adults and talked it through and prevented it to lingerAll was good but shortly after the story became boring Everything and everyone was so perfect and perfectly boring at the same time I was hoping if we didn’t really have internal to their relationship conflict to at least have a good external one But no the way the secrets revealed was conveniently easy or nothing short of miracle view spoilerWho needs a paternity identification kit when you can just look in someone eyes and determine the fatherhood hide spoiler