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Breakdown Alex Delaware #31 Free download Ñ 104 á ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Breakdown Alex Delaware #31 ❤ Author Jonathan Kellerman – In #1 New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Kellerman’s thrilling new blockbuster Alex Delaware and Milo Sturgis investigate the murder of a HollyF silence surrounding it When the body of a second actress turns up with the same mysterious cause of death Delaware and Sturgis start to wonder is this a copycat case or a coincidence When they uncover the death of another actress a star from another era who vanished decades ago never to be found they realize they’re facing one of their most baffling mind bending cases ye. This is Alex Delaware #31 now – that is an incredible body of work especially when you look at the standard throughout – ok there has been the occasional dip but for the most part these have been engaging intriguing and brilliant reads Breakdown being no exceptionI’m hugely fond of these characters – Alex Milo et al And each different mystery brought to the doorstep of our dynamic duo has its own dark underbelly and different way of getting to the reader In the case of Breakdown a child is missing a child who is already vulnerable by virtue of having a disturbed mother – but as ever there is a lot to it than thatI like Jonathan Kellermans own uniue writing style very much – he uses what I call pragmatic prose to draw you in and keep you turning the pages He still manages to surprise he still manages to add layers to characters you would think to know off by heart by now Not everyone could pull off a series of this length and keep it at such a high calibre but somehow he doesOverall then I’d recommend this as much as I do every other Delaware novel – that is very highlyYou can pick up any of them and enjoy it in case you are gulping at the thought of 31 books and have not yet started just pick one and dive in if you fancy giving them a go I’m also a fan of Faye and Jesse Kellerman hopefully I have many a happy read ahead of me from this very talented bunch

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N to the starlet save a psychiatric evaluation he performed on her adopted son several years Breakdown Alex Kindle ago a child who has since vanished without a trace and whom Zelda refuses to talk about When the actress turns up dead a few weeks later without a scratch on her Delaware calls in police lieutenant Milo Sturgis to help him crack the case or at least the wall o. For me the story was good I gave this 5 stars only for its realistic portrayal of mental illness It does in a way that is educational without sugar coating and without false hope Not saying that hope is bad Hope is good as long as you have a realistic view of things That is never easyAnother good thing about how mental illness is portrayed is thinking It makes a person think outside of the box Lastly the mental illness is done so well for it reminds people not to take granted the simple things how life can be worst and being judgmental For me some characters were hard to keep track Again it the way that the mental illness is told that truly takes the ball out of the park🇺🇸🐾

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Breakdown Alex Delaware #31In New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Kellerman’s thrilling new blockbuster Alex Delaware and Milo Sturgis investigate the murder of a Hollywood actress pushed to the limits of sanityPsychologist sleuth Alex Delaware is surprised to get the call when well known TV actress Zelda Chase turns up half naked half mad in the LA’s rural Westside He has little connectio. Breakdown by Jonathan Kellerman is a 2016 Ballantine Books publication I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review It’s curious to me at least that as a life long voracious reader I have only remained loyal to a few authors or series I have gone through stages and phases over the years but through all that I have always made an effort to keep up with the Alex Delaware Mystery Series This is the thirty first installment in this long running series and naturally with this sort of longevity there have been a few stinkers in there and I found the last couple of installments to be a little short on action and have been a little disappointed by the absence of or the reduced face time with some of the beloved recurring characters Thankfully with ‘Breakdown’ Kellerman has gotten back into the groove with one of the best novels in this series for some time Years ago Alex was called in to evaluate a five year old boy whose mother Zelda a television actress is in the throes of a mental episode Alex must determine if the charming boy is safe with his mother Now although Zelda was never his patient Alex has been called to a very odd facility where Zelda is being held after yet another apparent psychotic breakdown However her son appears to be missing and Alex is beside himself with concern But things really get tricky when Zelda is found dead and a string of possibly related homicides follows Talk about true evil Wow this story is an incredible tale rich with startling details extremely well plotted and paced which slowly sucked me into a vivid and disturbing portrait of the darker side of humanity which is something Kellerman is a master of The story did start off slowly but once we got past Alex’s outrage over the facility where Zelda was being held the story picked up pace in earnest It was so nice to see Milo back working alongside Alex something that has been missing recently For me Milo is almost as important to the series as Alex and I have missed the pair riding around together working the case eually and of course the hilarious insight Milo offers with his jaded uips I suppose it’s good to see Milo cutting back on refrigerator raids but I always thought it was funny how he made himself at home with Alex and Robin and although he plays a bigger role in this latest chapter I still found his personality somewhat muted As to Alex’s personal life which has also been muted recently and I realize Robin was never playing a huge part in the mysteries I do like to stay updated on what she’s doing or how she is feeling about what is going on at the time However she does get a small chance to help out here but for the most part she remains firmly in the background with little or no dialogue between the couple which is a little disappointing but this is a minor complaint in the big scheme of things Changes are a part of life and so it’s only natural for a series to go through changes over time as well but I must say I am relieved to see things return to the formula or style I like most and what I feel works the best This story is another absorbing mystery an incredibly frustrating guessing game and I found it uite interesting to see Alex who always seems capable of telling his story in a rather unflappable manner so emotionally disturbed His concern for this young boy had me wanting to give Alex a big hug and comfort him I liked seeing this vulnerable side of him and would like to see of this type of emotion from him from time to time Overall I am very satisfied and pleased with this book and find myself looking forward to the next book in the series so than usual 45 stars