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This Kid Can Fly kindle à eBook 9780062403544 Á Aaron Philip Á [PDF / Epub] ☉ This Kid Can Fly By Aaron Philip – In this incredibly moving and inspiring memoir Aaron Philip a fourteen year old with cerebral palsy shows how he isn’t defined so much by his disability as hFly Aaron Philip’s memoir chronicles his extraordinary journey from happy baby in Antigua to confident teen artist in New York City His honest often funny stories of triumph despite physical difficulties poverty and other challenges are as inspiring as they are eye openi This is an easy to read book written with heart My only problem was the use of CP OT and PT without the defining words to go along with the acronyms I think that would be helpful for younger readers who are not familiar with those terms Otherwise the book was put together well and has an important story to tellBook DescriptionAt once beautiful and heartbreaking Aaron Philip found a way to make me laugh even as I choked up found a way to bring on my empathy without ever allowing me to feel sorry for him An eye opening debut —Jacueline Woodson National Book Award winner and Newbery Honor author of Brown Girl DreamingIn this heartbreaking and ultimately uplifting memoir Aaron Philip a fourteen year old boy with cerebral palsy shows how he isn't defined so much by his disability as he is by his abilitiesWritten with award winning author Tonya Bolden This Kid Can Fly chronicles Aaron's extraordinary journey from happy baby in Antigua to confident teen artist in New York City His honest often funny stories of triumph—despite physical difficulties poverty and other challenges—are as inspiring as they are eye openingIncludes photos and original illustrations from Aaron's personal collection

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In this incredibly moving and inspiring memoir Aaron Philip a fourteen year old with cerebral palsy shows how he isn’t defined so much by his disability as he is by his abilitiesAaron Philip is no ordinary kidHe started his own Tumblr AaronverseHe’s hung out with the gu Originally reviewed for YA Books Central “This Ability Not Disability”Fourteen year old Aaron Philip was born on the Caribbean island of Antigua but the lack of resources for combating his cerebral palsy resulted in a move to New York City—and his family spending years torn between two nations Written with louacious simplicity Aaron conveys a touching personal account of his numerous surgeries therapies and the extreme hardships endured by his family in the name of getting him the best treatments available It is the ongoing story of a vibrant boy born to truly remarkable and determined parents It is also a call for heightened awareness and empathy by a passionate young advocate for others facing similar physical impairments This memoir is accented by a smattering of black and white family photos—adding further weight and insight into the private lives of both this wheelchair bound young man and his devoted caretakers Particularly poignant was the account of all Aaron’s parents have suffered and sacrificed This reader would have liked to see of them through his eyes Aaron’s voice is often boisterous and spasmodic with a probable appeal toward the younger range of the middle grade spectrum Some readers may find his fixation with anime to be difficult to relate to but there’s no doubting his exuberance over that particular interest The particulars of his hopes dreams routines and support system are uniuely insightful and undeniably valuableThe path he’s on is a hopeful one and the challenges he’s overcome are sure to inspire I believe Aaron’s story will find need and belonging in classrooms across the country

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This Kid Can FlyY who created the cartoon Adventure TimeHe’s appeared in a documentary filmHe’s a disability activist who’s been on televisionHe’s a kawaii dude who loves animeAnd he’s a This Kid ePUB #9734 fourteen year old boy with cerebral palsyThis kid can’t walk but he can Title This Kid Can FlyAuthor Aaron PhilipsIllustrator naGenre Autobiography 3 5Themes Disability and Ability Family Acceptance PerseveranceOpening linesentence “So you’re probably wondering Who is this kid writing his memoir”Brief Book Summary This Kid Can Fly is an autobiography by a teenage boy who tells his story of his life with Cerebral Palsy Aaron Philips writes about how he has been separated from his family pushed into poverty and excluded from the world around him because of his Cerebral Palsy However although this sounds like a hard life Philips writes about it in a positive way including detail on every person that has helped him and the experiences that he has been afforded because of this life style Professional RecommendationReview #1 Francisca Goldsmith Booklist Nov 15 2015 Vol 112 No 6 After a seriously premature birth left Philip with cerebral palsy severe enough to affect his motor skills his family invested not only money but energy and love to provide the best treatment and education available Born in Antigua and Barbuda Philip moved to New York City as a toddler where he now attends high school in between maintaining a popular Tumblr Aaronverse Intelligent creative and high spirited Philip has stepped up to both physical and economic challenges and as his genial conversational memoir reveals he s gone well beyond just mainstreaming He writes not just of therapies and physical challenges but provides insightful observations about how his economic class and immigrant status affect his experience In outlining his needs as a physically challenged kid particularly the everyday obstacles most kids take for granted he offers readers an opportunity to cultivate understanding and empathy Similar to Shane Burcaw s Laughing at My Nightmare 2014 for slightly older readers this inspiring glimpse into the life of a real kid goes beyond disability to celebrate his remarkable abilityProfessional RecommendationReview #2 Kirkus Kirkus Reviews November 15 2015 Vol 83 No 22 The author of the Aaronverse Tumblr explains how he emphasizes ability not disability with help Shortly after his birth Philip and his mother moved from the Caribbean to New York City when his parents learned he had cerebral palsy which limited the use of his hands and left him unable to walk Soon his mother returned to the Caribbean and his father became his caregiver eventually raising his brother as well Economic hardship and homelessness complicated—and were complicated by—his disability which worsened with such obstacles as late paratransit broken elevators and difficulty socializing Fortunately Philip met angels who helped him and his family educationally medically and socially Through his angels he honed his love for anime; wrote Aaronverse a Tumblr to encourage others with disabilities; and created a book and video called Tanda This ability not disability to push for increased opportunities for people with disabilities As Philip refreshingly acknowledges his personal luck his call for greater accessibility is encapsulated in his fictional story of Dan a man with a disability without a support network whose goals languished because he had the smarts but not the supports Philip's simple chatty account of both physical and societal challenges—and the angels without whom he couldn't have risen to them so highly—will motivate readers with and without disabilities to support accessibility and inclusionResponse to Two Professional Reviews I absolutely agree that Aaron Philips tackled writing his autobiography in the “ability not disability” mentality Aaron has accomplished so much in his lifetime that many other people have not and he knows that this is what is important not the fact that he has Cerebral Palsy This intelligent young man does nothing less than humbly show his audience who he is and what he stands for Evaluation of Literary Elements I loved reading This Kid Can Fly I thought that Aaron was able to write this story and tell the readers his thoughts in such a positive way despite everything that he has faced His inclusion of detail on all of the experiences he has had both good and bad let the reader be right beside him throughout his whole story His personality really shown through in his writing and it had the reader rooting for him the whole time Consideration of Instructional Application This book is a great one to use in the classroom when learning about biographies and autobiographies I would most likely read this book aloud to the class but if that were not possible I would assign it for independent reading After we completed the books I would have the students write their own autobiography or a smaller memoir on a time where they felt overwhelmed by something in their lives