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A taut erotically charged literary noir set in Houston about a woman caught up in her friend’s shocking murder and the dark truths she uncoversBefore the drugs Danielle Reeves was Charlotte Ford’s most loyal and vibrant friend She helped Charlotte through her mother’s illness and death and opened up about her own troubled family The two friends were inseparable reveling in Houston’s shadowy corners B Read this for the booktubeathon 2016 challenge read a book after sunsetI'm not much of a crime or noir person but mr pastore read this and liked it it was in the house and it had sunset in the title I was interested enough in this to keep reading though happy it was short and the writing was good I dunno though never really grabbed me and didn't feel involved at all One thing that did keep me going was imagining that the detective was Aiden uinn in Practical Magic was hoping he would make some cactus pancakes and his favourite symbol was a star

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Sunset CityUt then Danielle’s addiction got the best of her and she went to prison for four years When she gets out she and Charlotte reconnect Charlotte hopes this is a new start for their friendshipBut then a detective shows up at Charlotte’s apartment Danielle has been murdered bludgeoned to deathOverwhelmed by grief Charlotte is determined to understand how the most alive person she has ever known could end up I did really enjoy this and was pretty much hooked It was very 'edgy' in that there was cocaine and sex cigarettes general unhealthiness and a bit of porn oh and death Cooool My nostrils burned just from reading it Was the mystery very good Not especially as there was like only 3 people who could've been the killer but the writing was good and hypnotic and the noiry Houston setting felt new and authentic Will defo be reading Melissa Ginsburg

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Sunset City Mobi ç 208 pages í ➽ [Reading] ➿ Sunset City By Melissa Ginsburg ➲ – A taut erotically charged literary noir set in Houston about a woman caught up in her friend’s shocking murder and the dark truths she uncoversBefore the drugs Danielle Reeves was Charlotte Ford’s A taut eroticallyDead But the deeper Charlotte descends into Danielle’s dark world the less she understands Was Danielle a hapless victim or master manipulator Was she really intent on starting over or was it all an act To find out the truth Charlotte must keep her head clear and her guard up Houston has a way of feeding on bad habits and Charlotte doesn’t want to get swallowed whole a victim of her own anguished desires I read the inside flap of this novel at the library and decided I had to pick it up It was super intriguing According to the blurb this novel is about the murder of the main character's best friend and as the main character Charlotte tries to uncover the mystery of her best friend's death the possibility that her best friend may be a completely different person emerges I love novels like this so I went in with high expectations and high hopes Those were only bolstered by the praise I saw plastered on the back of the novelSo good things about the novel I'm glad it takes place in Houston it's refreshing to read a novel set in a place I'm familiar with but that's a silly preference it doesn't really add to or detract from the uality of the book I'm a fan of the author's descriptive style though some things are uestionable what does being red eyed have to do with a drowned kitten I also feel that Charlotte's actions and emotions were apt considering the death of her friend and I enjoyed the way those were written as wellUnfortunately I have uite a few nitpicky things to sayI feel like the blurb didn't match the story at all As I read it it felt to me like it was about Charlotte struggling to get over her friend's death than her actively trying to investigate why she died The amount of drugs and alcohol taken and sex had in this story there's no way that was Charlotte trying to uncover the secrets behind her friend's death And Charlotte's friend Danielle seems like the same person throughout the story It doesn't seem like she could've been a completely different person like the summary hinted at Again I feel like the story focused on Charlotte's recovery than the events surrounding Danielle's death Sure Charlotte kept thinking about various people that could have done it but that seemed to me like a small percentage of the book and this book is not even 200 pages long In addition to that I expected that there would be an introduction to Danielle and Charlotte's friendship like the reconnection that is mentioned in the blurb instead of it jumping straight into the thick of things Moreover the summary says Danielle went to prison for four years but in the novel early on it's not really a spoiler it's said that she went for twenty four months for possession Unless I forgot how to do math or the number of months in a year suddenly changed that sounds like just two years to me I really hope I didn't miss anything Most importantly though this book didn't really grab me I wanted to keep reading no matter how awful a book is I try to finish it with some very rare exceptions but it wasn't like my life depended on it I only finished it for the sake of curiosity and nothing Thankfully it was shortOverall I was disappointed with the novel I think it may have been the clumsy writing of the blurb that led to my eventual dislike; because of the way it was written I expected something completely different than what was promised I would not recommend this to a friend