REVIEW · Brink Ruin Saga #2

REVIEW Brink Ruin Saga #2

REVIEW · Brink Ruin Saga #2 ¶ [Download] ➽ Brink Ruin Saga #2 By Harry Manners – The end of the world adventure returnsPick up where Ruin left off with Brink part II of the epic journey The ideal read for any die hard apocalypse fanEarth has been almost silent for forty years The The end of the world adventure retBrink Ruin eBook #212 now the true End is in sight the horizon is alight with burning villages two cities lie in the shadow of an army gathering in the North intent on ending the old world forever And somewhere a supernatural force is on the move pushing its servants into place a young girl. Brink continues where Ruin finished; it can be read as a stand alone but given that new characters are here introduced whilst the old ones continue it is better to start with volume one Also without the preceding volume much of the ever building tensions and swirling into a dream like uality would be missed and probably lessen the impact of this ongoing storyThe setting is some forty years after a mysterious event made vanish almost all of the world's populationNow the survivors who have formed a new semblance of civilisation are again under attack but this time by a ruthless army of their own kind As the small groups struggle and fail to defend themselves it becomes apparent that all is not as it seems and is far bigger and complex than a fight for this known world aloneHarry Manner's writing style is simultaneously dashingly modern naive and old fashioned a bit strange but perfectly fitting the adventureAnd adventure it is The characters stand out with startlingly clarity and descriptions can be uite visceral in the readingI have several problems with some of the content not least the amount of slaughter and the passivity of captured victims so why the five stars I simply could not give it less The whole swirled around my imagination such that even my most disliked aspects only added to the increasing feelings of fear and unreality engendered by the story and the feeling that something huge is about to happen I was captivated by this book in just the same way those victims were by their bloodthirsty captors made slave by it and I could not stop readingIt is unlike anything I have read before read it and judge for yourself

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The end of the world adventure returnsPick up where Ruin left off with Brink part II of the epic journey The ideal read for any die hard apocalypse fanEarth has been almost silent for forty years The apocalypse left behind only fragments of civilisation surrounded by a sea of barbarismBut. Awaiting the seuel to Ruin was similar to the anticipation of waiting for a summer blockbuster when you’re a teenager but after reading the prologue it is uite clear that this is something different Brink is not just a rehash of Ruin or a revisitation of old characters All of the characters most notably Alex Norman and Billy are on the move emotionally and physically and it is apparent that there is something deep and beyond their understanding that is driving them Since ‘The End’ Alex and co have been in an existential limbo but a new twist in Manners tale is that perhaps those who did not ‘survive’ may be in an alternate limbo This brings forth even unanswered uestions that we’re keen for Manners to answer You always knew that there was to Alex and something only known to him that was driving him Brink presents to us another uestion; what else did Alex witness when he began his journey all those years ago Brink is the continuation of a saga which sees the growth not only of the characters and the story but also of Harry Manners and his ability to entrench his readers into a harrowing but believable world Manners also shows us a side to Alex that wasn’t apparent in Ruin and that is Alex’s ruthlessness but he counterbalances this well in the unsettling scenes where we witness the fear in Alex Even harrowing is James transition from an adoring attentive and bright younger brother to a wicked and barbaric man whose exterior is a perfect reflection of his tortured and twisted soul James removal of his scarf and the violent nature of the people around him was unnerving and was reminiscent of how I felt when reading Cormac McCarthy’s The Road I would describe Brink as a transitory tale in the middle of a saga The tension in Brink is cranked up from the beginning at level 10 and remains at that level until you reach the end – which is met either with relief that you can now have a break or annoyance that we haven’t yet reached the end of the Ruin saga

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Brink Ruin Saga #2With special powers and a man whose destiny might decide the fate of allWhile ominous swarms of pigeons plague the sky the world grows uieter and dark forgotten secrets are revealed – secrets of betrayal love and obsession – the army in the North prepares to leaveThe Ruin Saga continue. Into darknessMr Manner's writing is a dream to read After reading book one I was looking forward to reading book two and I was not disappointed Brink continues where Ruin left off so that the reader don't feel like they are missing something Now that the survivors have formed a new or what they are calling a home to live they are under attack by a ruthless army of their own kind In each story the characters grow into their own to keep the reader intrigued and coming back for It is true that this book left me with some unanswered uestions but that is the fun of saga More uestions you have you will keep returning to find the answers So come take a ride on the unruly side of the apocalypseI was given this book in exchange for my honest review LOP Goodreadscom