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FREE DOWNLOAD ↠ The Boomerang Effect ò ⚣ The Boomerang Effect Books ⚡ Author Gordon Jack – It all started with a harmless prank But now high school junior and resident stoner Lawrence Barry is one step away from reform school unless he participates in a mentorship program His mentee Spencer It all sIt all started with a harmless prank But now high school junior and resident stoner Lawrence Barry is one step away from reform school unless he participates in a mentorship program His mentee Spencer Knudsen a Norwegian exchange student with Spock like intelligence but th. Absolutely loved this book As it starts out Lawrence is the typical burnout Living a subpar life as a teenager and doing the bare minimum to keep from being shipped off to alternative school The author does a fantastic job of showing the domino effect of making one poor choice after another But Lawrence lands himself into somewhat of a community service and has to be a mentor to the foreign exchange student in the “Buddy Club” It seems unlikely that this screw up will ever get his act together but underneath that stoner façade Lawrence has heart and intelligence The most impressive part of the author’s writing is the strong character arc You can’t help but root for this total screw up as he fumbles through the story to become a better person in life The humor was so good and dry like I love it and snowballed as the story progressed until I was cackling out loud up to the very end The cast of characters and side stories unfolded and overlapped so well it had you turning the pages to find out how every piece of this story was going to pan out for everyone The male protagonist voice was probably one of the most authentic and well done voices I’ve read in years This story is full of humor and heart and the exploration of what a real friendship is Whatever Gordon Jack writes next I’m buying


34 a Renaissance LARPing group an overzealous yearbook editor and three vindictive chickens and Lawrence soon realizes that his situation may be a little out of control But Spencer seems to have some answers In fact Spencer may be the one friend Lawrence never knew he need. This book doesn't fit into most stereotypesAnd yet it doesOkay so while American high school scenarios which include homecoming house parties and teenagers doing things they aren't supposed to be doing is all overrated this book goes beyond itA character with whom you totally do not sympathise at the beginning somehow manages to gain your approval by the end While it does not mean he does a full 180 and become suddenly perfect it's what makes it all the likable I like Spencer possibly the most for his support and stability in moments when nothing makes sense and you think Lawrence is done for this timeMost people may think this novel as average but I think in tough times like the present you need a novel that gives you something to laugh about


The Boomerang EffectE social skills of the periodic table Then disaster strikes Homecoming week When someone dressed as the school Viking mascot starts destroying the fairy tale–inspired floats all suspicion falls on Lawrence Add to the mix a demon Goth girl named Zoe The Boomerang ePUB #97. What stands out The simple sophistication in the words of the titleThe Boomerang Effect Attempting to do a good thing and it being mistaken as ill meant and vice versa This story is full of itLawerence is your typical teenage guy who is maybe slightly on the down low and tries to get his life back on track by doing things that just backfire on him Lawrence's parents want to be the mutually supportive kind but are very far off the mark; he wants to please his parents but what does please them doesn't seem to make him the happiest He tries to fit in at school by being normal yet fails to understand how harmful it is His stoner friends don't consider him cool any after he sobers up Reconnecting with his old friend by helping him get a girlfriend nearly ends up with a smear campaign against him Basically his life is a mess and everything seems to be going against him as he tries to get it back on track That is until he becomes friends with the two totally not normal classmates and accepts that being a little weird is okay Why it is even funGood writing even though I felt like knocking the MC's head in in the beginning Really good character development and parent child relationships shown and a satisfactory ending This book certainly knows how make things realistic3½🌟Buddy Read with E S B