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characters The Second Death Los Nefilim #3 · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Õ ➨ The Second Death Los Nefilim #3 Ebook ➮ Author T. Frohock – The final chapter in T Frohock’s haunting and lyrical Los Nefilim novella trilogy following In Midnight's Silence and Without Light or Save his family For Diago Alvarez that’s the choice before him For unless he wants to see his son Rafael die he must do the unthinkableHelp the Nazis receive the plans to the ultimate weaponAnd while Diago grows comfortable not only with his heritage but also with his place among Guillermo’s Lo. THE SECOND DEATH is the third novella in T Frohock’s ‘Los Nefilim’ series The series has angels daimons and Nefilim—marshals of the angels—living and interacting with humans It is a tale of love and survival of community and family—the one we are born into and the one we gather and form by choice Frohock writes with utmost care and imbues her novellas with a touching sentimentalityThe story revolves around the Nefil Miuel his partner Diago part angel and part demon and Rafael Diago’s newly discovered son The nuclear family is caught in a war between angels and daimons for primacy on earth with each side trying to make them pawns to achieve their respective goalsDiago has little interest in the war but concerned only for his nuclear family Each decision he makes is intended for their protection There is no sacrifice he is not willing to make to keep them safe Yet war is always a treacherous game with constantly shifting allegiances Self interest often colors judgment and the greatest betrayal shall always proceed from the greatest trust Nefilim being angels’ marshals follow the angels' lead It is said that a group is only as strong as its weakest member Well it would seem that Nefilim can only be as good and noble as the angels that lead them areHard choices—where no choice is ideal and some sacrifice must be made regardless of the option chosen—must be made To me this novella touches on the importance not just of the choices made but the reasons behind them One can make the right choice for the wrong reason just as easily as one can make the wrong choice for the right reason Life is a perpetual balancing act with the hope that whatever ultimate choices are made it leads to defining a person one can face in the mirrorTHE SECOND DEATH is a satisfying final chapter to Frohock’s ‘Los Nefilim’ but its world its characters and the events thus far are practically begging for tales to be told I’m ready to stalk T Frohock until she agrees to write Los Nefilim stories perhaps even a novel Who’s with me

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The final chapter in Death Los Kindle #209 T Frohock’s haunting and lyrical Los Nefilim novella The Second PDFEPUB or trilogy following In Midnight's Silence and Without Light or Guide which bestselling author Second Death Los PDF #204 Mark Lawrence has called “a joy to read” Save the world or. Have you ever read an urban fantasy set in Spain during the unrest that preceded the Civil War with a homosexual demon angel hybrid as a protagonist I think notI discovered the Los Nefilim series while reading the grimdark anthology Evil is a Matter of Perspective An Anthology of Antagonists where T Frohock published her short story Every Hair Casts a Shadow set a few years after the events narrated in Los Nefilim and told from a certain villain's POV The series comes in the form of three separate novellas or as a bundle I'm going to review Los Nefilim in its entirety so there might be mild spoilers from In Midnight's Silence and Without Light or Guide books #1 and #2 in the seriesFirst a word of praise for how Frohock decided to handle the dreaded threat of info dumps in acknowledging both the readers' necessity for a reminder of who's who and what happened so far and the authors' difficulty in meeting those needs in an elegant way she chose to spend a few pages to recap the story like in the old radio programs from the 1940s Brilliant Editors should demand something like this from every author even though admittedly some hundreds of pages would be lost this way I also think it's worth mentioning that you can find the bibliography the author used for the series on her website whether you'll ever pick up any of the books mentioned there or not it's reassuring to know that an author that decided to set her fictional world during a very specific historical moment in a very specific place spent at least a few moments of her time doing some research about itAs for the story Los Nefilim tells of well Los Nefilim angel born Nefilim Nefilim are half human half angelic or daimonic hybrids based in Spain we discover throughout the series that for every human nation there is an euivalent angelic reign each commanding its own Nefilim group The angel born Nefilim operate on Earth as foot soldiers and spies for the angels controlling the daimonic activity among the humans As per most UF tradition here angels are of the assholish variety and their suabbles reflect upon the humans and since the story in set in between World Wars you can be sure that at this moment in time the angels are done suabbling and are taking up arms Still the fact that the daimons are using their own Nefilim to further incite the humans against each other since well they do feed on our hate after all is something that the angels would rather avoid and so they decide to try and mitigate the damage Two are the points of contention among the various warring factions an idea for a weapon of mass destruction that according to the angels should cut the upcoming human war short thus limiting the magnitude of the catastrophe sure thank you guys and a hybrid born of an angel and a daimon born Nefil a rarity that possesses both the magic of angels and of daimonsThis rarity happens to be Daigo who's not only an uniue and powerful hybrid but also a gay man the daimons and the angels want him for his magic the angel born Nefilim scorn and distrust him because of his daimonic nature the humans would at best ostracize him for his homosexuality this isn't Pedro Almodóvar's Spain we're talking about So Daigo has decided long ago to live his life as a human hiding his relationship with Los Nefilim second in command Miuel from the mortals and avoiding taking sides in the upcoming all out war between angels and angels and angels and daimons Obviously since Daigo is the MC and all hiding it out while giving piano lessons to industrialists' sons isn't going to be a valid option for much longerAll clear so far Geez this is why I usually don't bother with synopsis I've made a mess of things I promise Frohock's flawless writing and masterful storytelling does make everything clear should you decide to pick up this series you totally should FYIDespite the complexity of the plot at its core Los Nefilim the series not the hybrids is a story about redemption forgiveness and second chances; it's a story about learning to love yourself despite the mistakes you might have committed along the way; it's a story about learning to love and trust others despite your fear of rejection about learning to accept and embrace the love of those who care about you; it's a story about what family and friendship truly meanAnd if the backdrop of such a story is a uniue urban fantasy with great three dimensional characters and just the right amount of tension and action to have you reading at the edge of your seat well there you have itPs If you're curious about the series you could read the lovely short story A Rose A Dragon it's free on her website it's set after the main series though so there will be spoilers from book #1

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The Second Death Los Nefilim #3S Nefilim he is still unsure if he truly belongs amongst themIn a frantic race to save the future of humanity Diago is forced to rely on his daimonic nature to deceive an angel In doing so he discovers the birth of a modern god one that will bring about a new world order from which no one can escape. A good ending to an excellent little trilogy Taken together the three Los Nefilim novellas feel like book one of a series in terms of forming a self contained story which does a great job setting up the characters and a world with deeper subtle lore than its high concept setup would suggest The Los Nefilim series reminds me of Frohock's earlier book Miserere in that respect where it's a fantasy that plays with religion rather than being a Religious Fantasy Book The series deals with heavy matters rape child abandonment etc but never in a way which feels exploitative or edgy There is also a book one feel in that other meatier plots feel just out of reach in a future seuel or book two both the ongoing saga of Diago's character and of course the fact that things are about to get very dire in Spain and Europe as a whole But I've enjoyed my time with this series so far and will happily follow it further