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A WINTER'S HOMECOMINGMontana Territory in 1883 was a dangerous place especially for a blind woman struggling to make her way through an early winter snowstorm Undaunted Noelle Kramer fought to remain independent But t It had been uite a while since I had read something on the lines of historical romance and although this book claimed of being one it was far from itThe whiny annoying heroine Noelle loses her parents and her sight in a road accident and the absolutely flawless hero Thad knows nothing about the tragedy as he had left Noelle much before that Noelle's parents had convinced Thad that he would never be able to provide their daughter the comforts and luxuries of life that she was so used to Noelle knew nothing about her parents scheme and starts hating Thad for having left her waiting by the window the night they had planned to elopeYears later they meet accidentally The heroine keeps sulking about how she is blind and how Thad would never want him and the hero keeps brooding over how Noelle must be absolutely mad at him and would never want him The fact is that both of them want each other pretty much But well who says such a foolish thing out loud? They depart to meet again and this function is put on an endless loopYou know the end straightaway but the writer keeps beating around the bush The narration changes so abruptly from Noelle to Thad to third person that you can only wonder what you just readThe book moves at an extremely slow place with no end in sight heh The characterization is irritating to say the least and the descriptions flawed Details of time and space have been overlooked that makes it an even tedious read Although I found this as a free ebook I still feel I have paid way too much for it It almost made me take a pledge of not reading any book in my occasional jobless state at work Thankfully I got off itPS I hear the word 'baritone' one time and I might contemplate murder

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Homespun Bride The McKaslin Clan Historical #2Thad McKaslin the man who had once loved her than life itself Losing her had shaken all his most deeply held beliefs Now he wondered if the return of this strong woman was a sign that somehow he could find his way ho I loved this book about a blind young woman Noelle whose true love Thad was run out of town five years ago by her parents and she believed he had just left her because he didn't love her any She was broken hearted but went on with her life and in the meantime was in a terrible accident which killed her parents and left her blindThad comes back to town without her knowledge when she is almost in another accident and comes along just in time to save her not realizing it is him He sticks around to help out and she eventually realizes it is him but doesn't let on and he realizes he still loves her and finds it very hard to stay away from her They become friends again when he starts working for her grandparents with whom she now lives He works in the stables with the horses this takes place in 1883 so no cars around at that time He still loves her and she still loves him but they take it slow because neither one believes they can really be together again A good old fashioned love story and a great read

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epub » Homespun Bride The McKaslin Clan Historical #2 ¶ Paperback È johnscyclingdiary ↠ [Epub] ➟ Homespun Bride The McKaslin Clan Historical #2 Author Jillian Hart – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk A WINTER'S HOMECOMINGMontana Territory in 1883 was a dangerous place Hen a runaway horse nearly plunged her into a rushing ice choked river before a stranger's strong sure hand saved her from certain deathAnd yet this was no stranger Though she could not know it her rescuer was rancher Third of the three free ebooks in the Love Inspired line from Harleuin Man I deserve karmic points for sticking with this turgid and tedious story to the end Okay okay I admit to skipping plenty of stuff in the last chapter in my eagerness to just be done with the story But the point is that I did in fact stick with it to the end Historic romance set in 1860's Montana Previously sighted heroine rendered blind by a blow on the head in a buggy accident that also killed the parents who unbeknownst to the heroine drove her fiancé out of town Heroine living with protective but oddly objective relatives Jilting fiancé returns to the tiny town but of course and is thrown together with the former beloved The hero and heroine are immediately mutually attracted again and spend most of the next eighteen chapters reminding themselves why It Can Never Be I was heartily sick of both of them by the end though I was hoping that Noelle would take another blow to the head and that would restore her sight so that at least she wouldn't have the 'but I'm blind who will want me?' crap to hold her back any Once again the title? Utterly meaningless I hate that about these books