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DOWNLOAD ´ The Scarlet Sisters ì [PDF / Epub] ★ The Scarlet Sisters By Helen Batten – ‘Oh my goodness – another girl Mrs Swain’ Clara’s normal iron composure broke and she screamed ‘No That’s not the bloody deal’ And that is how my nanna Bertha Swain entered the world Whe ‘Oh my goodness – anothE and children taken far too soon It’s as if there is a family curse But Helen also finds love resilience and hope – crazy wagers late night Charlestons and stolen kisses As she unravels the story of Nanna and her scarlet sisters Helen starts to break the spell of the past and sees a way she might herself find love agai. Good Historical Family StoryThis is agood book for feminine support and encouragement The story of the sisters learning to make their own way but stay close to their family as well is a great self help for today's young girls to learn growing up This was surprising in that it didn't have as much of the story of the girls growing years as I thought it would but it had a good lesson to learn of survival; strength hard work love endurance and learning from the past and using those lessons to make the future better

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‘Oh my goodness – another girl Mrs Swain’ Clara’s normal iron composure broke and she screamed ‘No That’s not the bloody deal’ And that is how my nanna Bertha Swain entered the world When Helen Batten’s marriage breaks down she starts on a journey of discovery into her family’s past and the mysteries surro. 3 stars I liked it I actually loved the historical parts in which the author describes the family lives of her grandmother great aunts and great grandparents spanning from the end of the 19th century to World War II I am particularly interested because I too have been trying to build a picture of the lives of my own ancestors in Hackney during that period and some of the comments on social history were fascinating Differences especially in the attitudes of others at that time illnesses and healthcare Helen Batten has put some flesh on the bones of her long lost relatives a sort of mix of fiction and non fiction I suppose and it works wellHowever I didn't really enjoy the contemporary narrative interspersed among the old family stories The author is trying to determine if there is a logical pattern fate or coincidences among generations and whether that pattern can be broken And since she is a psychotherapist this means indulging in uite a bit of self analysis which I personally found exceedingly disconcertingThe audiobook was performed by Annie Aldington who is a professional voice and brought warmth and variety to the narration


The Scarlet SistersUnding her enigmatic nanna’s early life What she unearths is a tale of five feisty red heads struggling to climb out of poverty and find love through two world wars It’s a story full of The Scarlet eBook #199 surprises and scandal – a death in a workhouse a son kept in a box a shameful war record a clandestine marriag. Heart rending and captivating I was hooked from the first page It was almost like being in two time zones at once I lost my Mother when I was 5 yrs old 1950 so I was able to live like part of your Ancestors Family Thanks for an incredible journey Thanks also for bringing many of my memories to the fore Also Helen Batten YOU look like Alice Hope people read this account of your Nana’s Life as I did I too had an amazing Nana Jinny She died age 94 SO SHE SAID I’ve found out on my journey she was actually about 100 Little 4ft 9 inch ex bare back rider in a travelling show