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Deadly Class Volume 3 The Snake PitTion And just when things seemingly can't get any worse Finals Season descends on the school And in this world final exams can be murderContinuing the cult hit dark teen drama writer Rick Remender and artist Wes Craig take readers on the darkest road through s San Francisco and the kids that ruled its streetsCollects DEADLY CLASS. 35 stars A lot finally happens in this volume Major characters being killed off and the main character getting hit on all sides Edge of the seat stuff Look forward to the finalé

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8 Mexican Cartel the family of a classmate they were forced to kill comes gunning for revenge The true costs of the life he's chosen to Class Volume 3 The Snake PDFEPUBlive are only just dawning on Marcus Incapable of staving off the ravages of love life and death he plunges headfirst into a black pit of drugs sex and self destruc. How do I even begin to explain my love for this comic seriesoh that's right I already have on multiple occasions For those of you who don't know Deadly Class is my all time favourite comic series by my all time favourite comic book writer Rick Remender and also published by my all time favourite comic book publisher Image ComicsDeadly Class is one of the darkest comic series I have ever read Not only does it deal with a school full of teenaged assasins but it deals with heavy material regarding illegal drugs and mental health all during the crazy decade of the 1980'sA dark hole Falling deeper every day I need to make a change But don't I alwaysThe Snake Pit picks up right where Kids of The Black Hole left off The gang has got themselves into one hell of a situation and due to their recklessness and after the occurrence of a tragic accident in regards to a member of their group all hell breaks loose Friendships end and relationships falterMarcus is in his darkest state yet throughout this installment which is almost hard to believe He is continuously spiraling downward and something needs to change before he completely loses it On top of his obvious deteriorating mental health Marcus has plunged even deeper into the world of illegal drugs which is definitely not a great combination Ultimately Marcus is lost He has trouble fitting in with those around him and when he finally starts to get along with someone either they turn out to stab him in the back or he finds a way to ruin it by his own handWhat hurts worse she didn't leave you After everything you did she came back for you Pulls you through a soup of brain damage and broken bonesMarcus' internal monologue is still probably my favourite thing about the entire series By constantly knowing what he is thinking we are able to learn a lot about him as a character You can clearly see the deadly mix of anxiety and depression that Marcus deals with on a daily basis and how badly it is eating him alive He has been on a steady decline from the start of this series and I really hope he manages to find a way out of his downward spiralThe story itself has stayed at relatively the same pace We see Marcus and his friends getting themselves into some serious trouble but what's new here is the fact that Marcus has ultimately pushed everyone away from himself The tone definitely feels darker and it doesn't seem to be getting brighter any time soon Towards the end of this volume it seems the focus of the story will switch back to the theme of a high school meant to train assassins Up until this point the story has been focusing mostly on Marcus and his relationships between friends girlfriends and acuaintances at this new new school but it seems as though that this will be taking a turn if the end scene is any indicationDuring change life is uncomfortable but only to the degree that you hold on to the past Like the phantom limb that still itches after it's been severedAs I have said the writing within this series is phenomenal Not only in terms of Marcus' internal monologue but also literally everything else within this series is perfect Rick Remender has seriously found the tone of the story and has been executing it wonderfullyNothing accompanies an already amazing story better than some amazing art I love the style of Wes Craig as it flows perfectly with the story that Remender has created I was even lucky enough to score a signed print from Wes Craig himself at Fan Expo Canada this past summer and I am in love with itI've said it once and I'll say it again Deadly Class is my favourite comic series to date I cannot stress how much I recommend that everyone at least give this gem a try I continue to look forward to reading future installments and praying for Marcus' well being I would love for you to join me in reading the intense story that is Deadly ClassDown here I don't have to even exist Down here I'm already dead And I like it

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Deadly Class Volume 3 The Snake Pit Summary Ü 108 å [BOOKS] ⚣ Deadly Class Volume 3 The Snake Pit Author Rick Remender – When homeless orphan Marcus Lopez was asked to join a shadowy school specializing in training the next generation of the world's deadliest assassins he figured he had nothingWhen homeless orphan Marcus Lopez was asked to Volume 3 PDF #10003 join a shadowy school specializing in training the next generation of the world's deadliest assassins he Deadly Class Epubfigured he had nothing left to lose He was wrong Now Marcus and his one time lover Maria are thrown to the wolves when a Class Volume 3 PDF #19. BR with my fabulous Deadly Class partner in crime Kat click to read her reviewIf I thought that the previous volumes were fucked up SURPRISE INSANITY OVERLOADLet me tell you something first Marcus is losing it There's no denying it my favorite assassin in training is going down and fucking up pretty much everything girls drama AGGHHHH mushrooms overdose paranoia is eating at him also herpes ← the day you're fantasying about an herpes family please be worried Where does it leave us when the main character can't hold his shit together and bites everyone's heads ► With a fucking clown and 1000000 uestions Plot wise I appreciated the risks taken and some parts really surprised me ← There's nothing I love so high five for that Remender Not to mention that messed up ending which promises us a hell of a ride in Volume 4 ↑ Not the ending I'm not that bad PI will never say enough how much I'm in love with the art and I would put this on my walls frankly Well maybe not everything but you get the idea right Perfect to convey the crazy 80s atmosphere in my opinion along with all the pop culture references I always enjoy finding there ► In the end even though I didn't enjoy it as much as the others I can't wait to see where the story goes and how Marcus evolves Isn't it all that matters For of my reviews please visit