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This Secret We're Keeping Read & Download ☆ 104 º ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ This Secret We're Keeping ❤ Author Rebecca Done – A pupil and a teacher Is it ever right to break the rules Jessica Hart has never forgotten Matthew Landley After all he was her first love when she was fifteenA pupil and a teacher Is it ever right to break the rules Jessica Hart has never forgotten Matthew Landley After all he was her first love when she was fifteen years old But he was This Secret PDF or also her school maths teacher and their forbidden affair ended in scandal with his a. This is an emotional roller coaster of a story which I adored It is a character driven novel and the author has created two superb and realistic characters and developed them well The relationship between the two of them is seen through the lens of two time periods The two of them have an intense deep and emotionally involving affair Matthew as a teacher goes to prison for having a relationship with 15 year old Jess 17 years later Matthew has a new identity Will when the two of them meet again They are drawn to each other again despite their fraught history The author is adept at handling feelings and emotions with real skill A book which I very much got absorbed in and carried along with the intricacies in the relationship between the two main characters Many thanks to Michael Joseph the publishers for a copy of the book via the goodreads giveaways

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Rrest and imprisonment Now seventeen years later Matthew returns to Norfolk with a new identity and a long term girlfriend and a young daughter who know nothing of what happened before Yet when he runs into Jessica neither of them can ignore the emotional ties that bind them together. I am torn Don't get me wrong this is a very well written book but the story of Matthew a teacher having an affair with his fifteen year old student left me feeling morally and emotionally drainedThis is a book that would not have been published if written by a man methinks

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This Secret We're KeepingWith so many secrets to keep hidden how long can Jessica and Matthew avoid the dark mistakes of their past imploding in the present From debut author Rebecca Done This Secret We're Keeping is a powerful and provocative novel about the ties which can keep us together or tear us apart. This debut novel is a very emotional and thought provoking read As I read this book I was constantly reminding myself that Jess was a child aged 15 yet she made all the moves and was the strongest character in the book Was it true love infatuation or just a 25 year old teacher taking advantage of a vulnerable girl Jess had a mother who was too heavily dependent upon drugs and drink to pay her any attention and Matthew was the one person she spoke to who listened to herMatthew Langley is a 25 year old teacher at a girls school in Norfolk Jessica is a 15 year old pupil Their love affair led to scandal arrest and imprisonment 17 years later Matthew is back in Norfolk He is now known as Will has a daughter Charlotte and a girlfriend Natalie Jess is a self employed caterer and still living in Norfolk with an on off boyfriend Zak who wants her to move to London with him where he works as an A and E consultantMatthew and Jess become reacuainted when she steps out in front of his car and he knocks her over Old memories of their love affair are rekindled and gradually devastating secrets acts of betrayal and heartache are revealed This is a well written book full of empathy and reminds us all how tricky love is and how teenage daughters need loads of love and support in this arena I can see this book being filmed as it is in the same genre as Gone Girl and the book would make a perfect gift for your daughters