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The Innocents Sinful Craving Seven Sexy Sins #7 Read ↠ 100 ✓ ❰Download❯ ✤ The Innocents Sinful Craving Seven Sexy Sins #7 Author Sara Craven – Everything she's ever wanted Abandoned as a child the stately mansion Dana Grantham called home symbolized the security she Its four walls until a shameful scandal and billionaire Zac Belisandro drove her away at a price Now Dana has the opportunity to return to the life she craves but she comes face to face with Zac The I. Now this is a true gem of a book with a sophisticated love story and characters that have so much depth that you have no choice but to be impressed I loved the h and the H They were multi faceted not uite what they seemed on the surface he' not just a jetsetting billionaire playboy and she's not just a damaged girl with a traumatic past and so very very interesting Our 'innocent' h Dana only ualifies for that adjective when it comes to her sexual experience In every other way she's a mature practical and delightfully headstrong woman with an 'old soul' She has style and underneath the gloss she has real substance a super strong heroine without being bitchy or irritating Zac the hero on the other hand was wholly compelling seductive and intriguing without really saying or doing much certainly no OTT stuff and this proves beyond doubt Ms Craven's ability to write characters that can get under your skin without any obvious effort On the surface this plot may seem a little slow but there is a subtle undercurrenta tension that never really lets up throughout the book I found myself waiting with bated breath for the H and the h to get together For the h to realise that she wanted the H instead of this house Mannion that she had pinned all her hopes on To realise that the man she thought she wanted wasn't the one for her at all and it was Zac all along And I wanted to see Zac admit to his love for Dana and he eventually does when he makes love to her There's just this one love scene that's properly described in this book and what a description it was I generally don't discuss this stuff coz you know I'm a prude an' all sometimes; but this the coming together of Zac and Dana would probably induce goosebumps for most readers It's beautifully penned and you can literally feel the tug of emotion along with the physical attraction between the two characters Toe curling stuffI absolutely loved this and was so glad to see a 'modern' romance written in this decade pack so much of a punch with depth and with a hero and I just have to emphasise this who is seriously sexy without being cheesycorny and a heroine with a personality to match Hats off to you Ms Craven for this one

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Nnocents PDFEPUBHe's tainted her life once before and now he has an outrageous proposition he'll give Dana her heart's desire if she gives him her hand in marriageand her innocence on their wedding nig. Wow almost the same story only the names have changed Lot of similarities to The Virgin's Wedding Night right down to it being all about a family estate Dana just as highly strung as Harriet leading men who don't reveal their undying love till the last page or two AND when Dana decides that Zac is the one for her she declares that the estate is a pile of old stones almost the same line used by Harriet I guess it all comes down to writing style Sara Craven has been writing romance for decades and generally the same formula applies to most of her books Must translate to lots of sales I don't dislike her style just prefer some of the newer authors where the characters have depth Definitely agree with other reviews about the uick ending and no epilogue The reader misses out on the happy ever after almost left pondering whether things will truly work outhttpswwwgoodreadscombookshow2

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The Innocents Sinful Craving Seven Sexy Sins #7Everything she's ever Sinful Craving ePUB #180 wanted Abandoned as a child the stately mansion Dana Grantham called home symbolized the security she so desperately wanted She dreamed of a future within. Classic Sara Craven but featuring family drama than romanceThe romance takes a backseat so we can see the heroine scheme her way into acuiring her rightful inheritance Mannion the estate her father would have inherited had he not died prematurely view spoilerAs it turns out Dana has no claim The man she thought was her biological dad Jack Latimer couldn't have fathered her as he'd been rendered sterile from a childhood illness He did have a relationship with her mother at some point but he didn't father Dana This big fat lie unfortunately instilled an unhealthy obsession for Mannion in Dana and feelings of intense shame in Dana's mother hide spoiler