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READ ↠ Waiting for Sparks ´ [PDF / Epub] ★ Waiting for Sparks By Kathy Damp – Sometimes love is right in front of you Emma Chambers wasn't supposed to be spending July Fourth rescuing a handsome stranger and the holiday festival New to town Doug Sparks Turner has an important j Sometimes love is right in front of An important job to do yet it's Emma who's feeling the heat No way the roving fireworks designer is the man she's been waiting for rightHelping Emma makes Sparks long to name this his permanent home Too bad Em. I so enjoyed this book Kathy is a friend of mine and in the interest of full disclosure I've read bits and pieces of the story over the last year or two But sitting down and reading it all the way through in the final form was so fun The characters are uirky and believable and their small town's personality and big problem keeps you turning the pages to find out what's going to happen Emma and Sparks are people I would want to be friends with for sure and to think they are going to maybe get together makes you want to plot and plan to push them together even just like some people seem to be doing The book came out in June and I'd forgotten the story was headed toward the big town festival near 4th of July so when I found myself reading it on 4th of July weekend I made a point of getting to the scene with all the fireworks before I went to bed on 4th of July Haha Great fun And a believable ending which is always important in a romance Try it I think you'll really like this book

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Ma isn't staying especially given the life changing secret she's discovered What Sparks is hiding could also keep him from earning Emma's trust Unless he can make her see that he's a man worth taking a chance. Perfect for Harleuin Heartwarming Sweet read about two people discovering that running away doesn't solve anything and in the process discovering each other Looking forward to from this author


Waiting for SparksSometimes love is right in front of you Emma Chambers wasn't supposed to be spending July Fourth rescuing a handsome stranger and the holiday festival New to Waiting for eBook #221 town Doug Sparks Turner has. Secrets abound in this story about Emma Chambers who resents going back to Heaven to see her grandmother after she suffers a stroke Then there's Doug Turner who sparks something in Emma in spite of her man moratorium yet another part of her backstory best left discovered on one's own Doug too has secrets ones that cause him to leave his previous career and begin a wandering through one fireworks job after another never committing to any one person or any one place even though he craves finding that elusive home he's never hadEmma and Doug fight their attraction to each other even as their antics generated one belly laugh after another in this reader But in the midst of the laughter are the tears of self awareness as one after the other those secrets are revealed peppering each of these delightful characters with what family really means in all its warts hugs and kisses A great read