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summary Missing Mom ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ [Reading] ➻ Missing Mom Author Daniel Murphy – This is an odd and twisting true story about kidnapping robbery and murder; and yet it is strangely uplifting This true story begins on a sunny July morning in 2003 just outside of Flint Michigan Emains of her car were identified after being completely destroyed by an intentional fire but she was nowhere to be found We had to find her She was my m. Interesting evidently heartfelt memoir but not well editedI've pretty much summed it up in my title This was a book clearly written with love and the memory of pain and understandably so recounting the loss of a much loved matriarch and the journey to finding both her and justice Unfortunately I don't get the impression that the author had an independent editor other than himself as the text is poorly edited not well put together and tends to be repetitive I could mark several whole paragraphs that are repeated every time certain people are mentioned not to mention adjectives used over and over again Spelling and punctuation are both erratic throughout albeit not as much so as some I've seen; it's generally in proper names that spelling slips So on the technical side the book badly needs re editing or frankly editing at allThat's not to say that this is a bad book though I read most of it in a couple of sittings and the pace isn't as slow as the progress of the original case and I can only imagine how painful that must have been The author manages to hold his audience if mostly by withholding details and revealing the answers in a way similar to how they were found in reality bit by bitI got this ebook via Kindle Unlimited yes I gave in so did not have to pay full price for it I'm not sure I would have wanted to pay that had I known the file was so badly edited this is something that ought always to be done before putting a book up for sale even if the author needs to hire someone to do so Anyway overall I think 3 stars suit I might up it to 4 if edited

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Ng in just outside of Flint Michigan when an eighty year old grandmother has mysteriously disappeared from the face of the earth Days later the charred r. BoringThis book took forever to read I finally had to jump over pages because they were full The best part was the ending not because u r done but because u realize what he is trying to day Don't bother to read Very disappointed

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Missing MomThis is an odd and twisting true story about kidnapping robbery and murder and yet it is strangely uplifting This true story begins on a sunny July morni. It seems wrong to say I enjoyed thisI did enjoy this I couldn't put it down I read this during thanksgiving prep and have to admit to hiding out all over the house to read instead of helping with the cooking My bad The writing was elouent and articulate The story engrossing The family was described in such a way I feel as if I know them I wish I could have participated in the search handed out flyers anything to ease this family's suffering We are inundated every day by the media with stories like this that we've become numb This story made it very personal What a positive testament to the citizens of FlintGetting a glimpse of the lives after the tragedy was so uplifting Daniel's talk of letting go of thewhat ifs struck home for me on a personal level Eventually the masses of people fade and you are left picking up the pieces of a life that will now be forever defined as before and after with that event being the dividing line It is hard to accept that one of the most significant events in a life can be a tragedyI am so glad the family was able to stick together draw strength from each other and move past it I would highly recommend this book It is not an easy subject matter But you will walk away feeling grateful that this story was shared with you Daniel please keep writing and thank you for letting us in Gbash