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SUMMARY An Ember in the Ashes ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ô ❮Reading❯ ➿ An Ember in the Ashes Author Sabaa Tahir – Laia leeft met haar broer en grootouders onder het wrede regime van het Imperium Wanneer haar broer wordt opgepakt wegens verraad moet ze uit de schaduw tredOet ze Elias een elitesoldaat de beste van zijn opleiding Maar het enige wat Elias wil is ontsnappen aan het tirannieke regime Beiden ontdekken al snel dat hun lot. 55 starsThis is the third time I'm reading this book And the third time I finish this book with my mouth open The third time I was rocking through strong emotions with the characters about the characters This is the third time that I am proud of the author and delighted that this book exists Because I think every person should understand how to write a book in the most incredible wayIn this book you can experience all kinds of emotions Fury about the world where the characters live Hate for the bad and cruel people Empathy for Elias who cannot carry the burden of the Blackcliff Sympathy to Laia who lost her entire family to death by the empire Sadness about the way we lost loads of amazing characters throughout the book Pride for Izzi who took courage and finally began to break her cruel routine as a slave This book has a lot of cruel and brutal parts I guess there are people who can't read it because the details can go far But I think as much as this book is brutal it teaches us about humanity And about inhumanity “I see humans but not humanity”This is a uote I really love from the time I was a child I understood that long ago I had an uneasy childhood and a cruel life and I realized that the world is full of human beings but not all of them are human inside When I told people about it they tended to laugh at me and say I'm pessimistic that people are generally good that people are people That every person who is bad has some good in him too but it‘s not correct There are people who breathe the same air I breathe live in the same world I live But deep down inside they lost their hearts and soulsSomething else I loved about the book there is a lot of love in it Love between good friends Love between people of different classes One sided love Physical attraction against love from withinStill this book did not shout Look I'm a YA book and I love to get lots of readers NoFirst this book shows that not every story and plot is supposed to be about love The reader can be fascinated by the story even without itSecondly I really like the fact that Elias only came across Laia in the middle of the book First of all we got to know them and once they found their way and met we already knew who they are we knew how similar they werePlus to be honest you can also see that even in a cruel and almost inhuman place you can hold on to love and see one light in the otherThis book taught us what friendship loyalty compassion love cruelty strength fear and are It’s an amazing achievementIt's time for me to read the second book

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Haduw treden In ruil voor hulp bij het bevrijden van haar broer waagt Laia haar leven door te spioneren op de grootste militaire academie van het ImperiumDaar ontm. Really enjoyed this one Flew through it here's my booktalk D

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An Ember in the AshesLaia leeft met haar broer in the PDF #205 en grootouders onder het wrede regime van het Imperium Wanneer haar broer wordt opgepakt wegens verraad moet ze uit de sc. “This life is not always what we think it will be” Cain says “You are an ember in the ashes Elias Veturius You will spark and burn ravage and destroy You cannot change it You cannot stop it” I think a lot of people will understand me when I say that the best kind of books are those that provoke strong emotions in you My favourites are made up of books that filled me with happy excitement or alternatively books that ripped my heart out and made me cry An Ember in the Ashes however made me angry No not angry furious I raged I panicked I hated And damn it was amazingYou know those rare books that just make your heart pound Those that take you so far out of the real world that you have to remind yourself afterwards that it's all fiction or else you won't be sleeping For me this was one of those books Everything about it was gripping from the godawful but mesmerizing setting to those two bloody love triangles love suare Yes that's right I don't even care that there were love triangles That seems like too simplistic a term for this complex web of relationships anyway It isn't about choosing between hot dude #1 and hot dude #2 there's far bigger things at stake here and every character is so well developed that you genuinely wonder and care what their fate will beThis fast paced story is told from two perspectives Laia is one of the Scholars now ruled over by the Martial Empire many of whom are poor illiterate and even enslaved When her brother is arrested and presumably tortured by the Masks masked soldiers she seeks out the Resistance for help However they will not help her for free and demand that in return she must enter Blackcliff Military Academy as a slave in order to spy on the Commandant Elias the son of the Commandant makes up the other perspective in this bookInitially I drew some comparisons between this and Legend but though I liked the latter I still don't think it's anywhere near as compelling interesting fast paced or evil as this book And despite the similar premise this book branches off in many very different and exciting directions including the arrival of creatures believed to only exist in mythI mentioned my fury before and I'm going to elaborate a bit This book is nasty This world is nasty The Commandant is an evil hellbitch and complete sociopath There's torture child abuse and the threat of rape none of it is really graphic but it's effective just the same But it works The stakes are higher; it made me actually afraid for Laia when she was sneaking about and spying on the Commandant It's hard to not grind your teeth at the unfairness and simultaneously feel powerless to stop it It's been a while since I've read such an evocative novelSo I enjoyed pretty much everything about this book I liked the varied cast of characters and that Laia wasn't a typical badass heroine but a scared girl going against her every instinct to save her brother I loved the use of prophecies and the way Elias has to try and understand what they mean in order to do the right thing I loved the Augurs a bunch of hooded holy men who claim to deliver prophecies Such a great read and I can see people eating it up and being desperate for The book is rounded off well and is supposed to be a standalone but there's room for here and I'd love to see the author revisit this story and these characters Life is made of so many moments that mean nothing Then one day a single moment comes along to define every second that comes after Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr May 22 2015 A seuel is on the way