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Conard County Witness Conard County #45; Conard County The Next Generation #28 Read & download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¿ ❴Reading❵ ➷ Conard County Witness Conard County #45; Conard County The Next GeneraG between them may feel like a betrayal to Jess's late wife Lacy's closest friend But as a big freeze envelops Conard County the warmth and healing they find in their growing friendship will be put to the County Witness Conard County #45 PDF or ultimate test by a deranged kill. This story was both a good romance and a good suspense novel When Rachel Lee is on her game her romances are compelling and emotionally satisfying and she was on her game with this one Hero and heroine were both strong characters fighting thier growing attraction for a reason that is too much a spoiler to give away Highly recommended

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Senses danger The wounded ex soldier offers Lacy Devane a place to feel safe after her stint in witness protection But someone is after her Or is Jess the intended targetJess and Lacy are practically strangers And the County Witness Conard ePUB #180 powerful attraction stirrin. A physician assistant formerly an ex combat medic Jess McGregor strongly embodied the image of an independent personable military man despite his losses of a wife limb and comrades His invitation to provide a sense of security to accountant Lacy Devane was not unexpected; her bout with a witness protection operation left her skittish and unable to return to a normal life Their common thread was McGregor’s deceased wife an extremely close childhood friend of Lacy’s As acuaintances they struggled over the loss of a loved one an experienced hunter tracking their movements and the growing awareness of each other The easy flow of the fifteen chapters in “Conard County Witness” successfully provided an education on combat medics prosthesis and war traumas within the framework of an evolving relationship from acuaintance to love an insight of vulnerability acceptance and trust uick introduction of likeable characters with mixed emotions instilled the fear unease and their willingness to dwell into their weaknesses showed growth and realistic behaviours Further alternative looks at a lesser redeeming character with menacing and cruelty tendencies created a balance and effectively portrayed the ravaging effects of war on military personnel With the military training emphasis in the story several manoeuvres were strategically employed in a way they could be adapted if encountering any dangerous or tentative situation in real life “Conard County Witness” was a contemporary interesting and satisfying read a smart delivery of information in a romance My review was based on the paperback edition

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Conard County Witness Conard County #45; Conard County The Next Generation #28In New York Times bestselling author Rachel Lee's Witness Conard Epub #223 newest Conard County romance a killer stalks a wounded warrior and the woman he's vowed to protect I found you The game begins The note wasn't a threat exactly But Jess Conard County Kindle McGregor. Good story Jess and Lacy have known each other for a long time through Jess's late wife After Sara died Lacy stayed in touch with Jess He's the one she thought of when she needed a safe place to stay So Jess invited her to stay as long as she needed not expecting their friendship to grow into something I really liked both Jess and Lacy Jess has had it rough the last few years Sara died while he was on deployment as a combat medic and he is still dealing with some guilty feelings because he wasn't there when she died When he returned to the war he ended up badly injured and losing part of one leg After his recovery he left the military and became a physician's assistant Lacy had a good life and career in Dallas until she discovered her boss was laundering drug money After going to the FBI about it she ended up spending a year in witness protection until it was all over Now she's dealing with the fallout and feeling like she's being watched There's a little awkwardness between Jess and Lacy when she first arrives They soon realize that their friendship up to now has been fairly superficial and that they want Because of what each has been through opening up isn't something that is easy to do Long conversations and a few outbursts of frustration deepen what is building between them I liked seeing Lacy deal with Jess's insecurities about his injuries and how he worries about her reaction Also always present in their thoughts is Jess's wife Sara He feels a bit odd at first having feelings for his wife's friend but seems to come to terms with them pretty uickly Lacy has a rougher time guilty about her feelings but also worried that Jess only sees her as an extension of Sara I loved seeing them confront their issues and deal with them together as they realized they wanted to move forward with each otherThe suspense of the story was really good There's a little uestion at the beginning who the hunter is after but that is revealed pretty uickly There is tension throughout the story as Jess and Lacy feel the stalker's presence and experience his attacks Glimpses of his viewpoint show his motivation and determination as Jess and Lacy work to figure out who he is The final confrontation was pretty intense with a very satisfying end I loved Lacy's part in it