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Bout the history of tea and tea customs around the world from afternoon tea to the Japanese tea ceremony. I got transfixed on this book for an entire weekend I took notes and documented my learnings like a textbook study It was consistent with BK books in that it was beautifully published with amazing pictures and a beautiful layout Lots of fundamental information about the tea plant varieties tea varieties history culture and a brief overview of each country's tea production and regions None of which was discussed in depth but each discussed in an interesting overview Perfect for someone like me with little knowledge and a lot of interest It definitely whetted my appetite and sent me searching for in depth information onlineAs a digital book it wasn't the greatest on Google Read No flowing text and the color was converted to BW in an ungraceful fashion I ended up reading it on a computer with each page presenting similar to apdf On a computer the color and graphics were great

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The tea bookDiscover the best ways to choose prepare and taste the many different varieties of tea with over one hun. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review You can view the original review on Genuine JennThis is a great book for any tea lover or someone wanting to learn about tea It has been beautifully written by the author Linda Gaylard divided into sections with great photos throughout There really is a science behind really great tea and the author breaks down everything you would want to know about ALL kinds of teas The history of tea tea cups from around the world each country facts timeline favourite teas etc The different ways tea can help our bodies and the difference between loose leaf and bagged tea So much information through this book I love that you can easily pick up this book and read anywhere within it isn't a book that needs to be read from cover to cover It is a great coffee table book I have always wondered about the process of growing harvesting the plantation to teapot and this book lays it out super simple and easy to understand To finish off this great tea lovers book is 75 recipes Everything from Honey Lemon Matcha Iced Tea Hazelnut Plum Delight to Iron Goddess Vodka and Kombucha So many teas to choose from it really is hard to know which to try next I give this a 5 out of 5 stars A Tea Lovers Heaven A great Gift Idea

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The tea book Summary ¹ 102 ☆ [Download] ✤ The tea book ➸ Linda Gaylard – Discover the best ways to choose prepare and taste the many different varieties of tea with over one hundred international tea recipes including iced tea kombucha and herbal tisanes such as yerba mate Discover the best ways to choose pDred international tea recipes including iced tea kombucha and herbal tisanes such as yerba mate Learn a. So if you've ever wanted to know much or anything about tea then this would be a book for you Gaylord outlines what tea is the history of tea the process of making tea the different types of tea tea customs tea recipes and If you're looking for a good overview about tea this would be itLuckily it's not a dry and boring retelling of the history of tea but rather just a basic overview with lots of pictures graphics maps etc You can learn about the history of tea to the anatomy of a tea plant to things like tea ceremonies plus try some yummy recipes There's not a lot here that is perhaps shocking or new but it's a nice book to look atNot much else to say I liked it a lot and think it would be a nice gift for the right person However if you have lots of experience andor knowledge of tea then this might not be something of interest to you Might make a good coffee table book thoughLibrary borrow was right for me