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Illegal Alien summary ¶ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Õ [Download] ➾ Illegal Alien Author Robert J. Sawyer – The highly praised author of Starplex End of an Era and Foreigner presents a thrilling new story a skillful blend of the great wonders of the universe and the harsh realities of life on earHuman scientist is found dead The US government provides a leading civil rights lawyer to defend the accused alien And an unprecedented trial centers around not only one lost life but the very essence of justice itsel. Illegal Alien was an entertaining mix – Matlock meets the Twilight Zone Earth has been visited by aliens – the Tosoks – and a murder is committed that all the evidence points to one of the alien visitors This is a much legal thriller as it is science fiction There isn’t a lot of depth to the story but it is a light entertaining read Not one of my favorites by Robert J Sawyer but still worth a read

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Enters our atmosphere fear is uickly replaced with awe and the incredibly intelligent members of the Tosok race are welcomed with open arms But the growing spirit of trust and cooperation is shattered when a popular. This is a nice courtroom drama with real aliens Sawyer is philosophical here than when he is at his hard science gosh wow best but that's okay He might tend to go a little overboard on the preaching a time or two and the ending didn't completely thrill me but overall it's engaging and a nice rather hopeful and good hud story You know if A Few Good Men met Independence Day

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Illegal AlienThe highly praised author of Starplex End of an Era and Foreigner presents a thrilling new story a skillful blend of the great wonders of the universe and the harsh realities of life on earth When a disabled starship. My thoughts This novel is clearly sci fi first contact with aliens can you get something obviously sci fi And yet it is an exploration and a critiue of the US justice system The outsider points of view helps because the lawyer has to explain everything to his alien client Hask It shows the unfair aspects of the justice system even if in the end Sawyer's message is not entirely pessimistic we finally learn the truth about Clete's death I really liked this aspect of the book the idea that there is than meets the eye in a particular situation that you have to ask uestions and look for the truth even if lawyers and the DA are not concerned by the truth by strategies jury choices The end of the novel is honestly not the best I felt like the author used an alien ex machina to tie his plot but then the real point of the plot is the trial not the sci fi aspect so I can forgive itThis novel also introduces an important theme even if it's not original religion science and how people can live with those two forces More specifically the theory of evolution has a large part in the later developments of the plot and Sawyer clearly take a side he shows how ridiculous it is for people to believe religious argumentsideas when there are facts that contradict them For the record I totally agree with Sawyer anyone who argues against the theory of evolution because it's not what the Bible teaches us need a serious reality checkVerdict Illegal Alien is a good novel but don't read it thinking you'll find advetures and traditionnal sci fi themes It explores US society and points out what could be improved in the Justice system I found the trial engrossing and the three main characters the lawyer Rice Frank Nobilio who is the White House representant among the aliens and Hask uite well developped The other characters were fonctions in the storyline I think this book is a good read for somone who is looking for an unusual sci fi novel or for someone who is discovering the genre but doesn't want to read a space opera or a post apocaliptic dystopia