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Being kidnapped sucksbut then you find your mateMaddy Tail Ridgeville PDFEPUB #189 Lane did not enjoy the whole “being kidnapped” thing Then her knight in tight leather showed up to rescue her lioness y ass and he turned out to be her O M G mate Rawr Sure she’s a Sensitive And yeah Sensitives are usually pushovers But Maddy has been getting “badass” lessons and she’s got no problem telling her hotter than hell mate where he can shove his orders and dom Almost too short made for a bad case of insta love25 stars I love Celia Kyle and the Ridgeville Series but the last 2 books I've read from it books 3 and 4 just seemed to be missing the chemistry This book was around 100 pages and I never really felt the connection between the hero and heroine The insta love was almost an overkill I get that they can find their mate with just a sniff but come on can't they also get to know one another They sniff they have sex and live happily ever after It was just missing any sense of foundation for me personally It lacked character and plot depthdevelopment The sex was hot but even that wasn’t enough to redeem this story because I felt nothing for the characters I also feel it to be uite overpriced at 499 it's a short book where very little happens At this point I'm not sure I will even continue reading this series At very least I'll be taking a break from it for a while

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Head Over Tail Ridgeville #4Rape And she shouldn’t have disregarded a direct order from a dominant shifter Even the words “get the steel rod out of your ass” should have never passed her tempting lipsRicker Over Tail Ridgeville PDFEPUB #236 knows that mating doesn’t euate to love but he’s going to do his damndest to convince the woman who holds his heart that she can’t live without him Even if it means turning his life upside down and embarrassing himself in the processPages Word Ridgeville is a special place This was novella length but it was just right for this plot The hero was very very sexy I liked having a heroine outside the Barbie doll mold She was sexy too and bright Feisty in her own way

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kindle Ê Head Over Tail Ridgeville #4 ´ Ô johnscyclingdiary ñ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☀ Head Over Tail Ridgeville #4 Author Celia Kyle – Being kidnapped sucksbut then you find your mateMaddy Lane did not enjoy the whole “being kidnapped” thing Then her kIneering attitude Of course it’d be a lot easier to be growly with him if he wasn’t Head Over MOBI #233 so damn sexy Ricker Croft council tracker and ferocious tiger can’t figure out what to do with his deliciously curvy mate She’s a study in contradictions and he never did well in school As a Sensitive Maddy is supposed to be sweet pliant most importantly his She sure as hell wasn’t supposed to be a vicious she cat who sliced and diced a man attempting Mandy and Rickers story starts off with a bangkidnapping Edge of your seat story for me seeing these two find each othermated Smutty and sexy with an interesting storyline Can't wait to read the next one