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The Landmark Thucydides doc À Paperback ï johnscyclingdiary Ä ✻ The Landmark Thucydides Epub ✾ Author Thucydides – You can find an alternative cover for this ISBN hereThucydides called his account of two decades of war between Athens and Sparta possession for all tSidered the greatest war of all time is rigorous and meticulous yet omits the many aids to comprehension modern readers take for granted such as brief biographies of the story's main characters maps and other visual enhancements and background on the military cultural and political traditions of ancient GreeceRobert Strassler's new edition amends these omissions and not only provides a new coherence to the narrative overall but effectively reconstructs the lost cultural context that Thucydides shared with his original audience Based on the venerable Richard Crawley translation updated and revised for modern readers The Landmark Thucydides includes a vast a If you are going to read Thucydides the Landmark version is the best place to start I read this after I became a fan of Strassler's The Landmark Herodotus The Histories For me there is not much better than Thucydides' speeches The Funeral Oration of Pericles Diodotus to the Athenian Ecclesia Demosthenes to his troops at Pylos Nicias before the last sea fight are all some of the most interesting moving and inspiring speeches and harangues EVER written Thucydides' HOPW Landmark edition is filled with enough maps appendices marginal notes and summaries that Strassler well girds the modern student of the Peloponnesian war for the challenge that is Thucydides Strassler and his team has updated and improved the Crawley translation which is a gem This book is a must for students of the classics politics history and war Hell even if you are just interested in a good story Thucydides tells a good one This is an amazing and beautiful piece of history

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You can find an alternative cover for this ISBN hereThucydides called his account of two decades of war between Athens and Sparta possession for all time and indeed it is the first and still most famous work in the Western historical tradition Considered essential reading for generals statesmen and liberally educated citizens for than 2000 years The Peloponnesian War is a mine of military moral political and philosophical wisdomHowever this classic book has long presented obstacles to the uninitiated reader Written centuries before the rise of modern historiography Thucydides' narrative is not continuous or linear His authoritative chronicle of what he con If you ever wanted to tackle Thucydides this is the way to do it It's beautifully laid out with helpful maps and other material The reading experience is profoundly moving not really for the style but for the sheer weight of human folly on display This should be reuired reading for politicians of all stripes

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The Landmark ThucydidesRray of superbly designed and presented maps brief informative appendices by outstanding classical scholars on subjects of special relevance to the text explanatory marginal notes on each page an index of unprecedented subtlety and depth and numerous other useful features Readers will find that with this edition they can dip into the text at any point and be immediately oriented with regard to the geography season date and stage of the conflictIn any list of the Great Books of Western Civilization The Peloponnesian War stands near the top This handsome elegant and authoritative new edition will ensure that its greatness is appreciated by future generations Fine I nerded out on this one too I really liked it Might I suggest however that it is exceedingly beneficial it was to me at least to take a look at Donald Kagan's lectures on the same subject You can view them or download them at Lectures 18 21Anyhow while the detail with which Thucydides recounts some of the battles can be tedious at timesthough perhaps not to a military historian the subject matter dealt with is timeless Pericles's funeral oration is outstanding it could have been given by an American General during the Civil War in fact our instructor pointed out the parallels between it and the Gettysburg Address which though I hadn't made the direct connection I realized I had envisioned as I read it Diodotus's speech about justice versus interests paints a vivid picture of the difference between justice and interests and which ought to be pursued for the good of the nation