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Sinful AUTHOR Susan Johnson Free download à 105 æ [Epub] ➣ Sinful ➤ Susan Johnson – Chelsea Fergusson daughter of the impoverished Earl of Dumfries is a desperate young lady with an indecent plan to get out of an unwanted marriage to an old lecher by losing her virginity to London's ChelsChelsea Fergusson daughter of the impoverished Earl of Dumfries is a desperate young lady with an indecent plan to get out of an unwanted marriage to an old lecher by losing her virginity to London's most infamous libertine Sinjin StJohn Duke of Seth ?. ★★★★★ St John Duras series book 1 of 5 Epic saga Top 10 hero larger than life Sinjin St John Duke of Seth fights matrimony with dire conseuences The St John Duras series takes us all across Europe introducing us to the St John and Duras families Book 1 starts off with Sinjin St John the Duke of Seth one of the most provoking alpha heroes – ever Book 3 in series then continues with the Duras family General Andre Duras was a side character in book 2 and he is also a very strong memorable heroSusan Johnson aka CC Gibbs has different publishers in the US and UK hence the different titles and coversThese are stand alones but most enjoyed if read in orderBook 1 Year 1787Sinful US Sinful Dreams UKBook 2 Year 1800Wicked US Wicked Fascination UKBook 3 Year 1799Taboo US The Sweetest Taboo UKBook 4 Year 1825A Touch of Sin US Touch of Sin UKBook 5 Year 1851Legendary Lover US Venus Laid Bare UK Unforgettable is the word that comes to mind as this story has stayed with like no other Much thanks to Sinjin St John Duke of Seth He is one of those heroes that you will either love or hate or both but I doubt he will leave you indifferent He is a beyond handsome rich sexy elusive and unattainable playboy As a matter of fact he is the most non committal hero I have ever come across And I love him I might not have liked all his actions but he captivated me Year 1787 and young Scottish beauty Chelsea Fergusson in hopes of escaping marriage to a lecherous old man asks Sinjin St John Duke of Seth to take her maidenhead He turns her down But a determined Chelsea sneaks into his home and a drunken Sinjin thinking it’s one of the prostitutes attending a gambling party deflowers ChelseaAnd so a very tumultuous relationship begins with Sinjin fighting any type of attachment and his feelings every step of the way There are reasons for his commitment phobia and in his defense I will say that Chelsea instigated some and her family did not exactly make matters easier Brace yourself their story is a bumpy rideSinjin and Chelsea will take us all across Great Britain and on a dangerous detour into AfricaSpellbinding story telling Interesting and slightly controversial plot An against all odds love story The most non committal larger than life hero I will never forget this story nor Sinjin St John Duke of Seth Epic readHero rating 5 stars Heroine rating 5 starsSexual tension rating 5 starsSex scenes rating 5 starsSex scenes freuency 45 starsPlot rating 45 starsDialogue rating 5 starsStorytelling rating 5 starsStory ending rating 5 starsOverall rating 5 starsWould I recommend this series YesWould I re read this series YesWould I read future books by this author Yes Thank you to the Shhluts who buddy read chatted competed shared HR all week on Shh sure to join CCGibbsFANS here on GR for the latest newsPublic group for members 18 years and older ARC provided to me by author Susan Johnson aka CC Gibbs and Grand Central Publishing via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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Ly albeit politely refused She was a young unmarried maiden too dangerous for a man who'd vowed never to wed No matter how luscious the prize he wasn't reckless enough to be entrapped by the tantalizing minx Can the spirited young beauty change his min. Odd fact I actually bought this for a whopping99 on but ended up receiving this I was robbed Yeah I know99 but still There are spoilers below so bewarePlot The h does not want to marry the evil Bishop who has his eye on her so she propositions the wickedest manwhore in London the H He's not in the mood to compromise virgins that day so says NO Being a saucy wench she sneaks into his bed when he's asleep He thinks she just another whore supplied by his host charming I'm already in love and has sex with her He realizes she's a virgin but thinks his host is being extra generous with the whores Can we all say Ick togetherHer brother finds them and wants to beat the hell out of him but the H and h convince him she was the instigator Instead of leaving things well enough alone since neither wants to marry they end up having not an affair but a series of hookups She ends up pregnant what a surprise and her father and brothers kidnap the H beat the ever loving suat out of him and make them marry Oh yeah did I forget to say he'd gone back to his slutty sidepiece in the meantime When the H and h meet again he's furious and hates her for entrapping him Poor guy he's a 30 something manwhore and she's 17 She's a piece of work too but he should have known better He's pretty much a bastard to her as he never wanted to get married He has a son a bastard from the love of his life and wants no otherShe has a miscarriage; leaves to see her family then shows up in London The H is having tea with his mother his mistress his brother and SIL who has the hots for him The h can hold her own and is for some reason in love with the asshole He's okay with her there but doesn't want to have sex as he hasn't decided if he will divorce her or not Hmm last time I checked it was near to impossible to divorce in the Georgian era but why uibble about facts at this pointThe evil Baron makes an appearance to twirl his mustache Simon Degree style is warned off by the H and never heard from again The H decides to leave for Tunis with his son The h seduces him FINALLY so he takes her but apparently forgot his sonHe leaves her in Naples so he can go horse bargaining and he's kidnapped by a Sheikh to play stud so the Sheikh can get an heir THEN it jumps the shark While looking for the H the h is kidnapped as well Guess who the H is supposed to do the deed with Yes the h What a coinkeedeenk Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world she walks into mine Good God almightyIf it wasn't bad enough when the H is storming around blaming the h for everything this ridiculous plot point happens The only character worthwhile is Cressidia who was rescued with the h Of course we never hear about her againDropped threads dropped characters What happened to her brother who was one of the H's best friend What happened to her father who played a huge part of the first half Cressidia How did sweet Beau the H's bastard son apparently turn into the manwhore he becomes in the next book

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Sinful AUTHOR Susan Johns??the Saint”Sinjin sworn bachelor sexy rogue and bedder of beautiful women was sure nothing could surprise him That is until he stepped into his carriage one evening and found it already occupied Chelsea tempted him with a sinful offer Sinjin adamant. I started out loving this story then absolutely hating itI was completely misled by the synopsisyes Lady Chelsea did bring the Duke to his kneeshowever that didn't stop him from heating up the sheets with every woman he could get his hands on well into his relationship with her That alone made it impossible for me to imagine that he could ever change his ways therefore blinding me to any certainty of a happily ever after for them in spite of what played out on the pages It would have been a wonderful story if not for his being such a man whore Since book two revolves around his son who grows up to be just like daddy I think I'll pass on reading any from this series