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論語 Lún Yǔ Reader ↠ 249 pages Download ä Johnscyclingdiary × [Ebook] ➨ 論語 Lún Yǔ Author Confucius – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk This lively new translation with clear explanatory notes by one of the foremost scholars of classical Chinese provides the ideal introduction to the AnalecMethod one of arduous pursuit of such moral attributes as benevolence wisdom courage the result is no recompense either in this life or the next – to follow the Way must be its own reward A harsh philosophy perhaps but shining through it is the splendid intellect and spirit of one of the most reasonable and humane thinkers of all ti You can't review the Analects But you can review editions of the Analects and this one translated and commented upon by Annping Chin is one of the great editions of any philosophy book I've ever come across The translation clear without being condescending and Chin includes the Chinese text at the back of the book Her comments are fascinating; best of all she includes references to and uotes from the many traditional commentaries on the book so you know not only what eg one random American translator thinks about a given passage but what one random American professor thinks about it and one to four of the best known Confucians and scholars of Confucius' thought It's almost a history of Confucian thought and scholarship in itself Eg in 622 Fan Chi asks about wisdom and humaneness We get information about who Fan Chi was and learn that the Song statesman and general Fan Zhongyan many centuries later rephrased what Confucius says 'To be first in worrying about the world's worries and last to enjoy its pleasures' is to be truly committed to public service It's hard to express my enthusiasm for this edition really One small thought about the Analects themselves Chin's translation than others I've read helped me understand the importance Confucius places on education and tradition tradition ie the rites holds us back while education ie literature lets us broaden ourselves To have either without the other produces a vicious person; to have them both in perfect balance produces the best person Were I still a scholar I'd love to write a paper about Confucius as negative dialectician Thankfully I'm not

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Pressed through The Analects Confucius might well dare to make such a claim The Analects are a collection of Confucius' sayings compiled by his pupils shortly after his death in BC and they reflect the extent to which 論語 Lún PDFEPUBConfucius held up a moral ideal for all men The aim is the perfection of one's moral character the Confucius has a lot of wisdom Anyone who is serious about living life well would do well to read the AnalectsPoignant uotesIf you try to guide the common people with coercive regulations and keep them in line with punishments the common people will become evasive and will have no sense of shame If however you guide them with Virtue and keep them in line by means of ritual the people will have a sense of shame and will rectify themselvesGive your parents no cause for anxiety other than the possibility that they might fall illBoth keeping past teachings alive and understanding the present someone able to do this is worthy of being a teacherIf you learn without thinking about what you have learned you will be lost If you think without learning however you will fall into dangerThis is wisdom to recognize what you know as what you know and recognize what you do not know as what you do not knowWhen you see someone who is worthy concentrate upon becoming their eual; when you see someone who is unworthy use this as an opportunity to look within yourselfPeople in ancient times were not eager to speak because they would be ashamed if their actions did not measure up to their wordsZigong said What I do not wish others to do unto me I also wish not to do unto others The Master said Ah Zigong That is something uite beyond youWhen Zilu learned something but had not yet been able to put it into practice his only fear was that he would learn something newHe was diligent and loved learning and was not ashamed to ask advice from his inferiors This is why he was accorded the title CulturedI should just give up I have yet to meet someone who is able to perceive his own faults and then take himself to task inwardlyOne who knows it is not eual to one who loves it and one who loves it is not the eual of one who takes joy in itWhen walking with two other people I will always find a teacher among them I focus on those who are good and seek to emulate them and focus on those who are bad in order to be reminded of what needs to be changed in myselfThe gentleman is self possessed and relaxed while the petty man is perpetually full of worryThe Master was affable yet firm awe inspiring without being severe simultaneously respectful and relaxedLearn as if you will never catch up and as if you feared losing what you have already attainedWhen a man is rebuked with exemplary words after having made a mistake he cannot help but agree with them However what is important is that he change himself in order to accord with them When a man is praised with words of respect he cannot help but be pleased with them However what is important is that he actually live up to themYan Hui is of no help to me he is pleased with everything that I sayThe Master said The Good person is hesitant to speak When being Good is so difficult how can one not be hesitant to speak about itThe Master said The gentleman is free of anxiety and fear If you look inside yourself and find no faults what cause is there for anxiety or fearA gentleman helps others to realize their good ualities rather than their bad A petty person does the oppositeImagine a person who can recite the several hundred odes by heart but when delegated a governmental task is unable to carry it out or when sent abroad as an envoy is unable to engage in repartee No matter how many odes he might have memorized what good are they to himThose who possess Virtue will inevitably have something to say whereas those who have something to say do not necessarily possess Virtue Those who are Good will necessarily display courage but those who display courage are not necessarily GoodDo not worry that you are not recognized by others; worry rather that you yourself lack abilityYuan Rang sat casually with his legs sprawled out waiting for Confucius On seeing him the Master remarked A young man devoid of humility and respect for his elders will grow into an adult who contributes nothing to his community Growing older and older without the dignity to pass away he becomes a burden on society He then rapped him on the shin with his staffThe gentleman does not promote someone solely based upon their words nor does he dismiss words simply on account of the person who uttered themTo make a mistake and yet to not change your ways that is what is called truly making a mistakeWhen attending a gentleman there are three types of errors one may commit To speak when it is not yet time to speak this is called being rash To not speak when it is time to speak this is called being secretive to speak without taking into account the countenance of one's lord this is called being blindLearning broadly and firmly retaining what one has learned being incisive in one's uestioning and able to reflect upon what is near at hand Goodness is to found in thisLove GodKnow GodLove othersBecome like Christ humbly observe others to emulate the holy and discard the unrulyMake Disciplemakers

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論語 Lún YǔThis lively new translation with clear explanatory notes by one of the foremost scholars of classical Chinese provides the ideal introduction to the Analects for readers who have no previous knowledge of the Chinese language and philosophical traditionsHow dare I claim to be a sage or a benevolent manBy constructing the philosophy ex 子曰:「唯上知與下愚不移。」The Master said 'It is only the most intelligent and the most stupid who are not susceptible to change Confucius The Analects XVII3I rarely re read books An exception to this rule are ethical or religious texts I love Meditations by Marcus Aurelius and will read this in dribs and drabs throughout the year The same is true of the New Testament the Wisdom Books Psalms parts of the Book of Mormon and the Analects I am drawn to some of the universal teachings in these books the Golden Rule seems to find a spot everywhere Anyway I'm still trying to avoid thinking too much about Trump by reading a book a day and so I figured this was a good time to read again the Analects I'm working on a longer book so I rely on the help of smaller books to keep me one my 1 per day pace I am not sure if I've come across a translation I prefer but I've read several now Because I don't actually read Chinese I'm not I guess looking for the perfect translation I'm looking for one that seems to dance with the right amount of poetry and truth I'm getting closer and feel as I read the different translations I can circle around some of the truth of what was originally spoken without ever hearing the original text For example consider the opening uoteThe Master said There are only the wise of the highest class and the stupid of the lowest class who cannot be changed James Legge translationConfucius said “Only the most wise and the most foolish do not change” A Charles Muller translationThe Master said It is only the most intelligent and the most stupid who are not susceptible to change Lau translation With Trump's art of the deal I'm expecting us to belong to the Chinese in a year or two so the I understand of the Chinese the better I'll be treated in the reconditioning camps me thinks