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DOWNLOAD ´ The House of Sleep ↠ ❴Reading❵ ➶ The House of Sleep Author Jonathan Coe – „O universitate este transformata peste ani intr o clinica pentru insomniaci ai carei pacienti sau medici sint studentii de odinioara Locul se numeste Ashdown Are o mohoreala victoriana si respira u „O universiRe zidurile sale traiesc in trecut si in prezent deopotriva Gregory Dudden medicinistul riguros si vag dement care considera somnul o boala ce rontaie o treime din viata fiecaruia narcoleptica Sarah Tudor o fiinta fragila dilematica incapabila sa distinga intre vis si realitate Robert Madison prietenul sfisiat de iubiri nerostite si de drame identitare care l. There are four major characters in this novel all of whom knew each other in college There's Sarah who suffers from narcolepsy and often cannot discern the events she sees in her dreams from reality There's Robert who might be the one affected most by Sarah's disorder but I can't tell you why without spoiling an awesome twist There's Terry film critic and insomniac who claims to not have slept in almost ten years And Gregory a world renowned sleep therapist who believes that sleep is a life shortening disease that should be eradicatedJonathan Coe is a writer who remains focused on the details Several things in this narrative seem unimportant until the end a scar an idle conversation The novel itself is an amalgamation of genre; it's a bit chilling one of Gregory's experiments is just downright horrifying than a little funny the bit about the misnumbered footnotes makes reading the whole book worthwhile and effectively layered However there's a couple of things that I don't think are explained very well and I find a plot so centered on mere coincidence to be a little problematic Ultimately though I enjoyed this novel It was thought provoking and handles many different themes effectively Of these themes the difference between love and obsession is one of the better drawn out Highly recommended I'll be continuing the search for Jonathan Coe

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„O universitate este transformata peste ani intr o clinica pentru insomniaci ai carei pacienti sau medici sint studentii The House Epubde odinioara Locul se numeste Ashdown Are o mohoreala victoriana si respira un aer prin care plutesc umbrele castelului Elsinore slujbasii din Chancery ul lui Dickens si semnele de rau augur de pe linga Wuthering Heights Int. Jonathan Coe as he has demonstrated many times is an agile and humane writer and this book is perfectly readable and fitfully affecting However it's not the complex masterpiece it's touted as being What has been described as an intricate structure is in reality a protracted series of coincidences that carries on right to the end The central plot twist can be seen coming a mile away and the four or five main characters' lives intersect in so many ways that you'd think they were the only people on earth It's like one of those nineteenth century operas in which someone puts on a mask or switches clothing and suddenly nobody recognizes him any But at least in opera there's the musicCoe handles the alternating chapter format gracefully and I like the conceit of the sleep clinic it's the reason I got hold of the book to begin with The execution doesn't live up to the idea though and even a mad scientist can't perk it up rather the reverse I had high hopes for the missing film masterpiece plot thread too; but Coe having brought it up doesn't do much with it Some missed opportunities here I'd say

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The House of SleepTrimit in cele din urma pe masa de operatie a unui chirurg specializat in schimbarile de sex in fine Terry Worth cinefilul impatimit si insomniac care poate recunoaste orice actor in orice poza fara a si aminti in schimb de personalul medical cu care tocmai a stat de vorba Asa arata cvartetul pe care isi sprijina Coe intreaga constructie“ Radu Paraschivesc. I wanted to really like this novel because I felt like it did a lot of things very well The story was intriguing the characters had the potential to be very interesting all of that good stuff But for some reason while I was entertained by the story I didn't really develop any kind of emotional attachment to the characters I never felt like I really knew them and it felt kind of like all the characters were playing pieces that the author moved around at will I'm curious if other people have read this novel and what your reaction to it was