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Prepare to Meet Thy DoomRica’s biggest entertainment business the video game industry In addition to than a dozen fascinating tales of game creation play to Meet Thy Kindle #212 business and controvers This book is comprised of a dozen or so stories about game developers and players which have nothing to do with each other and there is no common thread linking the stories Thus it's just a collection of blog posts or articles strung together Tell me why would I care to read a book that throws Nolan Bushnell in with the Flappy Bird kid and a smack talking chess player I WOULDN'T The Doom part of it the part described on the back cover lasted about 10 pages a summary of Carmack and Romero in recent years which does not reuire personal interviews 2 stars is generous because this is crap and I ended up skipping ahead far too often with a groan

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kindle õ Prepare to Meet Thy Doom ´ Audiobook Ù johnscyclingdiary ☆ ❴Epub❵ ➟ Prepare to Meet Thy Doom Author David Kushner – From Masters of Doom author David Kushner comes Prepare to Meet Thy Doom” a compilation of true gaming stories covY “Prepare to Meet Thy Doom” follows up on Kushner’s previous bestseller “Masters of Doom” with a long awaited update on id Software founders John Romero and John Carmac If you've already read Masters of Doom and Jacked this book isn't worth itTiny update on id Software and 4 or 5 chapters covering what's in JackedThe rest of the chapters had a few good nuggets of info but since they're unrelated it's not a book you'll get sucked intoMasters of Doom is a must readIf you have to have I'd skip Jacked and get Prepare to Meet Thy Doom; but it's not on the must read list

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From Masters of Doom author David Meet Thy PDF #8608 Kushner comes Prepare to Meet Thy Doom” a compilation of true gaming stories covering many Prepare to Kindle facets of Ame This book reads like it was written for my Grandma by an editor of late 90's Gamepro When they largely based review scores on how much advertising dollars the publisher spent with them There's an entire chapter about how revolutionary Spore will be At the time of writing Spore had not been released yet the writer felt confident aka some extra cash in the pocket to declare it a masterpiece In another chapter the author exclaims that Doom 3 got best in show at E3 EVEN THOUGH IT'S NOT EVEN FINISHED Yeah that's how E3 works It's a show designed to showcase games in progress so the fact that Doom 3 got best in show even though it's unfinished isn't really something to make a big deal out ofThere's a chapter about a young chess prodigy You know chess In a book about videogames Nerdstuff Cause you're a videogame nerd and therefore you'll like other nerdy stuff right Then there's the inconsistencies In multiple chapters the Hauser brothers and Rockstar games are entirely responsible for Grand Theft Auto but in another chapter Dave Jones is responsible Oh and in case you didn't know Dave Jones' next game APB will be earth shatteringly good Nothing like it has ever been seen before You know APB That game that we all play all the time The hyperbole in this book makes it impossible to take the opinions seriously though it is kind of funny to hear someone gush over these games almost all of which were total failures Spore or just a fad Guitar Hero Hope the author has some are areas of interest cause I can't see anyone in the game industry taking him seriously after reading this