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READ ß How it Works ☆ [PDF / Epub] ☄ How it Works By Jason Hazeley – This delightful book is the latest in the series of Ladybird books which have been specially planned to help grown ups with the world about themThe large clear script the careful choice of words the f This delightful book is the latest in the series of LFul matching of text with pictures all enable grown ups to think they have taught themselves to cope Featuring original Ladybird artwork alongside brilliantly funny brand new textAlso availableHow it Works The HusbandHow it Works The. A good 5 minute read Three and a half stars mildly amusing retro husband stereotypes Some still ring true I liked Adrian who has to arrange things in order they may be harder to find but atleast they are logical Lovely original ladybird illustrations


WifeHow it Works The MumThe Ladybird Book of the Mid Life CrisisThe Ladybird Book of the HangoverThe Ladybird Book of MindfulnessThe Ladybird Book How it Kindle of the ShedThe Ladybird Book of DatingThe Ladybird Book of the Hipste. It's my Mum Dad's wedding anniversary on Sunday and what do you get for a couple that have been together for 34 years Something silly of course so the Husband and Wife versions of the Ladybirds for Grown Ups How it Works series seemed like the perfect optionDo you remember those old Ladybird books you used to read as a child I have fond memories of fiction titles like Mick the Disobedient Puppy The Discontented Pony and who could forget books like Tasseltip and the Boozle but there were also the educational ones that were actually supposed to teach you something The books were all illustrated written in very simple language and easy for children to read something that has been continued into the adult versions that have been released much recently Including illustrations from the original series these books are like a step back in time but a very humourous oneThese books are snarky play on male and female stereotypes and epitomise a dry British sense of humour All in they're just fun silly books that aren't meant to be taken too seriously but are designed to put a smile on your faceMy favourite uote from How it Works The Husband The husband finds some things very difficult Being wrong is one of these things When he is wrong the husband will refer to the times he was right even if they date back many years

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How it WorksThis delightful book is the latest in the series of Ladybird books which have been specially planned to help grown ups with the world about themThe large clear script the careful choice of words the freuent repetition and the thought. Like most Brits of my age Ladybird books were a staple of my childhood and I still have many at home inexpensive varied subjects fiction history science general knowledge different reading levels hard covered and conveniently small Another reason for their success and enduring popularity is the distinctive font and style of illustration “ The authors would like to thank the illustrators whose work they have so mercilessly ribbed and whose glorious craftsmanship was the set dressing of their childhoods The inspiration they sparked has never faded” However modern children are unlikely to find them appealing so Penguin Books commissioned humorous new titles for adults but using artwork from the original children’s books Titles include The Shed The Hipster Mindfulness The Meeting and The Zombie Apocalypse See list hereThese spoofs have been so successful there are spoofs of the spoofs which are far better than this See Dungbeetle’s We Go To The Gallery which I reviewed HEREI think these Ladybirds will only appeal to those who want to indulge and gently prod fond childhood memories and I doubt many would want to read than a handful I think two is my limit The titles and concept are fun than the content except for some of the small print The exception is A Ladybird Book About Donald Trump my review HEREStereotype AlertAll the humour in the Husband and Wife books is based on the sort of gently demeaning stereotypes of men and women that were common when the pictures were drawn when mother in law jokes and Benny Hill were all the rage Not so zeitgeisty now what was once mainstream now feels easy but risky If you read just one of the books in this pair you might splutter in indignation but reading them together I saw the balance and smiled a little in recognition and especially at how far most of society has moved on since I was a childThere are two illustrations that appear in both books but with different words Here’s oneThe HusbandI’m not sure what to make of the fact my father and his partner gave me this as a stocking filler at ChristmasYou can guess the gist a husband just needs sausages beer and time to indulge hobbies like watching sport He doesn’t care about his clothes finds it difficult to express his feelings and rarely listens to let alone remembers what his wife says I’m not offended but I don’t find that funnyAlthough these are adult books there’s no explicit mention of sex This caption was presumably inspired by his awkward pose in the original illustrationI was also amused to recognise one of the illustrations It’s of a Scotsman in a kilt coming into a house bearing a piece of coal He’s first footing and it was in a Ladybird book about traditional customs around the UK possibly Stories of Special Days and Customs The WifeWives need wine and chocolate to cope with husbands and children Well I don’t like chocolate and I prefer gin to wine but wine will do And friends yes and shopping not so much Hints about sex are even vaguer and euphemistic in this than The Husband And not sufficient to raise a smileSpoiler alert