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CHARACTERS ✓ Watch the Lady ↠ [Download] ➼ Watch the Lady ➾ Elizabeth Fremantle – Penelope Devereux is a legendary beauty in the court of Elizabeth but it's not just her looks which mark her apart With her canny instinct for being in the right place at the right time and her skille Penelope Devereux is Watch the Kindle the right place at the right time and her skilled political manipulation she has become a formidable adversary to anyone who stands. This was another great read by Elizabeth Freemantle This time she delves into the later years of the reign of Elizabeth I by telling the story of Penelope Devereux lady in waiting to Elizabeth and sister of Elizabeth's favorite of the time; the second Earl of Essex Robert DevereuxWhat I loved most about this novel was how the author was able to create the atmosphere of backbiting and jealously in Elizabeth's court The rivalry between Robert Devereux and Robert Cecil son of William Cecil Lord Burghley and later Earl of Salisbury under James I was vicious at times The novel was full of intrigue and conspiracy and yet not to the point of conjecture on the author's part keeping this novel's foot holding firmly in the historical fiction pool and not in it's subgenre of historical mystery Not that I don't love a good historical mystery but often they can favor speculation and hyperbole over fact and as the author states at the book of this novel I have adhered closely to historical fact Penelope Devereux is a fascinating character and what I particularly enjoyed was that the author did not concentrate solely on her being the inspiration for Sir Phillip Sidney's Astrophel and Stella sonnet series Yes Sir Phillip is in the novel but it is the later years of Penelope's life that make for the most interesting read She had a sharp mind and a keenness for politics She was in contact with James VI of Scotland long before he became James I of England She was part of her brother's rebellion of 1601 although to what extent we can only speculate It is very interesting that Penelope was the only person on the list of rebels given to the ueen that did not face trialOverall I found this to be a compelling and enjoyable read The characters were well developed and the content thought provoking It was interesting to see the outsider portrayal of the later years of Elizabeth's reign I have read a lot of historical fiction about the earlier years but there does not seem to be as much about the years leading up to her death Although this novel somewhat puts you in the Devereux camp I still found Elizabeth's story to be uite saddening in the end

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In her path And now Penelope must secure the future of the Devereux dynasty at whatever cost Even treason For the ueen is just one pawn in a deadly ga. Really enjoyed Recommended

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Watch the LadyPenelope Devereux is a legendary beauty in the court of Elizabeth but it's not just her looks which mark her apart With her canny instinct for being in. The famed beauty Penelope Devereux reported to be the muse of poet Robert Sidney was born in 1563 She’s the great grand daughter of Mary Boleyn by Henry VIII and her mother is Lettice Knollys who vexed Elizabeth I by marrying her favourite Robert Dudley Earl of Leicester after Penelope’s father dies Her beloved brother is Robert second Earl of Essex and she will support him in all his political endeavours even the final one view spoilerwhich will result in his execution for treason hide spoiler