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Vel about the complicated romance between a girl with everything on What I PDF or the line and a boy with nothi. Originally posted on wwwyareadscom reviewed by PavanWith the ongoing cases of King Hits or Coward Punches in Australia I thought the general idea of What I Saw was really interesting I hadn’t read a book by Beck Nicholas before so I was unsure what to expect of the writing I found it a bit hard to rate What I Saw as some bits I did enjoy and some I didn’tWhat I enjoyedWIS is told from both Callie and Rhett’s POV This is one aspect of the book I did enjoy because you did get to understand the reasons behind the actions they took We did get a real sense of the type of people they were Callie and Rhett weren’t just the “good girl” and “bad boy” stereotypesI though the fact that author Beck Nicholas didn’t shy away from a topic like king hits was great It was sad to see what could happen from one person’s punch and how it doesn’t just affect one person The false accusations and all the anger that goes along with an act of violence was all represented within WIS which made for an interesting readWhat I didn’t enjoyConsidering the timeline of WIS is from memory 3 or 4 days I thought the romance was too insta love for my taste I just couldn’t believe in it I think if this story just showed the romance in its’ initial stages then I would have gotten on board but it was just too much to fastI felt the pacing was a bit off in this book At some points I would be sitting and reading with ease and at others I would be struggling to get through a couple of pages I felt the writing could be a bit stilted at timesOverall I did think What I Saw had a lot of promise and potential however it may have missed the mark a bit I do applaud Beck Nicholas on writing about kings hits as it is a rising problem I think I will still look out for Beck’s new books to see if they fit my taste betterThanks to Harleuin Teen Australia for providing me with a review copy in exchange for my honest opinion

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What I SawNg to lose following a king hit incident that leaves the high school golden boy in a coma from the author of FA. You can find this review and at Angel ReadsI received an e arc of What I Saw by Beck Nicholas via NetGalley from Harleuin Australia in exchange for an honest review This has in no way influenced my thoughts and feelings about the book I have wanted to read this book from the moment that I heard about I like novels that capture heartbreaking incidents from a different perspective The king hit – is something uite big in Australia at the moment and a lot of I leads to death and the person that committed the crime either getting away with it or being judged guilty for the crime But what happens when the person being accused of the crime didn’t do it What if the person who was king hit is the towns darling And what if the only person that saw what happened wants to hide the truth Then you have What I Saw by Beck Nicholas What I Saw follows protagonist Callie Jones and Rhett Barker as they go through a journey of hurt truth lies and uestioning what would you truly do if someone you care for was in trouble I feel very confused about this book – it had so much potential so much to go on and then it fell flat The concept of the plot intrigued me from the get go and that is what kept me reading I wanted to know what would happen The romance was the biggest problem for me in What I Saw The book went from about 34 days and in that time both Callie and Rhett pretty much feel in love with each other too much instalove for me Can it even be called that though Since they have known each other or about each other for uite a bit If the book was set over a couple of weeks and the romance was building in that time – then I would have loved the romance because Callie and Rhett are uite cute together but it was just was too fast I enjoyed Rhett much than I did Callie I sympathised with Rhett and all I wanted to do was tell him that somehow everything is going to be okay Everyone pretty has hates Rhett and when is accused of the one doing the punching it was never uestioned And gosh did it make me angry I like these types of characters those who are misunderstood however I hate the situations Rhett wasn’t who everyone thought he was he is just this big suishy marshmallow In saying that I didn’t like Callie as much She annoyed me uite a bit throughout the novel was getting on my nerves She wants to be ‘perfect’ for her family and she plays guitar and just so uptight I found her uite blank I also didn’t like her Callie’s parents but when do I like parents in YA anyway – next to never Nevertheless I did enjoy What I Saw but not as much as I thought I was going to I liked the protagonists but didn’t love them the message of the book stood out and I did enjoy that because it is an important message Something that everyone should listen to – one punch can kill Overall What I Saw by Beck Nicholas shows us that sometimes the right thing to do is the hardest thing that sometimes family isn't everything and the importance of how a king hit can not only hurt the Victim but everyone else around them

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Read & Download What I Saw à PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ê ✫ [PDF] ✑ What I Saw By Beck Nicholas ✸ – One punch will shatter a town But is anyone ready for the conseuences of telling the truth A stunning new YA novel about the complicated romance between a girl with everything on theOne punch will shatter a town But is anyone ready for the conseuences of telling the truth A stunning new YA no. First of all I would like to thank Harleuin Teen Australia for sending me a proof copy of this book – I’m incredibly grateful 3 Now for the reviewReally disappointed to find out that so many people who read this really didn’t like it I would have to say that I’m on the opposite end of the spectrum as I found that this book was entertaining and compelling than I originally gave it credit forYou know when you really enjoy a book and you can literally remember all the places you were while you were reading it That was me Admittedly that happens to me uite often look at my average ratingsI freaking love everything but I will be honest when I don’t like something coughs Hot Gimmick coughsANYWAY One of the main things I wanted to talk about relating to the whole ‘why don’t people like this’ statement is that I know that if you’ve read those reviews then you know that people didn’t really get why the main characters couldn’t just tell the police what really happened because it wasn’t that big of a deal I would have to disagree with that because I’m that person who does all of that scholarship stuff and is literally worried about how every single thing I do will somehow affect my future – my future careers in particular That’s why I love Callie as one of the protagonists She is worried about not only her own but her brothers and even her parents careers and although she definitely understands reason she doesn’t want to ruin her family’s life in order to just save another guy’s Rhett’s life Note Am I the only one who thinks of Rhett from Good Mythical Morning whenever the name is mentioned anywhere On the other hand Rhett is this guy who has nothing and as hard as he tries he is always blamed for everything that goescould go wrong That is why when he is blamed for possibly killing a guy I really feel for both him and Callie If it were me in Callie’s position I would probably have done the exact same things as she did I didn’t really see a way out of her situation and I think what she did got the best possible result Am I missing something Possibly I’m just honestly not sure what else someone could do in that position You have to take into account both your family and your morals The last thing you want is a guilty conscience for the rest of your life – that helps no one I’m not sure what else I can say about this book I really really enjoyed it though The pacing was amazing and the characters were very realistic even if some of the character voicings were possibly a little bit too similar in spots Definitely something I would recommend picking up if you enjoy a good YA contemporary