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Download Serendipity Me Epub ï 312 pages ↠ ❮Ebook❯ ➩ Serendipity Me Author Judith L. Roth – Sara has always loved cats but her father has never allowed her to have one for unexplained reasons When a kitten darts through their front door Sara has less than a week to persuade her father Reasons When a kitten darts through their front door Sara has less than a week to persuade Serendipity is a cat who needs a home Sara is a girl who needs a friend Together they have a great bond except for one problem Sara's dad is not afraid to break this duo's relationship Read Serendipity And Me to find out if everything works out accordingly I recommend this story to anyone who likes to read about adorable animals and sticky situations In this book I really enjoyed how realistic it was I found many connections that I could make to either my own or someone I know's life This novel really pulled my attention to how lucky I am to have my family And although the ending was uite predictable I was still intrigued This book was great but my problem with it is the predictability It was obvious Sara would keep Serendipity Her dad would give in the story wouldn't just end without Serendipity If the story included suspense it would be ideal There were many parts that I enjoyed but one that caught my eye was when Sara's dad revealed that she could keep the cat but there was a problem Serendipity was lost outside and was nowhere to be found I really wanted to know what would happen if they couldn't find Serendipity Would Sara choose a new cat to have Or will Serendipity make her way home This was definitely a “nerve wracking” situation The format of the book is really interesting It's like a poem I found it very uniue Something else I found very intriguing is how they first introduced the characters They were very believable They face the same daily tasks and challenges as we do Also Sara does not not have a mother When Sara was younger her mother was in a tragic car accident This book encouraged me to value the time I have with my family I feel so bad for Sara she wishes her dad would be open to talk to her about her mother Sara wants to remember her mom as her Father on the other hand just wants to keep uiet about her It's a very sad event I stepped into Sara's shoes and realized how different and awful my life would be without my mom I wouldn't like it at allOverall I would really recommend this book to anyone of my friends It has a mixture of joyful upsetting and even frightening emotions It's a great book and portrays a great lesson as well I realized that I am very lucky to have my family as some people don't It was an inspirational book and I'd love to read by this author Spoiler Alert Warning Sara lies to her Father she sneaks out of the house in desperate need to find Serendipity She is punished for lying to her father and for leaving the house without permission Her Father gives himself a punishment too but his is of a present I thought this was pretty funny getting a cat is the best punishment I've ever heard of

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Her father that this kitten is exactly their their lonely broken family of two needs to he Sara loves cats and has always wanted one of her own All she really wants is something to make her empty house happy again Her father does not want a cat for unknown reasons but Sara thinks of a plan anyway She wants to learn about her past and her mother Sara's dad won't talk about anything from before her mother's death in fact he barely talks to Sara at all Even though the kitten is new it already feels likes Sara's family Will she be able to convince her father to let her keep the cat or will he give Serendipity awayIn the book a Serendipity and Me the author wrote a book with both pros and cons The plot of the book was interesting throughout the middle and end of the book but in the beginning there were added details that were not important later on Because this was a verse novel the book didn't flow as well as it would have in a regular format and looked and felt a little choppy The personalities of the characters were very interesting and the characters interacted with each other well This was one of the things that made the book good The story was sad and heart warming at the same time I give this book three out of five starsRoth Judith L Serendipity Me New York Penguin Group 2013 Print

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Serendipity MeSara has always loved cats but her father has never allowed her to have one for unexplained Come for the cats Stay for the writing