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Insurgents MC PDF #205 The first time Chas saw his son's teacher he wanted her in his bed NowChas the hardened tattooed member of the Insurgents Motorcycle Club has sworn off women since his divorce left him bitter and jaded The last thing he wants Chass Fervor PDFEPUB or to do is settle down with another old ladyHis relationships now are easy and free exactly the way he likes itUntil he meets curvaceous Addie The sexy redhead whose eyes set him on fireHe has to have her between his sheetsAnd he Fervor Insurgents MC PDF #8608 knows she. 35 I liked these two together

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Chass Fervor Insurgents MC #3E for redemption Will he be able to intervene before it's too lateChas knows Addie is hiding something He makes it his mission to find out what it is and once he does he'll claim her as his womanThe Insurgents MC series are standalone romance novels This is Chas and Addie's love story This book contains violence strong language no cheating and steamy sexual scenes HEA No cliffhangers The book is intended for readers over the age of Books in the Insurgents Motorcycle Club seriesHawk's Property Book Jax's Dilemma Book Chas's Fervor Book. THOUGHTSI think my GR friends that read biker books wouldn't think their time is wasted with this one and it's a Kindle Unlimited right now or 99¢ as of this date I'm surprised there aren't reviews for itReally pretty good I liked the plot the action the H and h The bad guys are really bad The size of the short bbw size 18 h seemed too extreme for the lust she supposedly generated from all of those hot guys but what the hell romance fantasy Not saying this as a skinny woman being catty because I'm no lightweight either and I found it incredulous minus 1 star for not being realistic like size 14 or even mmmmmmaybe exceptionally well packaged and tight 16 Size 18 is really big even on tall 5'8 ladies like me it isn't 'curvy' not a little plump it's fat okNo typos that I noticed which is really a joyThere is a little too much rumination for my taste on the part of the H Not wild about the name Chas for a biker sort of effeminate imho All the other bikers have the usual badass names like Steel Axe Bruiser Snake then there's Chas SnoreOverall for a newish author this book actually kept me engaged all the way through other than skimming the smex scenes after the first couple because after all the books I've read they have to be incredible for me to read them any There were very few boring partsI plan on buying the next book due in January 2016BE FOREWARNED YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARYThis isn't one of the grittiest biker books out there butFor those in these various safe groups who are wanting to know about these things in advance there is physical verbal domestic violence of the h verbal child abuse rape gang and another attempted and other physical abuse of females some under aged There is group public sex Tiny bit of spanking but not really BDSM No cheating by the main characters after they meet although the h is technically still legally married to another man she ran away from 2 years previously but that's technically still adultery fyi In short it's an MC book with an active stereotype clubhouse

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Free read å Chass Fervor Insurgents MC #3 Å PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ô ❮Reading❯ ➺ Chass Fervor Insurgents MC #3 Author Chiah Wilder – The first time Chas saw his son's teacher he wanted her in his bed NowChas the hardeWants him Eyes don't lieAddie O'Leary has lusted after her student's dad ever since she saw himShe has guarded her heart and her life for the last two years Now Chas the tattooed dirty mouthed rugged outlaw biker threatens to tear down all her barriersAlways loving the bad boy Chas is a dangerous badass with an attitude and an outlaw MC His charming smile pulls at Addie's heart and his chiseled chest makes her body overheatCarrying around a deep dark secret Addie is afraid her past will destroy her future Chas seems to be her only hop. Of the books in this series so far Chas is my favorite