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Free download » Night School í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ [Reading] ➺ Night School Author Lee Child – It’s 1996 and Reacher is still in the army In the morning they give him a medal and in the afternoon they send him back to school That night he’s off the grid Out of sighEy Their mission heats up in ways than one while always keeping their eyes on the prize If they don’t get their man the world will suffer an epic act of terrorism From Langley to Hamburg Jalalabad to Kiev Night School moves like a bullet through a treacherous landscape of double crosses faked identities and new and terrible enemies as Reacher maneuvers inside the game and outside the law Listening Length hours and minute. 35★sAfter receiving a medal in the morning Major Jack Reacher along with two others FBI and CIA were buried deeply in a highly secure establishment they called Night School But it wasn’t a school 1996 and the hierarchy had heard something big was going down The message that had been overheard; “the American wants a hundred million dollars” was chilling – they needed to discover what could possibly have enough value to warrant that figureSergeant Frances Neagley joined the team and before long she and Reacher were in Hamburg trying to track clues One step forward two steps back – their frustration was mounting Could they find the messenger Or would they find the American first Mistakes were made – what would be the outcome Night School by Lee Child didn’t feel to me to be in the same league as previous Reacher novels The pace seemed slow and I wasn’t riveted – in fact I didn’t have any problem putting it down The sentences were short and choppy and there was a lot of repetition I think maybe it was too military for me and a long way from where the author usually bases his Reacher novels But I’ll still be reading the next Reacher novel and I still recommend this one to fans of the thriller genre and Jack Reacher of course

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It’s and Reacher is still in the army In the morning they give him a medal and in the afternoon they send him back to school That night he’s off the grid Out of sight out of mind Two other men are in the classroom an FBI agent and a CIA analyst Each is a first rate operator each is fresh off a big win and each is wondering what the hell they are doing there Then they find out A Jihadist sleeper cell in Hamburg Germany. I'll say 375 stars rounded upIn penning another of his 'flashback' Reacher novels Child stirs the pot and leaves series fans divided Taking the story back to 1997 Reacher still works for the Military Police and is summoned to attend some additional training in the form of an evening class The course outline is vague and Reacher is sworn to secrecy but he has nothing to lose showing up to a classroom where representatives of the CIA and FBI await him The class is a cover to instil inter agency cooperation on a pending threat that has come out of Germany A collection of Muslims from various countries on both sides of the Shia Shi'ite divide are living together and talking about a vague event An Iranian double agent is reporting that the group has been dealing with an American who is willing to sell them something for upwards of 100 million With no idea as to who the mystery American might be or what he has to offer for such a large sum of money Reacher is sent to the region to investigate While liaising with German officials Reacher learns that the American might be part of the US Military based on some information that witnesses have garnered However others offer information that leads Reacher to wonder if this could be one of the handful of men who went AWOL over the past while Working on this premise Reacher uses his systematic thinking that has made him so popular in twenty previous novels and loosely connects the American and the larger plot to events from the Cold War era The item worth so much could be something that might ignite a new and highly dangerous war though Reacher is determined not to let that happen As Reacher races to locate the perpetrator he must flex his muscle and seduce yet another woman keys to the recipe of any Jack Reacher thriller while also ensuring that there is some degree of finality knowing full well that the world does not end in 1997 What could Reacher have discovered in the years leading up to America's supposed 'War on Terror' An interesting throwback novel that has some fans bemoaning the end of Lee Child's success as a bestselling author while others applaud this ingenious spinIt was just the other day that I was discussing the idea of long book series with a protagonist that has an 'active' read fighting tendency How long can a series go on before the body gives out and it becomes somewhat unbelievable Scot Harvath and Mitch Rapp seem to be able to do it though the likes of Jason Bourne may have to hang up his shoes soon this is likely because of an inferior author guiding him through adventures now When it comes to Jack Reacher the same might be said though Lee Child has taken an interesting spin on things by penning throwback or 'flashback' novels to help the series grow while not taxing the protagonist any further from where he ended during the last present based novel Many series fans don't like this as Reacher is best known for his renegade and vigilante behaviour which is lost when he still dons the Army uniform That said he remains crisp and uses his analytical mind to decipher the most obscure clues In this novel the younger Reacher is his sarcastic self surrounded by an always new and somewhat uniue collection of supporting characters Pulling time sensitive plots Child is able to discuss Muslim terrorism in its kernel stage before it was used by every thriller writer and flogged to the point of becoming less than intriguing I will agree somewhat that the law abiding Reacher one serving his country is not as exciting as the current incarnation of this character though this novel way by no means a waste As with any Reacher novel there has to be that lovely lady that Reacher is able to seduce and a group of men who are begging to have the snot beaten out of them by the calm protagonist Child is always happy to offer social commentary pulling on various aspects of America's ongoing need to be involved in wars of all types and the apparent disregard for technological protection from one era to another If I were to say anything else I might spill the proverbial beans so I will encourage readers to give this novel a change and look at the silver lining; Lee Child has not signed off on letting Tom Cruise ruin a handful of other Jack Reacher stories in the years to come Kudos Mr Child for this refreshing look at the early Jack Reacher before the chip on his shoulder became the cross he had to bear Likehate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at

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Night SchoolHas received an unexpected visitor a Saudi courier seeking safe haven while waiting to rendezvous with persons unknown A CIA asset undercover inside the cell has overheard the courier whisper a chilling message “The American wants a hundred million dollars” For what And who from Reacher and his two new friends are told to find the American Reacher recruits the best soldier he has ever worked with Sergeant Frances Neagl. I've been following Lee Child's books from the start and they are always enjoyable as well as being competent readable and well crafted; but recently I've started to feel as if this particular goldmine has been mostly exhausted I totally see what the author has been trying to do in the past two or three books to create different scenarios but I'm not sure the best way of doing this is to go back into Reacher's past A man is the sum of his life's experience and the younger Reacher seems suspiciously identical to the post Army Reacher still as laconic as cool as vaguely insubordinate as irresistible to women as ever He ticks all the boxes of course and many readers will like that But I would have liked to see a different less self assured Reacher something to indicate how he has changed since those earlier Army days Instead I found myself forgetting for long periods of time that this was an Army story The re introduction of Neagley was a welcome addition but as for the new love interest she seemed so insubstantial as to be almost a caricature Not the author's fault I suspect this is now too strong a franchise for him to venture too far from the formula but I'd love to see what Lee Child could achieve if separated from Reacher A book about Neagley I'd read that And yes perhaps it's time