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Playing to WinPlaying to win means playing dirty Holly Evans is intelligent educated and crazy about sports Playing to eBook #10003 so how did she end up prancing about in a miniskirt and teasing her hair like some broadcasting bimbo Of course since she’s already. Playing to Win stars Holly Evans reporter for the Women's Hockey Network and Luke Maguire Captain of the Portland hockey team Holly gets her first real break reporting about sports on YouTube through the Women's Hockey Network where she mixes fun facts about everyone's favorite players along with comments about each game by explaining certain plays in layman's terms And the world loves her Everyone that is except Luke Maguire His team is in the playoffs and he doesn't have time to answer uestions about whether he prefers boxers or briefs But his team manager has hired Holly for a series of interviews with the team to increase their exposure and likeability during the playoffsLet me start off by saying that I'm one of those women who would benefit greatly from the Women's Hockey Network I didn't understand half the stuff Holly said about the game of hockey but it didn't stop me from enjoying this hilarious story The author mixes in a bit of intrigue a little sadness Luke's brother was paralyzed playing hockey and a lot of steam though straight up vanilla sex There was never a dull moment and I really enjoyed how the whole story came together in the end The secondary characters were also enjoyable I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

SUMMARY Playing to Win

CHARACTERS Û Playing to Win Ò [PDF] ✎ Playing to Win ✐ Taryn Leigh Taylor – Playing to win means playing dirty Holly Evans is intelligent educated and crazy about sports — so how did she end up prancing about in a miniskirt and teasing her hair like some broadcasting bimbo Playing to Win means playing dirIt all off Then Holly discovers someone on the team is profiting from a little overunder betting Suddenly her lusting for Luke is going head to head with her reporting instincts And if she’s caught offside there’s no telling what the penalty will be. Loved this book Holly plays her ditzy blond sports caster role to perfection And Luke my oh my what a Hottie porn hot The chemistry and interaction between them is funny and swoonworthy for sure And exactly who is the player involved in a betting breach Loved the secondary characters

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Iced her journalistic integrity Holly might as well indulge in a little fangirl lust for the ripped captain of Portland’s hockey team Luke Maguire sees right through Holly’s bunny disguise and he’s ready to pull her into the locker room and strip. Rating 5 Trope Sports romance Chemistry Off the charts Scorchio One Sentence Summary The captain of a hockey team and a reporter stumble across a betting scandal Review I can't tell you how excited I am to finally stumble across a 5 Harleuin read It's been awhile since I've thoroughly enjoyed one half as much as I did this oneIts brilliance lies in the fact it nails it in these three areas1 The main characters had sizzling chemistry and the secondary characters were all interesting and had a role to play Also a minor secondary romance was thrown in for good measure2 There was actually a plot which had depth and it wasn't just sex sex sex3 Most importantly the characters waited 50 or pages before jumping each others' bones Don't get me wrong I understand that this is a Blaze read but for the story to work for me there has to be UST groundwork and build upSo yes the characters Luke and Holly are interesting and engaging in their own right but what I really enjoyed was their interaction with the secondary characters Holly's interaction with Ethan was brilliant her relationship with her Dad was interesting and I liked the history between Luke and his brother and his parents The 'surprise' relationship between Jay and Paige was a great additionThe whodunnit betting arc was a nice counterpoint to the romance but didn't overwhelm the story but my favourite plot bunny was how Holly's mock idea of dumbing down hockey turned into a career opportunity for her and how she had to pretend she knew less than she did about sportI hope beyond hope that there are books to come in what would be an excellent series We have met 2 other team players at least that deserve their own happy ever after not to mention Ethan who could do with a little romance of his own maybe with his physiotherapistOriginally posted Love's A State Of Mind