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Download Ë El otoño del patriarca Ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ ➝ El otoño del patriarca free download ➢ Author Gabriel García Márquez – El tema de El otono del patriarca ue por su estructura y su lenguaje no tiene precedentes eEl protagonista ejemplar de las calamidades y tribulaciones humanas ue aui se manifiestan como representaciones de un delirio omnipotente y solitario de destruccion y pesadumbr. This is Garcia Maruez at his most complex and polemical It is an uncomfortable read disturbing at times It is also difficult with very few chapters no paragraphs and sentences that go on for several pages Garcia Maruez conducts an extended love affair with the comma; his punctuation mark of choice in this book The novel concerns the nameless dictator of a nameless Caribbean nation; principally it is the story of his decline and death with added detail concerning his bloody reign He has modestly titled himself “General of the Universe” Garcia Maruez does have experience of living under dictatorship Pinilla in Columbia and Franco in Spain It is a mass of influences that hits you like a torrent of water As you would expect there is magic realism and surrealism at its heart However the influence of Rabelais is also clear and there is a strand of mysticism running through it all The jumps in time are reminiscent of Faulkner It is also crude vulgar violent and cruel as you would expect of any analysis of the internal dynamics of dictatorshipThere are also some deeply comic moments The dictator sells the sea around his island to the Americans who keep him in power The sea is packaged up and sent to somewhere in Arizona; the general is given a wind machine as a present to replace the sea breezes The cows on the island are born with the presidential mark already on them However the novel is deeply depressing polemical and focuses on excess The General is a grotesue and the excesses are completely over the top even though there is a dreamlike uality even to the violence and perversions Garcia Maruez captures the chaos and unknowing of life in a dictatorship; there is little sense of time the General changes it at will memories are changed at will and reinvented The atrocities are trotted out and explained by the General We spend a great deal of time in the General’s head and Garcia Maruez exposes what one reviewer has called “the solitary vice of power” The General comes to see himself as a god and names his son Emmanuel This is a fascinating confusing shocking and mystical analysis of the heart of dictatorship and the heart of a dictator; charting his decline from charismatic leader to depraved beast

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R son las ilusiones y la soledad irremediable del poder encarnadas en una figura anonima y mitica ue es la de muchos patriarcas de la America Latina pero tambien de algun modo. Hypnotic and brilliantThis is my fourth Garcia Maruez book and this is said to be his most difficult book to read It took him four 1968 1971 years to write this book Four years He wrote this as a follow up novel to his masterpiece One Hundred Years of Solitude that catapulted him to stardom in the world literary arena This was his most recent novel when he won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982I picked this 1001 book because there was a new member in our book club who is also a GGM's fan and this is the book that he hadn't read yet We read 1 chapter a day and so we were able to read this in less than a week We posted our daily insights here Please take my 6 day insights as my review please Because right at this moment my heart is bleedingThe reason is that in the same thread though another member informed us that Garcia Maruez is now suffering from dementia because this reminded me of what happened Alzheimer's being similar to dementia in some ways before Dame Iris Murdoch died in 1999 This entry in the Wiki broke my heart In July 2012 his brother reported that García Máruez was suffering from dementia His treatment for lymphatic cancer was considered a possible cause García Máruez's brother attempted to keep the details private but was dismayed at speculation always filled with morbid details over his brother's condition He explained Dementia runs in our family and he's now suffering the ravages prematurely due to the cancer that put him almost on the verge of death Chemotherapy saved his life but it also destroyed many neurons many defences and cells and accelerated the process But he still has the humour joy and enthusiasm that he has always had However he also said his brother was unable to continue with the autobiography he is working onI am very sad because I'd like him to write that autobiography as I'd like to know about him He is my most favorite novelist This farewell message in You Tube is guaranteed to make you cry especially if you are one of his million fans like me THE FAREWELL LETTER of Gabriel Garcia Maruez If for a while God forgot that I’m a puppet and gave me a piece of life probably I wouldn’t say everything that I think but definitivelly I would think everything that I say I would give value to things not because of what they cost but because of what they meanI would sleep less and dream I understand that for each minute that we close our eyes we lose sixty seconds of light I would walk when the others stopped I would wake up when the others slept I would listen when the others spoke and how much I would enjoy a chocolate ice creamIf God gave me a piece of life I would dress simply I would lie on the sun “showing” not only my body but my soul My God if I had a heart I would write my hate on the ice and I would wait for the sun to riseimage error

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El otoño del patriarcaEl tema de El otono del patriarca ue por su estructura y su lenguaje no tiene precedentes en la literatura latinoamericana y ni siuiera en la obra El otoño ePUB #9734 del auto. A novel of blazing indefatigable brilliance A tale in which absolute power of a uniuely Caribbean variety corrupts its possessor absolutely Year by year el presidenté grows ever farther from any connection with his people until he's a pampered Howard Hughes like recluse In his detachment he looses a succession of evil proxies on his people who perpetrate genocides without a cause In one 20000 children are murdered for their unwitting collusion in a lottery scam which el presidenté always wins Then there's the time he literally roasts one of his generals for perceived wrongs and serves him up with fava beans and a nice chianti to the man's officers At the start of el presidenté's hundred year reign he is illiterate; he signs documents with an inked thumb like a criminal being booked When a Catholic novice he has despoiled teaches him how to read entire daily newspapers are produced with a print run of one copy solely for him How please tell me does García Maruez keep the tone skimming adroitly between the comic and tragic It's entertainment dripping with bloodThe reading is no simple task You've got to want this one; you've got to have the fire in the belly Written in a Modernist style with many of its esthetic conventions run on sentences stream o' consciousness intersectingmultiple voices without identifying tags dreams interlarded with so called reality with fleeting fantasy shifting points of view asynchrony etc This works well with the so called Magic Realism the author helped pioneer though in this context I begin to think Magic Realism's roots were in Modernism all along There are oracular basins seas turned to lunar dust vanishing virgins and lots of divination by tarot card palm of the hand coffee grounds and murderous purges resulting from it There is also a pervasive sense of the eschatological Its 255 pages reads like 400 since it's virtually one solid paragraph all the way through I particularly enjoyed the sacrilegious parts; especially the move by the capricious presidenté to have his mother canonized by the Vatican Cruelly funny stuff Not to be missed Your patience will be amply rewarded