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FREE DOWNLOAD ´ Lessons in Loving  [Reading] ➷ Lessons in Loving Author Peter McAra – Wanted Governess Properly ualified in English to instruct male pupil in rural locationSydney 1902 Desperate for a job Kate Courtney travels to the faraway New England Ranges to interview for a governe Wanted Governess PropeWanted Governess Properly ualified in English to instruct male pupil in rural locationSydney Desperate for a job Kate Courtney travels to the faraway New England Ranges to interview for a governess position She is greeted by wealthy landowner ruggedly handsome Tom Fo. Eighteen year old Kate Courtney had just received her teaching ualifications and all the certificates that went with them – now she needed a job Sydney Australia in 1902 – even her mother said she should just get married and have children But Kate had recently heard the vital tones and words of suffragette Vida Goldstein at a lecture in Sydney’s Town Hall; her inspirational speech meant Kate was determined to become an independent young woman It was the way of the futureA note on the notice board at the Avonleigh Teachers College took her eye – a Mr TH Fortescue reuested the services of a Governess proficient in English to instruct a male pupil in an area of rural locality called Croydon Creek near Armidale Kate was intrigued; before she could over think it she sent off a letter of application to Mr Fortescue Before too long she was on her way via rail and coach to meet with the wealthy landowner of Kenilworth StationKate’s life was about to change – she settled in to her days of teaching after being shocked to discover her pupil was none other than Mr Fortescue “call me Tom” himself Tom let her know he wanted to learn to speak properly; he needed to sound like an English aristocrat so he could win over the English lady he’d fallen in love with the previous year As Kate became accustomed to life on Kenilworth she fell in love with the country; the hills the beauty of the scenery The country people were all delightful and the stories of Tom’s mother made her want to weep But she also developed feelings for her employer as well – and that wouldn’t doWould Kate be successful in her teaching of Tom Would he win over his English lady And what would Kate’s future become Lessons in Loving by Aussie author Peter McAra was an absolutely delightful historical fiction novel laced with the struggles of women of the times to become independent; the change to men’s thinking; the beauty of the Australian outback and yes a little romance I haven’t read this author before but thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend Lessons in Loving to lovers of historical fiction historical romance as well as rural romanceWith thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for my copy to read and review


Rtescue and is shocked to find that her new charge isn’t a small boy but the grown manIt was Tom’s mother’s dying wish that he find a refined elegant English bride to marry But Lessons in MOBI #233 a country man with country manners can never win a lady fair To. I found a new author A male romance writer Historical Romance at that I received this ARC through NetGalley I've been trying to get into Historical Romances This story takes place in 1902 Australia Tom is a wealthy sheep rancher in rural New South Wales Kate has recently graduated from teacher's college Tom advertises for a governess to teach him proper English in order to woo an English woman to be his bride Tom's mother had home taught him until he was 8 years old His mother died when he was 8 and his father a few years after that Tom's late mother's dying wish was for him to find an English wife When Kate arrives she discovers that Tom is to be her pupil The POV is 3rd person mostly Kate's Kate's thoughts early on reveal that she's attracted to Tom They get along very well Tom is a very eager student Kate keeps telling herself that Tom is meant for someone else The teasingfrustrating part was that Tom and Kate ALMOST lead the life of a couple She stays in his cottage they have dinners together They go to the Pioneer's ball together Kate wears Tom's mother's gown and shoes It reminded me a little of a homage to CinderellaJane Eyre plotTom's intended is Laetitia an Englishwoman from Hampshire England Tom's late mother's birthplace She is Tom's motivation for hiring Kate After weeks of his tutoring Tom greets Laetitia and her parents in Sydney Tom brings Kate along to avoid any blunders I immediately saw how shallow and conniving Laetitia was She shows affection towards Tom when others are around especially Kate When they're alone she's aloof and cold Tom continues to court Laetitia even though he knows that Laetitia's parents' title needs money to finance their estate back in England I loved Kate Tom's time on his estate even though Kate knew Tom was trying to improve for another woman I was just so frustrated that #1 it took Tom too long to wake up to Laetitia's money grubbing ways #2 Kate was 2nd choice only until Tom realized it didn't work out with Laetitia#3 Would Tom have picked Kate if Laetitia wasn't such a greedy bitchI still liked this book 1 star deducted for Tom slow to WAKE UP realize and see what was in front of him

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Lessons in LovingM needs Kate to smooth away his rough edges make him desirable to the English rose he wants to marryBut the time Kate and Tom spend together the closer they become and Tom has to decide between the dreams of his childhood and the reality that is right in front of him. Me encantó la portadaMe encantó la descripción del libroPero no he sido capaz de terminar de leer esta historia así ue no voy a puntuarlaMis problemas con esta historia han sido la poca precisión histórica el insta lust al menos por la parte de la protagonista ue está embelesada con el físico del prota y el hecho de ue la protagonista es la ue nos explica vía pensamientos internos ué es lo ue siente uiere y preocupa al protagonista un poco chocante si tenemos en cuenta ue es la primera vez ue se venTodo esto me ha sacado de la historia y me ha sido imposible terminarla Pero si leyendo los primeros capítulos nada de esto te hastía esta historia te puede gustar ARC provided by Scape Publishing via Netgalley I loved the coverI loved the blurbBut I have not been able to finish reading this story so I'm not going to rate itMy problems have been that there is not historical accuracy the insta lust at least on the heroine´s behalf who is rapt with the hero´s body and the fact that the heroine is who explains via inner thoughts what the hero feels wants and worries about a bit shocking if we take into account that it is the first time that they meetAll this throw me out the story and I have been unable to finish it But if reading the first chapters they bother you none then you could like it