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The Nanny SolutionFrom Heiress to Nanny   When heiress Victoria Templeton learns her fortune is gone she has to move to the Colorado frontier to live with her uncle But with no money to pay for the trip she must accept a position as a traveling. Good plot but too preachy for meFaith is fine but to go about life even through the small everyday things weighing everything on the scale of right and wrong reward and punishment sin and virtue is taking things waaaay too seriously I am okay with God any religionfaith being there in a story as a source of strength and compassion but not to evoke guilt and fear The author has characters show one or textbook sinfulunchristianunvirtuous ualities and then goes about beating them for it view spoilerIn the beginning the H hires the h to be his kid's nanny for the train journey on his lawyer's advice She doesn't know much about children and certainly nothing about babies But she's practical and has brains So she gets a young nursing mother with milk to spare to feed the baby as well in exchange for one of her fashionable dresses The baby thrives as her colic from the milk powder settles I was impressed but the H refuses to accept the practical solution and keeps berating and shaming her for much of the book for shirking her duty and offloading it onto othersIf t'was me I'd run far far away from such an over sanctimonious prck The rich to poor Boston elite h is just fine to begin with spunky and making the best of the hand life deals her and I like her But then she starts getting hesitantguilty about her every thought and action Her mother abandons her to go live with her sister and sends the 20 yo h to her uncle who wants to marry her off to his old partner a toothless and hairless wonder and still the h feels guilt when at one time she thinks she'll probably not write everything to her mother 'An unchristian thought popped into Victoria’s head She could withhold any news from her mother Keep her fully in the dark She tightened her jaw It was a vindictive idea though it lingered for a mere second Could she really be that cruel Seriously A little anger is justified and does not nullify love Conuering negative emotions organically is one thing but suashing them being made to feel guilty is counterproductive We are told his sin is his 'pride' To me the H is just a churlish and pessimistic beta who is also uick to judge and offend and be offended And later he gets stupidly obstinate I seriously dislike him Pride is least of his sins but I guess his behavior can count as pride And when the h goes out of her way why I do ask to save his a and ranch he only gets disgruntled and thinks her manipulative What would she get out of manipulating you you idiot So he's a blind judgmental idiot But he's an honest idiot Honest to a fault Then the author tacks ‘pride’ on the h as well and the book’s tone gets overly condemnatory The h's efforts at helping him have her doubting herself as being ‘prideful’ facepalm I was in serious pain by this time but I read on so that I don’t misinterpret the book Pride is mentioned 48 times in the book hide spoiler

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Nanny for a widowed rancher And much to the chagrin of the man entrusting his children to her care she soon finds herself in over her head Mitch MacLeod lives for two things The Nanny PDFEPUB or his ranch and his children And. When Victoria's step father dies and leaves Victoria and her mother with embarrassing debts and bankruptcy Victoria's mother is determined to leave Boston in secret She sends Victoria to her uncle in Colorado Victoria's pride will not allow her to ask her uncle for money for the trip to Colorado so when Mitchell shows up on their doorstep asking for a nanny for his children while travelling to Colorado Victoria jumps at the chance to earn her train fare Even though Victoria has no idea how to care for children she is determined to learn uickly When Mitchell learns that Victoria is the niece of the crooked banker that holds the lease on his ranch he is less than happy Thinking that once they reach Proud Bend they will go their separate ways Mitchell doesn't count on Victoria's tenacity in desiring to care for his children Victoria has no desire to marry her uncle's business partner but what is a penniless debutante to doI really liked the characters in The Nanny Solution I loved how determined Victoria was to learn to earn her own way I liked how she desired to be independent I liked Mitchell in that he desired to take care of his children no matter what I was frustrated that even though Victoria and Mitchell were attracted to each other that they kept denying it and pushing each other away But at the same time I liked the message of pride becoming a person's downfall The bit of suspense and the dastardly characters of Victoria's uncle and his business partner added a bit of excitement to the story and kept the story line moving along I thought that it took Mitch and Victoria a bit too long to get to their a ha moment but they did eventually get there and the ending was sweet

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review The Nanny Solution × eBook or Kindle ePUB Õ [Epub] ➟ The Nanny Solution ➠ Barbara Phinney – From Heiress to Nanny   When heiress Victoria Templeton learns her fortune is gone she has to move to the Colorado frontier to live with her uncle But with no money to pay for the trip shePampered Victoria isn't ualified to help with either But the former socialite has grit and determination than he first thinks If her uncle has his way though Mitch will soon lose his ranch and any hope of a future with Victori. While this wasn't a bad story there were some serious flaws The heroine wasweak I don't think I've ever seen a heroine cry so much at the drop of a hat She was also extremely judgmental I liked her less and less as she met each new person in her life even up until the end of the story when she gets all judgmental about a saloon girl who wants to turn her life to Jesus It didn't help that the hero was kind of a major jerk for 95% of the story While there are some definite serious reasons behind it I'm just not sure he made enough of a believable turnaround for me to like himThe non romance part of the plot was very convoluted Normally I like a lot of layers in my plot but there were almost too many When some new twist which were actually rather obvious presented itself it was eye roll inducing than anything elseAdditionally I just don't think the author did enough research Some of the speech seemed very out of place for the time period And I know some of it was For example the heroine mentions in passing the game of Chutes and Ladders simple research shows that this game was a morality building game called Snakes and Ladders until Milton Bradley in 1943 This story takes place in the 1800s It was a side thought uickly mentioned and forgotten and didn't have any direct impact on the story at all Why include something so anachronistic especially when it does nothing to further your plotIt's not a bad story and there are hints that stories will be coming out of the town of Proud Bend I can only hope that they'll improve