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FREE READ Ë How to Set a Fire and Why ¸ ✾ [EPUB] ✶ How to Set a Fire and Why By Jesse Ball ❦ – A startling subversive novel about a teenage girl who has lost everything and will burn anythingFourteen year old Lucia is a young narrator whose voice will long ring in your ears She is angry withN the converted garage of a large mansion Lucia to Set a Epub #225 makes her way through the world with only a book a Zippo lighter and a pocket full of stolen licorice Expelled from school again Lucia spends her days riding the bus to visit her mother in The Home When Lucia discovers to Set a Fire and MOBI #233 a secret Arson Club she will do anything to be a part of it Her own arson manifesto is a marvellous anarchist pamphlet. This is my third Jesse Ball novel and I have to say I can’t think of another contemporary author who has such an original and inventive voice and style The best thing about Ball is that he’s no one trick pony the only thing his books have in common is that they are each wholly uniueIn How to Set a Fire and Why his protagonist is a teenage girl named Lucia who tells us her story through a series of journal entries The best way I can describe Lucia is like this Imagine Holden Caulfield if he were into arson class warfare and vigilante justice If that isn’t enough to piue your interest I don’t know what to tell youLucia’s father is dead and her mother is in a mental institution She lives with her 75 year old aunt who fully supports her niece’s myriad outlets for teen rebellion After getting kicked out of her previous high school Lucia finds a way to fit in at her new school she join’s a secret Arson ClubI’m afraid I’m making this all sound very dark but it’s not Lucia’s voice is hilarious sardonic and sarcastic She’s smart enough to rationalize her penchant for destruction insightful enough to clarify that while she doesn’t think there’s meaning in anything she also doesn’t find nihilism excitingLucia is a uniue new voice in teen rebellion convinced that what she sets out to do is right and just Most of us have been there before though hopefully not to the point of committing felonies Still it’s hard to feel anything but love for this subversive characterI recommend this book to anyone who is drawn to uirky novels from Chuck Palahniuk’s nihilism and anarchy to Miranda July’s peculiar tenderness


A startling subversive Set a MOBI #237 novel about a teenage girl who has lost everything and will burn anythingFourteen year old Lucia is a young narrator whose voice will long ring in your ears She is angry with almost everyone especially people who How to PDFEPUBtell her what to do She follows the one rule that makes any sense to her Don’t Do Things You Aren’t Proud Of Orphaned and living with her elderly aunt in poverty i. Do you remember as a child how easy it seemed to solve life's problems If all the rich people shared their excess then there would be no poor Simple right In How to Set a Fire and Why a teenage girl Lucia discusses how she would go about making this the norm No homelessness no hunger no daily struggling and certainly no fat old money staring down their noses at the one's who weren't born so lucky But Lucia is sort of special Her personal life stressors combined with her impatient but advanced thought processes have dropped her impulse control down to zero She wants this to happen and she wants everyone on boardnow Most adolescents on the brim of independence need a sense of control They can smell the freedom but they can't reach it and it's enough to drive anyone crazy Lucia finds her control in her late father's trusty Zippo lighter It creates fire if she allows it Things are not on fire because she has not made it so She has total control of what burns She alone choosesI absolutely loved Lucia's character She's angry entitled unapologetic in your face unchallenged and bored as most kids with smart minds usually are While there may be a lot going on with her her message is almost childlike at its core Life has been unfair to her she's grieving and alone she wants life to be differentto be better I am slowly but surely making my way through Jesse Ball's books and this one is my favorite to date I'm looking forward to the next My favorite uote You will keep it in your pocket as a sort of token Stick your hand in there now and then as you go around and remember all the buildings that exist all the grand structures of wealth and power they remain standing because you permit them to remain With this little lick of flame in your pocket with this little gift of Prometheus you can reduce everyone to a sort of grim euality All those who ride on a high horse may be made to walk Therefore when you are at the bank and the bank manager speaks roughly to you when you are denied entrance to a restaurant or other place of business when you are made to work longer than you should need to when you are driven out of your own little dwelling and made to live in the street reach into your pocket caress your own little vehicle of flame and feel the comfort there We shall set fires—and when we set them we shall know why

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How to Set a Fire and WhyWritten with biting wit and striking intelligenceThe voice of teenaged Lucia is a tour de force a brilliant wrenching cry from the heart and mind of a super smart funny girl who can’t help telling us the truth a riveting chronicle of family misguided friendship and lossHow to Set a Fire and Why is Jesse Ball’s most accessible novel yet after Silence Once Begun and A Cure for Suicide the pyrotechnics on display here will dazzl. She told me I was a good writer but I could tell she didn't care about it Good writer like one of the ones who leaves the good parts outJesse Ball this is how I feel about you The whole book I was waiting waiting waiting for something interesting to happen Every moment felt like it was just a temporary fix to a plot going nowhere distracting the reader from realizing that they're wasting their time The school doesn't even have an Arson Club The blurb is misleading It's like he wants you to believe Lucia becomes involved and interesting and that's not the case She's just dull with new people surrounding her But like I said not an Arson ClubWhat seemed to be one of the most important parts the pamphlet itself was terribly boring and seemed to lose Lucia's voice in my opinion When I finally became interested once she actually set the fire it was over It felt like We did it We climbed to the top of the mountain and didn't get the descend I wanted aftermath I wanted conseuences On the other hand maybe that was for the best It probably would've disappointed me as much as the rest of the book did anyway so maybe it was better to end on a high note if I can even truly call that one Maybe I would've enjoyed it if I liked Lucia as a character but I didn't It felt like Jesse was trying too hard to make her jaded I couldn't help but think the entire way through Jesse Ball has no fucking clue what it means to be a teenage girl