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Backlash Dont #4 review ã eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ [Reading] ➲ Backlash Dont #4 ➺ Jack L. Pyke – Novel 126000 wordsGenres Thriller Gay Romance BDSMIn the aftermath of Jack Harrison’s release from the psychiatric unit Gray Raoul’s first instinct is to take brutal revenge on the one respoAnd bringing out one particularly deadly player Gray’s left with one last defence break Jack down in order to partner up with his alter ego Martin But once freed Martin has plans of his own and he wants to make it personal with Gray Complete trust between Master and sub between Gray and Jack will be tested to the absolute limit M. How am I supposed to review this book when I can’t get my thoughts straight When I can’t stop cryingI thought I wanted Gray’s POV and I did but oh it hurt me so much and you know what It’s the best kind of hurtFirst this book CAN NOT be read as a stand alone it must be read with the series and in orderThat being said this takes us into Gray’s head and all that this man is All that he loves All who he holds close and all that he keeps inside OMG Gray just about killed me with his need to take care of those he loves and take care of those who hurt the ones he loves but good lord mukka who will take care of youThis series it is gorgeous and brutal but I love being hurt by it The triad of Jack Gray and Jan is so beautiful and I love how their strengths are coming forward and presenting themselves as strongholds to this relationship The respect these men have for one another it’s exuisiteJan he has taken on so much and we know he loves the bones off Jack and Gray but he has internalized so much from the rape and torture he and Jack endured He’s not handling it well and the way he is handling it shocked me There were a few things that shocked me about Jan with this but none of it was bad Just a shock and awe of the vanilla man with soft brown eyes and a sacred love for two kinky menJack he is trying so hard to deal – leaving the MC handling Ed wanting to be handled by Jack and being close again to his soft lad you kill me stunner over and over again I don’t think I can’t I mean Jack leaves me speechless He really does and while he never got in his head with Backlash we get so much of him and the lengths he will go to the boundaries he will push for his loves I know you don’t do casual Jack but dammit I need a hugGray yeah I still love the bastard and being inside his head was so overwhelmingly emotional I cried so much through this book and I’m still crying as I attempt to write this Gray he does so much and he is so much to everyone but he needs help and that help comes from across the pond with Trace Gabe and DareI admit to not reading Ms Kelling’s series and properly meeting these three men but I can assure you that will soon be rectified I adored Trace and the way he takes care of Gray even via text message He is there for Gray and will drop everything to help him and then there is Gabe and Dare OMG Those two I need their story STAT trust that I broke my no book buying mandate and just bought Deliver Us because because they are beautifulThese books this series and its mystery are so well done Pyke knows how to tear you down tear her characters down and build everyone back together There is so much hurt and pain revealed in this so many new WTAF moments and there are still secrets that need to be told but Jack Gray and Jan they just work together to make it Just to make it and to be togetherI am an emotional reader and this book tore my heart out It’s heavy that’s a given with the series but there are some lighter moments that made me smile but the heart of this series it really is the love and respect between Jack Gray and Jan Oh and holy hell are there some moments that sat me on my ass and made me sob at my desk while I read this The endearments alone slowly gut me and my entrails are strewn across the room as I think about them as proofI have so many highlights that I could share in this review but after looking them over they are mine right now and I am not ready to share them I can’t SorryNow the blurb does include Martin and I’m kinda digging him now I mean see him through Gray’s eyes and you get him to a point But all that happens with Martin all that happens for Gray to nail the bastards that touched what’s his it’s a roller coaster of intrigue and emotions that was amazing Truly amazing and that endSweet Saint BrigidI am scared to go on but that fear it will be culled because I can’t leave my boys I can’tI’ll be there I promise

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Novel wordsGenres Thriller Gay Romance BDSMIn the aftermath of Jack Harrison’s release from the psychiatric unit Gray Raoul’s first instinct is to take brutal revenge on the one responsible for financing Jack’s and Jan’s torturous psychological reconditioning However that person is a plays the game dangerously well knows exa. 5 StarsNot a stand alone bookThis is the kind of book I want to read The kind of book I seek out Because it’s bigger deeper complex Sink in hold on and tighten your gut because it’s all coming at you Hard No fluff Even the tenderness is difficult Real You want a peek at BDSM TheN you get this series By this author And you are immersed Times ten Because this isn’t just a kinky little whip you until you love me story No This is a freaking psychological head fuck with all the trimmings And because of that you get to see how a Mastersubvanilla relationship can be the most reasonable way to approach a bond Tall order for a little MM Romance hmmTHE STORY Tender brutality A culmination But hard earned Have you been paying attention I mean really paying attention I’ll bet you thought you knew things I’ll bet you thought you knew where this was going You didn’t At least I didn’t I didn’t see the angles twists and plunges Pyke takes hersweet time getting you there The first several chapters are nothing but pure emotional anguish merged with tender raw beauty Deep Painful LoveGuiltRemorseAnd revelationPuzzle pieces fit Martin emerges Gray has no choice Shit Shit Shit And Jan isjust so fuckedI’d say get yourself in a good emotional place before delving into this one because it is going to tear at you The you’ve fallen for these men the you’re going to fall for in this bookTHE CHARACTERSGray Raoul – Finally we get to see the man behind all the composure You think you want to know But do you The weight on him is crushing “Gray managed a smile albeit one that tore at his stomach” Jack Harrison – His whole life he’s been fucked with And still he givesMartin – How in the hell can I love Martin break Jack get to Martin Jan Richards – Yeah I get Jan“Nobody is here for me”THE WRITINGPyke’s writing is strong Her economy of words as it were is what makes reading her both stunning and challenging But in this book it is the storytelling that trumps that writing skill Looking back at my reviews on the earlier books I see I was flailing at times but I realize now she had me in her control all along I am simply hers to dominatethe past can be nothing but a prefix to better memories I would like to thank Jack L Pyke and Fantistic Fiction Publishing for providing me with a review copy in exchange for my honest reviewTake a look at my MaleMale Romance Book Blog

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Backlash Dont #4Ctly how to Backlash Dont PDF manipulate everyone in Gray’s life To help negotiate this delicate situation Gray contacts Trace and his ex Diadem Dom Gabriel Hunter But the Gray seems to regain control the clearer it becomes that there’s something not uite right about Jan Richards Jan uickly unravels taking Jack and Gray with him. You with me stunner Always Gray He’s been my favorite from the very beginning I was so excited to see we were getting a book from his POV It’s been a month since Jack was released from the hospital This book starts with everyone still trying to heal from the abduction and rape It seems Jack is coping better than Jan Gray is still trying to find the funder He’s determined and will do whatever it takes to protect what’s his Jack only thought he was a bastard Elena knew he was Now This book doesn’t have much in the way of sex There are a couple scenes but nothing like “Don’t” There is wonderful intimacy here while they are trying to be able to finally communicate what’s been in their hearts for a long time Sometimes poetic other times not so much You said you needed me to trust you mukkamostly because you were lost in an apology for already holding me when I wasn’t there for saying you’d loved me when I wasn’t there to hear it Somewhere along the line I fell in love with you you asshole Trace Gabe and Dare come to England to assist I was glad to see them but honestly besides Gabe I didn’t feel like their characters did much Ed the butler grandfather is still here giving Jack the business Manners Please teach Jack some where it doesn’t involve any morphological inventiveness surrounding the words ‘fuck’ and ‘you’ The story was very involved There were several names and events I found myself going back to previous books to refresh my memoryThis was a great addition to the series although “Don’t” is still my favorite I am excited to see what happens next What happenedit happened to your mindto your body too So Jackhe's saying he's doing just fine now that he's giving you your time to healYou're welcome Mart ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review