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PDF Ò What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know À Sonya Sones My name is RobinThis book is about Girlfriend Doesn't ePUB #8608 meIt tells the story of what happenswhen after almost pathetic years of loserdomthe girl of my dreams finally falls for meThat seems li I picked this book up from the library for the trip to my grandparent’s house for Thanksgiving I have this habit of reading mushy YA romance books on trips and plus it was also around that emotional time of the month for me so I just wanted to get lost in a stupidly cute story Yup I say It's pretty amazing all right Amazing that my own girlfriend couldn't care less that she's going to be away from me all weekend Robin after his girlfriend excitedly tells him she's going to Bermuda with her best friend for the weekend pg 212This ain’t it chief Meet Robin your typical perverted fourteen year old nerd You can find him in the back of the classroom sniveling and being creepily anti social My first complaint about this story other than the fact that the whole time I wanted to punch Robin was the logic or lack of itSo Robin and his life long crush Sophie get together and the whole school shuns them Who cares that much WHOWHO IS GOING TO GO OUT OF THEIR WAY TO MAKE T SHIRTS AND SLOGANS MOCKING A COUPLE IN HIGHSCHOOL Apparently everyone in this story Listen asides from a couple of jerks and maybe your friends thinking you're gross as in the case of Sophie’s friends and I agree with them Robin is disgusting I was in his head for 291 godforsaken pages I would know No one cares about your relationship Honey if you were making out in the middle of the hallway I would give you a judgmental glance as well it doesn’t mean you’re persecuted or “outlaws” SECONDLY WHERE THE FREAKING FRICK FRACK ARE THE PARENTS These kids are hanging out every day after school going on full fledge dinner dates and going to museums and they’re fourteen it’s not like they can drive or anything so I’m really confused The only parent we really see in this story is Sophie’s mom and of course she is portrayed as a villain just because she doesn’t want Sophie to spend every hour after school with Robin and she wants Sophie to eat dinner with the family instead of going out with Robin every night gasps OH THE HORROR As for Robin’s parents they let him take this college art class where they have nude models First off what college class just casually lets fourteen year olds in Secondly why are his parents okay with this WHY I found it hilarious that none of the other classmates realized Robin is fourteen has this author ever talked to a fourteen year old boy Their excuse for facial hair is this scratchy peach fuzz their faces are covered in acne and their voices break every other sentence not shaming fourteen year old boys I’ve been on the girl’s side of that and it isn’t fun sis I know I’m just wondering what idiots would think this kid is over seventeen They take him out partying for goodness sakes It is amazing you'd rather talk on the phone to Rachel than makeout with meDid I mention that Robin is crazy possessive Like so possessive that he throws a tantrum when Sophie goes out of town for the weekend because “WHAT ABOUT US” You’ll see her on Monday you’ll be fine OH AND THEN HYPOCRISY REACHES THE ROOF WHEN ROBIN CHEATS ON HIS GIRLFRIEND AND EXPECTS HER TO FORGIVE HIM INSTANTLYLike BOI You still haven’t forgiven her for spending time with people other than you And then she forgives him and the story is over and the abusive relationship continuesThis is the worst book I’

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FREE DOC â READER What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know 9780689876035 ç SONYA SONES Ò ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☆ What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know Author Sonya Sones – My name is RobinThis book is about meIt tells the story of what happenswhen after almost 15 p Ke it would bea good thing rightOnly it turns out to bea lot complicated than thatBecause I'm not gonna lie to you there are naked women involvedFour of them to be exactThough not in the way you might I read this book immediately after finishing What My Mother Doesn't Know and again didn't stop until I had finished Sonya Sones has again captured the emotion and angst of being a teenager in high school and an outcast at thatThis book is written from Robin's perspective and we see his relationship with Sophie and others evolve But we also see Sophie's relationships with her friends deteriorate as they dump her because of her ties to RobinHigh school can suck But hang on Hopefully you'll find your Robin or Sophie and everyone else can eat itI'm with Stein

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What My Girlfriend Doesn't KnowThinkDon't get me wrong my girlfriend's amazingBut the way things have been What My PDFEPUB or going latelyI'm starting to believe that the only thing worsethan not getting what you wantis getting it This book was pretty good The main theme was if you love someone enough you can overcome anything For example a girl named Sophie and a boy named Robin started dating Robin was disliked in their school because of his looks However over winter break Sophie and Robin started to talk and she saw past his looks They started dating and everyone stopped talking to Sophie even her 2 best friends The 2 of them pushed through the hatred anyways and eventually people started to realize he wasn't that bad