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Juliet Takes a BreathJuliet Milagros Palante is leaving the Bronx and headed to Juliet Takes PDFEPUBPortland Oregon She just came out to her family and isn’t sure if her mom will ever speak to her again But Juliet has a plan sort of one that’s going to hel. Feminism I’m new to it The word still sounds weird and wrong Too white too structured too foreign something I can’t claimThough this is the opening of the book it sets a tone that defines the rest of the novel It is a rare book that from the very beginning I can feel it sinking into my bones but that is exactly what this felt like And despite the fact that I kept worrying maybe that feeling would go away I was entranced from beginning to end and sobbed through the epilogue This is a book that has power And a book that will stay with me Juliet is a 19 year old Puerto Rican lesbian from the Bronx who goes to be an intern for a hippy white feminist in Portland and who also happens to have written Juliet's favorite book It is a book about pussy power But fear not those worrying as I did about the cissexist nature of that book it is called out freuently in the latter half of the novel Just as so many other things are In Portland Juliet is part of an incredibly ueer community The number of ueer women around at all times in this novel was impossible to ignore and it made my heart sing ueer women of color specifically were essential in Juliet coming to understand the terminology she needed to define her own identity and to help offer new definitions of feminism and ueer identity that can feel inclusive to herIt feels rare to experience such visibly ueer spaces in books Not just ueer spaces that happen in one scene but a constantly ueer environment that is full of support but also critiue and uestioning of white feminist structures Beyond the presence of ueer spaces there is also so much emphasis on POC only spaces and the importance that they have Over and over again the bullshit complaints of white feminists are shot down and intersectionality is emphasized explained and made the most important part of the feminism Juliet is trying to learn A feminism that includes her in all her Puerto Rican lesbian gloryNot to continue gushing but some of my other favorite moments include an entire chapter dedicated to making the period a celebrated experience the strained but intensely loving relationship between Juliet and her mother the entire chapter entitled Ain't No Party Like an Octavia Butler Writer's Workshop girls flirting close family relationships mini history lessons about amazing forgotten women of color and about a hundred other thingsOH OH OH and I almost forgot the almost embarrassing amount of realism that ueer women become completely useless in the presence of other beautiful lady identified individuals Every time Juliet saw a fabulous ueer lady and lost the ability to speak or spit out coherent sentences I was on another planet of joy This is the coming of age story of a fierce funny nerdy chubby intelligent Latina It was breathtaking and sharp full of so much goodness I know I'll be able to find new things again and again It acts as an intro for those who don't know ueer and feminist terminology but also serves as a critiue of the whiteness of those structures if you already do It is ownvoices and vibrant and incredible I'm begging you to read it

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review Juliet Takes a Breath ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ ✺ Juliet Takes a Breath Epub ✽ Author Gabby Rivera – Juliet Milagros Palante is leaving the Bronx and headed to Portland Oregon She just came out to her family and isn’t sure if her mom will ever speak to her again But JGure out her life over the course of one magical summer Is that even possible Or is she running away from all the problems that seem too big to handle With uestions than answers Juliet takes on Portland Harlowe and most importantly herself. Oh my heart Juliet is one of those heroines who is so wry and funny but innocent too The hours I spent with this book gave me a bit of my 19 year old self back and I’m going to try to talk about why—and how much it would have meant to me to read something like this thenJuliet is looking for knowledge—she’s newly out on a mission to discover how being a feminist and being a lesbian and being a round brown girl all fit together and she thinks she’s going to figure everything out in Portland Oregon at the feet of the pussy lady Harlowe Brisbane At 19 I was a student in Asheville North Carolina like a southern mini Portland and there were a lot of Harlowe Brisbane types in my life I loved how Juliet was open to confronting all the new concepts being thrown at her and how she filtered them through herself and embraced trying out even the ones she ultimately chose to reject Juliet’s openness was part of what made her such a powerful personality to readThat openness was full of vulnerability too Knowledge is a currency and people give it or with hold it with their own motivations and insecurities and intentions all twisted up together There was this one scene where Juliet is humiliated and made to feel small because she doesn’t know everything—or even much of anything—about being ueer And I remembered back to 1996 and coming out to a lesbian friend in Asheville and how she made me feel small and like I wasn’t a good enough ueer because I was just “trying on bi” That’s right bi erasure not that I had that word yet with a shame cherry on top So when Juliet experienced something similar I felt Juliet’s tears all the way back to the cruelty of that moment and how much it affected my relationships with other ueer women for years In that scene I felt such a deep connection with Juliet because I knew exactly how she felt We think we’re safe around other ueer people that they can’t or won’t hurt us because they understand It’s hard to learn but we can be hurt just as much—and —by cruelty within the ueer community I wish I could have read this twenty years agoAnd love Oh love love love I LOVE how this book talks about love About familial love and romantic love and the feel of falling in love with someone through words The fierce love of female friendship The bittersweet urgent love of a summer fling I’m a romance novelist for a living so I spend a lot of time thinking about love and how we show it and how we know when we’re feeling it and how we feel loved Juliet is wise—Juliet knows you can feel love and be deeply loved all in one beautiful moment and that letting that moment be huge and awesome and everything—that’s putting love into the world Juliet was sometimes scared and confused and often hurt but she loved And that's a special kind of fearlessnessPerhaps some of the strongest and most important parts of this story are the parts I’m least ualified to comment on—I’m very much aware that while as a ueer woman I related to Juliet on lots of levels our experiences don’t intersect on race I’ll just say this Watching Juliet confront the racism in white feminism and take room for herself was wonderful All in all I was charmed by this book I laughed and I cried and I devoured it in a weekend And I cannot wait to read whatever Gabby Rivera writes nextLastly—that cover That cover is everything Recommended

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P her figure out this whole “Puerto Rican lesbian” thing She’s interning with the author of her favorite book Harlowe Brisbane the ultimate authority on feminism women’s bodies and other gay sounding stuff Will Juliet be able to fi. Damn this book is beautiful Damn I needed this book Damn I'm glad this book exists Damn JTAB is all about discovering your self worth finding your voice being brave enough to use it and learning to write yourself into existence—because if you don't do it yourself no one else willWhen I first looked up this book I didn't really get what it was about Some ueer Puertorriueña snags an internship with some white hippie super feminist for the summer I mean I could get down with that don't get me wrong but I just didn't get it But then I started reading the book and I realized Holy shit This book is about meThis book celebrates all the different kinds of wonderfully brown humans in the world It challenges stereotypes and rejoices in people who come from different backgrounds who hold different beliefs who believe and act differently than the world expects them to and who give no fucks about it This story interrogates the institution of feminism and ueer spaces especially when both of those tend to privilege white voices and bodies Juliet constantly struggles with how she should feel about feminism and ueer theory when neither of these things were made for her or with her in mind How anyone who isn't white is expected to to accept white feminism—white anything—as the universal truth how we are expected to find ourselves there when we were never written into it in the first place How those who have been othered can other people themselves How we are forced to assimilate and assume a language that was never made for us How doing so can create a division with our roots and make us feel like we're not brown enoughAnd how Juliet's family took her coming out Don't even get me started on how much truth was present on the page there It's so hard to balance the respect you have for your roots your parents your life forces with the knowledge that some days are going to be harder than others One day they're chill and the next they're trying to talk you down from it or convince you that it's just a phase How no one wants to confront it or talk about it—some days it's just ignore ignore ignore at all costs—because then they think it'll go away or it won't be real How we need to be patient and trust in the love that our fams give us even when it's not easy How some days we can't act or present ourselves in a way that's authentic to us because those are the concessions we have to make sometimes in order to live and keep the peace Para la familia Every day is a negotiationY'all this book just hit me deep I live this damn struggle every day and Gabby Rivera managed to perfectly capture it in less than 300 pages Every page of this book made me feel alive and known And I still don't know how to put that into wordsIf you're ueer and brown and still trying to figure out how to exist in this world please read this book It's for you