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review Firefly Gadroon ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook · [Reading] ➶ Firefly Gadroon By Jonathan Gash – Lovejoy—unscrupulous conniver feckless lecher and important gifted visionary who loves beautiful antiues than life itself—marshals all of his diverse skills to revenge the murder of an old friendOn This bawdy fast paced adventure in which the all time scamp must confront an international ring of antiues smugglers and murderers is an entertaining delight from start to finish. The best yet Fantastic pace and interest Days gone by in a time that is now lost the field burning is a prime example Doesn't let up and the ending doesn't disappoint Excellent

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Lovejoy unscrupulous conniver feckless lecher and important gifted visionary who loves beautiful antiues than life itself marshals all of his diverse skills to revenge the murder of. I discovered the books on Lovejoy a long time ago did find a few in my local 2nd hand bookstore and found I rather liked them Not unlike my likes for a tv show like Bargain Huntand the Antiue roadshow That said I did return to the books again when I saw the episodes of Lovejoy with Ian McShane once again on the telly and he indeed did capture the spirit of Lovejoy the antiues dealer While the tv series is far tame than the books when it comes to death and mayhemThe book has actually been filmed and while the tv episode makes sense the book is far exciting Lovejoy being a bigger bungling fool that manages to catch the bad guys is a differnt ending from the book as do the female characters in the Gash version Lovejoy has a far easier morale when it comes to the ladies than any tv show could ever get away with It does make Lovejoy such a rogueish character that operates not in a blackwhite universe but his dealings are far greyish far that 50 shades I would say The fun about the Gash books is the knowledge he shares about antiues and live in the corner of world being inhabited by Lovejoy and his freinds and foesThe Lovejoy series are not detectives they are thrillerish with a different kind of leading character that gets involved in crime due to his involvement in the world of Antiues And Lovejoy has got one great skill he can sense real antiues from duds That makes him valuable for certain parties Lovejoy has got one great asset he has certain standards he lives up to and loves antiues When he is mad at someone they better be aware of his wrath since it might be their undoingIn this novel Lovejoy gets involved in a series of thefts he seems to be the one to notice the excistance of the serial robbery and due to the fact that they kill a friend he gets involved out of revenge for the money and the love of antiues

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Firefly GadroonAn old friend Jonathan Gash's entertaining expertise covers everything from ueen Anne baby walkers and stumpwork boxes to the ultimate antiue the hand hammered silver Reverse Gadro. This is the 4th of the Lovejoy books that I've gorged on over the last 5 weeks and this one was as brilliant as the othersThe great thing about this series is that Lovejoy's character is utterly immutable he's always broke always going to end up in bed with a woman and he will invariably end up getting on their nerves when he ditches them for an antiue sale Because of his character staying the same Gash can drop Lovejoy into bizarre situations and style them out to seem utterly realistic The icy terror I felt as Lovejoy view spoiler sailed out to the gun turret in the thick East Anglian fog hide spoiler