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READER · 彼氏彼女の事情 #4 ´ Masami Tsuda E tells her he loves her Turned into a hit anime by the creators of Evangelion Kare Kano is one of the most anticipated manga titles ever for US fan This was an interesting volume about bullying A girl who doesn't like Yukino because she thinks she's a fake orchestrates a freeze out where all the girls in class ignore her Yukino is upset but ends up handling it well by herself One of Soichiro's old friends comes back to school and still has a crush on Soichiro I thought it was pretty funny when Yukino got raving mad at the girl for burning Soichiro's picture of her On the whole this was a good volume about standing up for yourself and not letting others get you down I actually really liked the short comic at the end The Planet of the Rabbit People A story about a really cute character who doesn't fit in and gets bullied and ends up finding somewhere she belongs

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MOBI ç DOC 彼氏彼女の事情 #4 9781591820598 FREE ð JOHNSCYCLINGDIARY ¾ ❴Read❵ ➱ 彼氏彼女の事情 #4 Author Masami Tsuda – Yukino lives for praise and popularity unwilling to share the spotlight with anyone But trouble comes in the f Yukino lives for praise and popularity unwilling to share the spotlight with anyone But trouble comes in the from of a new boy at school who can do The chibi Soichiro with the big teeth is SO CUTE This one took a darkersadder turn for the series addressing what was started in the last volume plus something else The fated love triangle has arrived — but not with who you think it is with Overall it’s a fairly decent series If I had started out my manga obsession with this one I would have loved it a ton But now after over 500 volumes of manga thanks Bleach and InuYasha it’s just meh • The art is cute but has some problems The storyline is well whimsical Characters are fairly uniue and are the driving factor of the series Spoiler here It’s with Yukino Soichiro and Soichiro’s kendo How dreadful amiright?

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彼氏彼女の事情 #4No wrong She sees him as her archrival; he sees her as a fake especially when he discovers her true persona She'll do anything to destroy himuntil h Stars 45 Not uite there yet but best volume so farI like this couple which is why I read this series but it is rather light on actual action ie plot This is fine but it will never rate as high as the series who can deliver both great characters and plot This volume started to change all thatWe are starting to see action with Yukino and the girls trying to bully her I liked how she bore down and endured it Sometimes we portray bullied kids as terribly broken and while I personally understand how horrible it is to be bullied sometimes it is a matter of waiting out the clouds of darknessespecially if you have friends and family who love you like Yukino doesAll this means less Soichiro and while he's still there I missed the couple time We do meet Tsubasa a junior high friend of Soichiro and I love how he sees right through her And Yukino fighting off Tsubasa is pretty funny Maho is also thrown overI can almost see them becoming friends?BOTTOM LINE I loved seeing Yukino's strength