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FREE READER Ú DOC Some Sort of Spell Ù JOHNSCYCLINGDIARY ✓ ❰EPUB❯ ✸ Some Sort of Spell Author Frances Roding – She didn't ask to be rescuedBeatrice's half sister had done a lot of crazy things but inviting Elliott Chalmers to temporarily share their home while O she hadn't invited him to interfere And although silently grateful for the added household discipline Beatrice drew the line where Elliott seemed most intent on crossing her personal lif I was surprised by how much I liked this one considering it was an HP published in the early eighties I was expecting a ragey alphole male all set to control every aspect of the FMC's life and instead got well maybe not a ragey alphole male but still with control issues Still it was surprisingly mellowBeatrice is the daughter of a pair of mega Hollywood actors with a tempestuous relationship Her parents both deceased her now mostly grown brothers and sisters are pretty much all a bunch of divas who do their best to take advantage of her keeping her as their unpaid servant Beatrice is a willing doormat knowing her siblings are spoiled and selfish but not willing to do anything about that Then her half sister allows her half brother basically Beatrice's former step brother Elliot to come stay with them at the house temporarily The blurb on the back makes it seem like Beatrice does her best to fight off Elliot's controlling nature but it's like Elliot does his best to keep her siblings from taking horrible advantage of her and Beatrice is so determined to be a martyr she doesn't really do anything to stop Elliot from doing anythingBeatrice was so determined to see herself as plain and fat and nothing that she basically made herself myopic with it Seriously it was pretty annoying Meanwhile Elliot was surprisingly cool The closest he got to emotionally abusive was calling her Cinders and honestly as determined to be taken advantage of by her family as Beatrice was I couldn't fault him for that and I certainly wouldn't call it abusive He didn't call her a bitch didn't do bodily harm at any point and although he kissed her a couple of times I wouldn't call any of them punishing Honestly for an old skool HP MMC he was actually probably somewhat mellower than most of his recent contemporaries He still managed to be pretty alpha but he was using his he man alpha powers to help the FMC not hurt her Then again Beatrice clearly was cool with being controlled so it might have been different if she'd tried to oh I don't know live her own lifeI'm generally cool with the HP tendency at the end of the book for the FMC to make the MMC sweat but that's usually after the MMC has spent the entire book being an alphole asshat In this case without going into detail I just felt bad for Elliot and wanted to smack Beatrice and a couple of other characters In the end Beatrice well she doesn't redeem herself but she does get better It was a bit of too little too late but as someone that has struggled with self esteem issues her whole life I tried to give her some leeway But when I got to the last page she'd changed enough that I didn't want to smack her in the face like an HP MMC might want to do BTW so that was somethingI did have one nitpick on this one Beatrice and most of her siblings have names associated with Shakespeare Benedict Sebastian Miranda and William Did you catch why I might have an issue For one thing they named Beatrice's brother after her love interest This may only be weird to me but I also went to high school with a pair of twins named Donald and Iva and I always thought that was super weird For another I would think Shakespeare obsessed parents would have gotten the name right Benedick Not Benedict Benedick I know it's nitpicky that it bothered me as much as it did but Much Ado About Nothing is one of my favorite Shakespeare plays so every time I read Benedict it made me grind my teeth a little and not just because the character was an unmitigated douche canoeEither way this book was a nice surprise It won't be anything I remember beyond this review but if I am going through my books someday and pick it up I won't be sorry if I read it again

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She didn't ask to be rescuedBeatrice's half sister had done a lot of crazy things but inviting Elliott Chalmers to temporarily share their home while his was being renovated that was Some Beatrice is the eldest child of famous actor parents who died some years ago and she has been bringing up her four siblings They all live in a huge Victorian house in Wimbledon Beatrice's step sister Lucilla who has also been living with them from Beatrice's mother's other marriage invites her step brother Elliott to stay for a few months while work is being done on his London apartment Unknown to Beatrice Elliott has been romantically interested in her for years Beatrice doesn't think much of herself Her siblings are totally gorgeous and she knows she doesn't fit in with the rest of them They are tall slim and good looking She is small curvy and plain She wears baggy dull and drab clothes to not draw attention to herself Her siblings are also very spoiled and expect her to do everything for them When Elliott arrives he proceeds to subtly change things He suggests Beatrice hire a new housekeeper his old nanny so she has time for herself and he makes her see how selfish her siblings areI really loved Elliott he was a wonderful hero Sexy and thoughtful and caring And I do love a besotted hero I liked Beatrice too even though at the beginning of the book she was a bit too self sacrificing and let her family walk all over her Later on in the book she finally admitted they treated her like a doormat I also liked the couple Lucia and Carlo she befriended when she went to Italy Lucia and Elliott finally opened Beatrice's eyes to how attractive she really was This was a lovely sweet and romantic read by Frances Roding aka Penny Jordan

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Some Sort of SpellSort PDF or the limitEveryone knew that Beatrice and Elliott had never seen eye to eye over her dedication to her orphaned siblings He'd even nicknamed her CindersWell handsome prince or n Some Sort of Spell is the story of Beatrice and ElliotOh god This is one of those romances where you want to smack half the characters and shake the restThe heroine is a sad waif who has taken care of her five siblings and stepsiblings since her parents died However the said siblings treat her like dirt think of her as a maid nanny servant while behaving in a pompous and superior manner and belittling her The heroine is the oldest yet the most under confident of the heroines out there and she accepts their ridicule to fulfill her duty PS Siblings are all over 18 FYIThe hero is an acuaintance who has always watched the situation from afar even mockingly referring tot he heroine as Cinder He sees things crossing all boundaries and when he is invited to stay at their home as a guest starts calling out the brats and gets an actual nanny to sort them out There is loads of drama running away but the heroine eventually realizes how selfish her family is and things end on a positive note for her and the heroGood to kill time but your teeth might hurt due to intense grindingSWE35